Love From an Angel (Brittana) by glee_fandom
Love From an Angel (Brittana)by glee_fandom
She glanced into the water from the boat, only to lose her balance and fall in. She jumped from the boat in an effort to save her. With her arms securely around her wais...
  • lgbt
  • brittany
  • brittanypierce
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Loving the Warbler                                         BOOK ONE by muhakka_17
Loving the Muhakka
  • marley
  • warblers
  • gleek
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Life's A Witch by BrittTheBookSlayer
Life's A Witchby Brittany Geragotelis
This witch lives a charmed life. . . Hadley is the envy of every girl-and the desire of every guy. Her key to magically having it all? She's an actual witch. As a desce...
  • magic
  • what
  • trials
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PEARLS ⇒ SEBASTIAN SMYTHE [1] by mrs__allen
PEARLS ⇒ SEBASTIAN SMYTHE [1]by billie jean
[GLEE X ARROWVERSE] "I never thought you were the pearl necklace kind of girl." "That's because I'm not. They belonged to my grandmother.&q...
  • kurthummel
  • theflash
  • rachel
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Save Me... (Anna Kendrick fanfiction) by annakenrick47
Save Me... (Anna Kendrick weirdo
Meet Emily, a small, quiet,and fragile girl. All she's ever wanted was a loving family. Instead she's got abusive parents, and a bother that had left without her. Her...
  • sendrick
  • anna
  • kendrick
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Big New World B2. by Kelly183
Big New World Kelly
Brittany Reyes is back and now she's starting high school. She's going into high school alone but she still has her friends. She has the boy she likes, her friends and n...
  • farkle
  • love
  • auggie
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Summer Love by Reliving_Glee
Summer Loveby Glee
Santana and Brittany fall in love at a camp, but the problem is Brittany lived far and no one at Santana's school knew about her real sexuality only her parents. What ha...
  • lesbian
  • santana
  • love
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Never asked to feel your halo (Faberry) by DoritoBoy
Never asked to feel your halo ( IzzyElleman
The thing was, neither of them wanted this- whatever it was, but since when did the universe care about what Rachel or Quinn wanted? Their cards had been dealt the momen...
  • santana
  • faberry
  • lesbian
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Sendrick, lovers forever by _x_harmonizer_x_
Sendrick, lovers foreverby _x_harmonizer_x_
If you ship sendrick you've come to the right place.
  • kendrick
  • perfect
  • completed
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Soulmates |BECHLOE/MITCHSEN| by Betweenthescreen
Soulmates |BECHLOE/MITCHSEN|by Betweenthescreen
|?Beca and Chloe? OR ?Beca and Aubrey?|
  • annakendrick
  • brittany
  • chloe
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A Love Like Infinity by it_always_rains_
A Love Like Infinityby Meagan
Santana and Brittany have been friends for all their lives. As they got older Santana pushed away her feelings because those feelings weren't normal things that best fri...
  • santitanny
  • glee
  • brittana
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The Babysitter by BlondieBlue1989
The Babysitterby BlondieBlue1989
Santana's Parents go out of town for a Month, They get her a baby sitter, Santana is 16 but when Santana meets her Baby sitter 'Brittany' what will happen? Brittany is 1...
  • fanfiction
  • santittany
  • brittana
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Forever by faberry280596
Foreverby faberry280596
Cuando Rachel se mudó con su novio, pensó que vivirían felices para siempre en su pequeño apartamento. Nunca pensó que él empacaría sus maletas y se iría porque "ne...
  • faberry
  • quinn
  • rachel
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Sendrick by OnlyJustADream23
Sendrickby OnlyJustADream23
I've decided to make a fanfic of Sendrick one shots! I'm going to have Britt and Anna as slightly younger than they were when they filmed the first Pitch Perfect. Accept...
  • beca
  • pitchperfect
  • sendrickbabies
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Complicated by theswedishgirlclara
Complicatedby Heyy
Its all about that alvittany Both Alvin's and Brittany's POV about how they are going to ignore their feelings. Contains some dirty parts, but remember that they are tee...
  • relationship
  • love
  • cute
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Well What Had Happened Was...-A Pitch Perfect Fanfiction by wwe_fanfiction
Well What Had Happened Was...-A Yes Movement
One night before a big performance, one of the Bellas laces Emily's drink. One thing leads to another and Emily's wasted. Where will things go from there? Read to find o...
  • mitchell
  • kendrick
  • hailee
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Perfect Doesn't Last Forever by thestoryofmylife1
Perfect Doesn't Last Foreverby thestoryofmylife1
The Sequel to "In a Perfect World." Eighteen years after giving birth to her daughter, Hayley, Brittany's life is in a completely different place than she plan...
  • last
  • damien
  • teen
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Unwanted by anna_kendrick12
Unwantedby anna_kendrick12
Anna was born into a family that didn't want her. She feels unloved until she meets Brittany, and her whole world is flipped upside down.
  • completed
  • alexmartinetti
  • brittany
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Deeply Inlove With You || Santana Lopez by purplecanon__
Deeply Inlove With You || Summer
Alex Rivers never thought she could ever find herself walking down the hallways of McKinley High. She never thought about joining glee club, and being part of the New Di...
  • santanalopez
  • mikechang
  • gleefanfiction
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The Truth Comes Out  by mochaolucoah
The Truth Comes Out by mochaolucoah
Bechloe fanfic. Chloe has always had feelings for Beca, but only until much later, Beca finds out the feelings are mutual. How will she handle this?
  • sendrick
  • gay
  • anna
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