Brendon Urie X Reader by Beebolover12
Brendon Urie X Reader by Pointless Random
The title has spoken......
daddys little girl|b.u| by TheGreenGentlelady
daddys little girl|b.u| by ✨S H E £ B Y ✨ Fanfiction
if you dont like smuts or kinks then this book is not for you "No matter how daddy is, you'll always be daddys little girl"
Wild [multiship & a mess] by crossroadsfandomdeal
Wild [multiship & a mess] by Kitty. Just Kitty. Fanfiction
This is the most misleading title I have ever decided on you know those rlly bad texting/kik fics yeah that's what this is I'm not even making a serious description for...
kik ~ multiship by tigergrowldun
kik ~ multiship by kay Fanfiction
These fics make me cry laugh so why not make one lmao Full of gay shit and memes
emo memes by BeeboHasBubbleButt
emo memes by ryan ⚪⚫ Random
yey Highest Rank: #78 in random
⋆365 days of ryden ⋆ by iampanic
⋆365 days of ryden ⋆ by del🌤 Random
otp more like OH THE PAIN
Panic! At the Disco and twenty øne piløts Preferences/Imagines -Requests Open by Braveheart1451
Panic! At the Disco and twenty øne... by My Name Fanfiction
YEAH WE GET TO START THIS OVER BECAUSE I ACCIDENTALLY DELETED IT!! Anyway despite that paying attention to my last one, hopefully I work better on this one. If you trust...
Tripping Down 12 Steps Into Malibu by kayiswritting
Tripping Down 12 Steps Into Malibu by Not O-Fucking-Kay Fanfiction
Addict: A person who is addicted to a particular substance, typically an illegal drug. No matter what your drug of choice is, an addiction is an addiction. Getting help...
Showers ✔️ by UghByeXX
Showers ✔️ by Ugh Fanfiction
Dallon always hears the neighbour singing in the shower. But what happens when that person has to stay the night at his apartment?
Spin the bottle, Y/N! /Brendon Urie x Reader/  by twenty-one-shortys
Spin the bottle, Y/N! /Brendon Uri... by Thanks Pete Fanfiction
"Spin the bottle, Y/N!" Brendon almost beging me, and so I do it... And it lands on Brendon. ___________________________________ This book is about you and yo...
A Different Kind Of Adopted (Brendon Urie) by hamiltonatthedisco_
A Different Kind Of Adopted (Brend... by leed seener Fanfiction
As they read the title, they thought, 'hmm... Interesting...' They clicked on the description, and... They are met with a surprise. "Hello!" says the author. ...
From Urie To Sugg | Joe Sugg x reader  by beebouriebjs
From Urie To Sugg | Joe Sugg x rea... by j.s.| b.u. Fanfiction
"Hi, My name is y/n Urie, I'm kinda lost" Was when Joe and Y/n met "You can stay at my flat" Was when Joe Slowly fell in love with this girl &quo...
Broken || Jughead Jones {complete} by Mazu_Padilla
Broken || Jughead Jones {complete} by Mazu Padilla :) Fanfiction
"Madness, as you know, is like gravity, all it takes is a little push." -Joker, The Dark Knight. [book 1: Season 1-???] #Wattys2017 #73 in fanfic 4/23/17 #67 i...
Green Eggs And Emos by PatrickkStumph
Green Eggs And Emos by 👽Joshie👽 Random
More proof that I'm emo band trash...
Oneshots N' Stuff (Ryden, Frerard, Peterick, etc.)  by thnksmmrs
Oneshots N' Stuff (Ryden, Frerard... by west coast smoker Random
so this is just like, a bunch of oneshots for a bunch of different ships. (ryden, frerard, peterick, etc.) enjooooy it.
Rose Urie and her Famous Sister. BOOK FOUR by My_fallout_disco
Rose Urie and her Famous Sister. B... by Lauren Fanfiction
||BOOK FOUR|| Rose Urie is a rebellious teen. There's not much to say. She does stupid things to make her parents, Brendon and Sarah Urie, mad. She skips school, goes to...
The Emo Trinity  by mychemicalblackveils
The Emo Trinity by phandom trash Random
~The Emo trinity~ Bible for the Holy emo people. *MCR, P!ATD, FOB*
Brendon Urie Imagines by Golden-Plated
Brendon Urie Imagines by Bulletproof Lonliness Fanfiction
Just a bunch of Imagines featuring our favorite Man/ Satan hybrid: Brendon Urie. I take requests.
I Apologize for Collateral Damage | Brendon Urie X Reader| by Bandand_phanTrash
I Apologize for Collateral Damage... by SpongeRobert Fanfiction
Y/n goes to school, gets it over with & has a band called golden goodbyes. what else about Y/n's life? oh yea , she's been in love with her brothers bestfriend brendon u...
Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon Urie || Book 1|| { REWRITING IN PROGRESS } by AnxietyAtTheBall
Call It An Obsession ⊷ Brendon Uri... by ✧ JΔY ✧ Fanfiction
Scarlett Miller started the school year with a small crush on her English teacher, Mr. Urie. She saw him as someone she could talk to, and spend time with. A nice, genui...