Under Pressure   -   A BowieXMercury fanfiction  by SheWhoDoesntExist
Under Pressure - A BowieXMercu... by Es for Stardust Fanfiction
Freddie has always been different. That never bothered him much, except that his differences could land him in jail. David was sure of who he was. A young musician set o...
In the Year of the Cat (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
In the Year of the Cat (Queen or F... by Sally Jay Fanfiction
Worried she'll fail psychology and ruin her GPA, a young college girl named Julia agrees to be the guinea pig for a secret experiment - and accidentally winds up in 1977...
The Same Moon Shines (Queen or Freddie Mercury Fanfic) by sallyjay4
The Same Moon Shines (Queen or Fre... by Sally Jay Fanfiction
SEQUEL TO "IN THE YEAR OF THE CAT" - FOR BEST RESULTS, START THERE. Or don't. Your choice. ;) Now, the synopsis: It's been ten years since the T-Rod in...
Roommates (A Roger Taylor Fanfiction) by drowseroger
Roommates (A Roger Taylor Fanficti... by anna Fanfiction
'All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.' - Marc Chagall NOTE: Header pictures are not mine and belong to their original owner...
Those three little words (a Maylor fanfiction)  by katetheduck
Those three little words (a Maylor... by Brianmayscurls Fanfiction
They had been friends for years and were in the same band together but, after a drunken conversation, everything changed between the two men. Will their friendship stay...
It's All So Beautiful *Roger Taylor Fanfic* by QueenTaylor39
It's All So Beautiful *Roger Taylo... by QueenTaylor39 Fanfiction
Through the madness, through the tears, Roger and I still had each other for a million years
Queen Texts by thequeencatoutside
Queen Texts by S! Fanfiction
Behold, my beloved Queenies... THE BOOK OF QUEEN TEXTS!!!
Queen preferences  by Fandomislife12
Queen preferences by Anke Mols Random
these are Queen Preferences Enjoy
Need Your Loving (Queen) by ash0319
Need Your Loving (Queen) by She's a Killer Queen Fanfiction
(SEQUEL TO STONE COLD CRAZY) __________ " just one year of love is better than a lifetime alone one sentimental moment in your arms is like a shooting star...
Summer of '75 (A Queen/Roger Taylor Fanfiction) by drowseroger
Summer of '75 (A Queen/Roger Taylo... by anna Fanfiction
'I never normally paid much attention to the bands that came and went here, when I was around, but I had a feeling that having Queen staying with us would be an exceptio...
Hello by BlazeofGlory01
Hello by Ace Fanfiction
A Roger Taylor fanfic. Lucy May shares a deep connection with Queen guitarist, Brian May. He even let her use the May surname after taking her out of her parents home w...
There Must Be More To Love Than This (Maylor) by madaboutthebeatles
There Must Be More To Love Than Th... by madaboutthebeatles Fanfiction
It is 1978, the band 'Queen' have been working together for almost 8 years, Freddie and John were both in stable relationships with women, but Brian and Roger are confus...
QUEENIE COMMENTS by seoxjun Humor
A book about funny comments under Queen Videos & random stuff about Queen.
Beatles and Queen cartoon transcript edits by SophieSanwogou
The Big Book Of Queen by imlongaway
The Big Book Of Queen by ⭐Long Away ⭐ Random
A random book that just I don't know, just came to me one day. 661 in random on 11/19/16 947 in random on 12/05/16 962 in random on 12/06/16 772 in random on 12/13/16 92...
We Will Have A Baby! {Maylor} "English" by maylor_rocks
We Will Have A Baby! {Maylor} "Eng... by m a y l o r Fanfiction
Month to month, the May-Taylor couple, narrate all that entails a pregnancy: The good, the bad, twee... They will find the way to solve it. But what happens when there i...
You Take My Breath Away  by Roger_Taylor_Fangirl
You Take My Breath Away by Ashlee Meddows Fanfiction
This is a story for the love of my life, Roger Meddows Taylor. You should know who he is. If not, he's Queen's drummer. I've always had this feeling for him. And I can't...
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen) by ash0319
Stone Cold Crazy (Queen) by She's a Killer Queen Fanfiction
_____ " love of my life you've hurt me you've broken my heart and now you leave me " _____ (roger taylor)
Queen One Shots & Short Stories by EmmileighCollins
Queen One Shots & Short Stories by ✨ e m m ✨ Fanfiction
Short stories, one-shots, imagines, and all kinds of stuff about the band Queen!
Classic Rock-ness! by QueenBowieBeatles
Classic Rock-ness! by QueenBowieBeatles Random
Basically random stuff, mostly pics, of my fave bands and my favorite people!