The Perfect Wife (COMPLETED) by MarIffinix
The Perfect Wife (COMPLETED) by Mar Muñoz
She was in love. Her wedding day was a dream come true. She believed that their love will last forever, until she found out that she was living a lie. Now she'll become...
  • love
  • assassination
  • marriage
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Betraying Marco [Book 2 of the Stavros Series]✔️ by booklings21
Betraying Marco [Book 2 of the Sta... by Lulu Eliot
Eliza Safar grew up alongside the Stavros brothers having been the daughter of their caretaker. But after a horrible accident Eliza is left with no one except Marco who...
  • millionaire
  • lies
  • fiance
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€X LOV€R$ by V!N¥L\/!X€N
SEQUEL TO (PLAYING WITH THE MAFIA) DROWN ALL THE LOVERS THAT'VE GONE BEFORE It has been years . Four years to be exact since Shantana left Luca in Italy and everything...
  • smart
  • rich
  • mansion
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Loving The Billionaire [Coming Soon] by xThePineappleGirlx
Loving The Billionaire [Coming Soo... by Laylaa Khan
After a tragic incident occurred in Tyson McCannon's life, he put all his focus on working to be the best. He worked so hard that he made it to the top, and now everyone...
  • badboy
  • brokenheart
  • billionaire
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When HATRED🔥meets LOVE 💖 ( The Telly - Wars Awards 2018###.... ) by amna_javed_creations
When HATRED🔥meets LOVE 💖 ( The T... by Amna Javed
  • shivaay
  • shivika
  • brokenheart
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Philophobia: Book 1 by FireandIce_24
Philophobia: Book 1 by FireandIce_24
Philophobia: The Fear Of Falling In Love. "Life has taught me that you cannot control someone's loyalty. No matter how good you are to them, doesn't means they will...
  • trust
  • rekindling
  • drama
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Paint It Black  |Billy Russo| by Ilyria_3
Paint It Black |Billy Russo| by Ilyria_3
Behind the dark side of life, we wonder who we were one before our heart and soul became enveloping this world. We assume that we have not changed, although this is not...
  • benbarnes
  • family
  • bestfriends
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Unwanted wife by debaali
Unwanted wife by Deba Ali
Rose Allison is a shy,sweet,loving girl BUT POOR she work as maid in the royals family. She 25! Cole Royals is an angry dude with a Greek gods body, he is what all girls...
  • love
  • husband
  • billionare
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On the night🌙 by Haenurrita
On the night🌙 by Haenurrita
Hati yang terlalu sering tersakiti pasti akan mati, dan ketika hati itu benar-benar telah mati maka tak akan pernah mudah untuk menghidupkan nya lagi. Begitulah yang dia...
  • seneng
  • fiksiremaja
  • brokenheart
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Love Complicates Everything (GxG) [EDITING] by Jassykit
Love Complicates Everything (GxG)... by Jassykit
Si Samantha ay isang mapagmahal na anak at mabait na kaibigan. Isa lang rin siya sa mga nabiktimang may forever. 'Di rin siya naniniwala sa destiny chuchu na yan. Ang la...
  • family
  • goodbye
  • completed
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Moments (Dylan O'Brien Fan-Fiction) ✔ by sana_banshee
Moments (Dylan O'Brien Fan-Fiction... by Sana Stilinski
"Steph you alright?" Dylan asks, his light brown eyes looking down at me. He's wearing a plain black t-shirt which show off his muscles and black jeans. His br...
  • feelstoenter
  • jealousy
  • love
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Bara September by Anjalinf
Bara September by Anjali Nuria Falaq
Ketika kita saling melepaskan ku kira dunia akan membenci. Ternyata perkiraan ku salah, Dunia bahkan mendukung. Buktinya sekarang kamu sudah punya pengganti aku. Aku aka...
  • heart
  • flashback
  • happy
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Time ❤️ Love | avneil what does destiny wants ? by Reona_30
Time ❤️ Love | avneil what does de... by Reona_30
Time ❤️ love Meet Avni , Sweet, innocent and studious. She have always been the topper of her class. Kind and never told lies. And then she fell in love in 11th class...
  • lovehate
  • heartbreaks
  • love
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Tragedy (Mero X Reader) by Relentlezz41
Tragedy (Mero X Reader) by AJ Torres
With the man of the Monster household Kimahito needing help his friend (FN) who just got kicked out of his house is staying with him. So many bad events had happened, Me...
  • tragic
  • waifu
  • anime
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letters to the boy who never cared by healys_heartxx
letters to the boy who never cared by healys_heartxx
Alexa Greene has never had a boyfriend, not for real. So Reed Marlowe liking her seems amazing. Surreal. Kind of too good to be true. Is it?
  • newyork
  • highschool
  • passiveaggressive
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Midnight Thoughts  by charliesaints16
Midnight Thoughts by Armie's Property
Highest Rank: #11 (Sept. 17, 2017) Started: August 7, 2017 Rhyme-aholic Poetic Lunatic
  • brokenheart
  • bored
  • love
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The Game Plan. • j.b.[EDITING] by kvngbieber
The Game Plan. • j.b.[EDITING] by Robyn ♡
He's tricked into a bet, saying he can make any girl fall for him, but what happens when he's the one falling for the girl?
  • brokenheart
  • jasminevillegas
  • love
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DOWN HEARTED by Ayshatou__
DOWN HEARTED by Ayshatou👑
"There is no pretending, I love you, And will love you until i die, and if their is life after that,I'll love you then" "You are dazzling and gorgeous, Yo...
  • romance
  • happilyeverafter
  • promise
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Splinters by xFakingaSmilex
Splinters by Stephanie
a collection of words, phrases and expressions designed to move you.
  • stars
  • sadness
  • feeling
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Yondu Udonta X Reader by BrookeWeaver16
Yondu Udonta X Reader by Brooke Weaver
Title says it all
  • brokenheart
  • darkpast
  • relationship
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