a.k.a Boy Sindi by iya-iyakin
a.k.a Boy Sindi by iya-iyakin Teen Fiction
Sindi .. . isang bisyo na kinasanayan na at hindi na maaalis pa ng tao na nakatikim nito, pero papaano kung maging mitsa ito upang magkakilala kayo? Ano ang maaari mong...
Brothers Conflict x Male Reader by Emily_Historia13
Brothers Conflict x Male Reader by Em Fanfiction
Y/n is a 15 year old nerd. He wasn't as popular in his school but his 13 brothers were amazed when they found out behind his nerd features! And that is Y/n can dance!! T...
i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson by uniquelyxlarry
i sleep naked ➸ larry stylinson by kayla Fanfiction
"you're so small." as if to prove his point, louis squeezed harry tightly in his arms, and harry just scrunched up a little bit, snuggling his head impossibly...
Baby Hungry (narry mpreg) by ConWeCallLove
Baby Hungry (narry mpreg) by Queen Connie Fanfiction
"C'mon, Ni... We've been married for three years now, I want a baby." "Not now, Harry." or the one where Niall and Harry have been married for a wh...
Manan-Mr.CEO's JAAN by Krazyreader18
Manan-Mr.CEO's JAAN by Isabella Collins Fanfiction
What happens when Nandini Murthy is forced in marriage in which she is totally not interested. She can't go against her father but she doesn't want to do the marriage to...
La Productora. by CoffeDream
La Productora. by Coffe Dream Fanfiction
Los sueños si se cumplen, si lo haces al lado de las personas correctas... I y II Temporada. Historia totalmente mía, prohibido las adaptaciones y copias si no es por mi...
I am a girl now. +J.JK▪EXO ✅ by PREACHIMS
I am a girl now. +J.JK▪EXO ✅ by ❝ ¢нιнaяυ ❞ Fanfiction
☆Winner of The Bangtan Award's Votes and Reads Category 2017☆ "αи∂ αℓℓ нє иєє∂є∂ ωαѕ α ωιg αи∂ α ∂яєѕѕ" Meet Jungkook, a famous K-Pop idol who unfortun...
One Direction One shots (boyxboy) by Caliske_XP
One Direction One shots (boyxboy) by Lisa Fanfiction
Just a bunch of one shots about One Direction. All of them are boyxboy. Enjoy!
EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You (boyxboy) by Littleblueelf
EUNHAE Series: Fated To Love You (... by littleblueelf Random
Donghae is a new member of Super Junior, the most popular and the hottest idols. Everything..everyone was fine, but not one person. Eunhyuk hated the fact that he has to...
Baby Scars. [Lashton] by lovely-lashton
Baby Scars. [Lashton] by ♡princess kay♡ Fanfiction
Ashton was mute, lonely, and depressed. He had no friends at all, and he was constantly bullied because of this. But Luke the most popular guy in school starts t...
One Way Or Another || Larry Stylinson FF by MaybexStorys
One Way Or Another || Larry Stylin... by one direction Fanfiction
stranger: Hi :-) Louis: who the fuck is this? Louis: and nobody does this :-) put the nose away you weirdo Or where Harry is a teacher and in love with his student Loui...
Lost Moon by BubblyBadGal
Lost Moon by C.Krittanai Fanfiction
This is a fanfiction of the characters of 2Moons the Series. I included some characters from the SOTUS, Waterboyy and many more other thai artist so this story is compl...
HABITS [DAY6] by youngkswifeu
HABITS [DAY6] by MyDayisDay6 Fanfiction
In which Brian is conflicted between liking a girl and helping Jae at the same time. - Day6 ff with a little of twice members - [COMPLETED] -sequel ongoing- copyright yo...
Innocence by BraveShy
Innocence by BraveShy Fanfiction
Niall Horan begins to self destruct over hate, pressure, keeping his image, and trying to keep his relationships tight. Eventually he breaks, and the boys help him. Age...
❄ Cold Relations ❄ [SEVENTEEN] by SilverPinkyRing
❄ Cold Relations ❄ [SEVENTEEN] by ♫ Alone Al1 All ♫ Fanfiction
It's a normal day in Seoul, South Korea, until everyone disappears... all but thirteen boys from Kpop idol group SEVENTEEN... When tensions arise, and people take sides...
World Cup  [larry stylinson a.u.] by sebLarry
World Cup [larry stylinson a.u.] by Sebastian Fanfiction
I went to Brazil wishing to hook up with as many straight men as I could find but a gay tourist with a nice butt was all I got.
unknown ➳ kth + jjk by jinyoung-ah
unknown ➳ kth + jjk by 진영 Fanfiction
it all started when taehyung texted the wrong number about his beloved puppies and the stranger he texted really wanted a puppy too. completed february 5th '17
YouTube // l.s. by carebearlarrie
YouTube // l.s. by princess Fanfiction
{completed} Harry is best friends with Niall and Liam who are famous YouTubers with over 4,000,000 Subscribers. Liam and Niall are in university and Harry is home schoo...
Yuuna | vkook⚣ (ongoing) by -KpopYourCherry-
Yuuna | vkook⚣ (ongoing) by 🅒🅗🅔🅡🅡🅨 Fanfiction
Jungkook has been trough difficult times, making him stress out a lot. Different from others, he has his own way of relieving stress. Making himself look like a pretty g...
Not ok bts ot7 by ivaa-tk
Not ok bts ot7 by Ivaa-TaKi Fanfiction
Sometimes just one little thing can change everything.. It started as a simple headache.He didn't realize that it will change his life forever.Their lives forever. Jun...