Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie) by satanuriesays
Crazy = Genius (Brendon Urie)by satanuriesays
I was trapped with him in an asylum. And he was a fucking maniac.
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Fuck is a Bad Word || Brendon Urie x Reader by Irisone
Fuck is a Bad Word || Brendon «♪Irisone♪»
"Hey, you there in the middle." At a Panic! At The Disco concert, you manage to catch Brendon Urie's attention. . . Enough to make him fall in love with you. H...
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"How dare you! Huh tell me.. was I not good enough So you could go and cheat on me Bella? " Brendon screamed. "Br-Brendon calm down"...I said as te...
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Catfish // Brendon Urie x Reader by Newtcase
Catfish // Brendon Urie x Readerby V į k å
Owen Grey, 22, New York. He was perfect. He was everything that she wanted. He had dusty long blonde hair, shining blue eyes and a clean tattoo-less body. He was kind...
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*EDITING*Far Too Young To Die {Book One} by MadnessAtTheDisco
*EDITING*Far Too Young To Die { Skylar Carson
~BOOK 1 OF THE BRENDON URIE/ PANIC! AT THE DISCO TRILOGY~ As the sister of Ryan Ross, the guitarist of the famous pop punk band Panic! At The Disco from Las Vagas Nevada...
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Sweet Creature {Brallon} by dallasweekes
Sweet Creature {Brallon}by Dallas
Brendon just moved to LA from Florida. He doesn't like it very much, that is until he meets Dallon Weekes. Warnings: abuse, anxiety, depression, self harm, sexual conten...
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Cancer (Joshler) by petewentzisdead
Cancer (Joshler)by 🌷 Memily 🌷
Josh Dun was used to popular kids getting special treatment. He knew the basketball players were always gonna be the sweethearts of the school. So when Tyler Joseph made...
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Hallelujah // Brendon Urie by urieeeeee
Hallelujah // Brendon Urieby Ireland!
Good girl meets bad boy Good girl falls for bad boy Bad boy doesn't. ....
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Baby Girl - Brendon Urie x Reader by AmricanPsycho
Baby Girl - Brendon Urie x Readerby t(^ω^)
dd/lg • kitten play • age play • role play • bdsm /smut/ →Brendon Urie x Reader →Kinky One Shots (disclaimer: although consent may not be audible, it is there. bdsm does...
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Oh Dear, We're Queer <> Multiship by overly-gay-fanboy
Oh Dear, We're Queer <> Multishipby ✧゚・: lonely boy ✧゚・:
brenurine has created a new chat. &lt;&gt; •another group chat fic•
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Daddy (B. U.) by MadnessinWonderland
Daddy (B. U.)by Little J
When Brendon Urie's wife divorces him, Brendon is devastated and not taking it well. He goes clubbing with his buddies every night, gets high and drunk. He is as drunk a...
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Adopted by Brendon Urie! (Book One) by blurryblasphemy
Adopted by Brendon Urie! (Book One)by Victoria huynh
Ashayla a 16 year old girl gets adopted by one of her idols. Will she like it? Will her past come back to haunt her? What happens when someone from Brendon's past comes...
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pacify her ➳ joshler by thenamesblurryface
pacify her ➳ joshlerby - ̗̀ miley  ̖́-
[tw: self harm, depression, suicide, etc.] josh is your regular popular kid. everyone admires him at school. his life is perfect. tyler is the sad kid that no one talks...
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the ryden bible by -nohomo
the ryden bibleby paige
your guide to the religion that is ryden
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The Fate of the Fallen by Beebolover12
The Fate of the Fallenby Jackie
What happens when Nicole meets the world's most dangerous villain?
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the only hope for me is you [sequel to desolation row] by thelastchampion
the only hope for me is you [ expensive mistake
being an escaped convict and falling in love with your best friend can't be that difficult to deal with. right? • • • update days: monday & friday
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The Emo Trinity  by mychemicalblackveils
The Emo Trinity by A fellow yeemo
~The Emo trinity~ Bible for the Holy emo people. *MCR, P!ATD, FOB*
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Pictures Of Ryden by StraightForRyanRoss
Pictures Of Rydenby you say pretty.odd., i say pr...
Ryden is real and the government knows it. Here is a bunch of Ryden pictures. I need to get all the Ryden pictures off my camera roll before someone starts asking questi...
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Band Pictures You Didn't Know You Needed // Volume 2 by -xFallOutGirlx-
Band Pictures You Didn't Know ✧ gerard ✧
Ayyy, here's book 2 of the trash
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Crybaby ☆ tysh (DDLB) by Issyalibunnykins
Crybaby ☆ tysh (DDLB)by ☆issy☆
☆snacks; finding nemo; blankets; colouring books and pencils; kitten stuffy; mug of steamy hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. he had everything he though...
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