Endangered by Mystic_Realm
Endangered by Mystic's Palace
The Lycan race is dying and there's nothing they can do about it but watch their race die out. Since then they have resided in a cave sleeping until they were disturbed...
  • possessive
  • protective
  • werewolf
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The Breeders by Porcelain89
The Breeders by Nittah Porcelain Haniah
We are all werewolves under the control of humans. Our kind has been outed by other species allowing our kind to lose power over the humans. The tower sends of waves th...
  • battle
  • royal
  • fairy
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Falling In Love With The Werewolf by VictorioushopesUCC
Falling In Love With The Werewolf by Victoria
Jessica 'Jesse' Penn has no idea where her life is heading until out of fate one day she meets Connor Wright. He is everything she has ever dreamed of in a friend and bo...
  • wolf
  • big
  • warm
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Is That the Alpha's Mate? by LostWatermelon
Is That the Alpha's Mate? by LostWatermelon
Mate? Kailangan ko ba nun? Pano yan babae ako pero ang hanap ko ay kapwa ko babae? Matatanggap kaya niya ako? Matatanggap niyo kaya ako? ....
  • tibo
  • ordinary
  • funny
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I'm your mate and he's MY son by VampireChilli
I'm your mate and he's MY son by VampireChilli
This is a story about the dangers of alcuhal and the way fate works. . . . Meet Ash, she has her whole life ahead of her but what happens when a little drink turns int...
  • werewolves
  • half
  • human
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The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22
The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22
Tegan may seem like an average girl, living a normal life. But you're wrong. Tegan has a special talent - She can communicate with animals. Some people call her an anima...
  • book
  • backyard
  • vehicle
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Always Look Behind You by TRKader
Always Look Behind You by Those Feels Will Get Ya
When psychiatrist Adelin Write shows up for her first day on the job at a new facility quite oddly situated in the middle of nowhere, she expects things to go smoothly...
  • paranormal
  • vampire
  • breed
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Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, BREEDS & GENETICS] by ashtonwilson69
Warrior Cats[COAT COLOURS, EYES, B... by Ashtray
Hello any uneducated fuckers, or people interested in reading about cat genetics. In case anyone is too lazy to google genetics, or don't quite get the just... well you'...
  • warrior
  • canon
  • warriors
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Secrets by Candy215
Secrets by Candy215
War has come into the world! Into the future a its 2040, and women have lost rights once again and walking around without a man is strictly forbidden. Some women try bu...
  • mate
  • adventure
  • torcher
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The Half-Breed by TheRealWinterSnow
The Half-Breed by TheRealWinterSnow
A Girl that has a terrible life... turns out she's a demigod and something else... (comes after Braking Dawn and beginning of The Last Oylmpian) Yes it sucks, my first s...
  • half
  • eye
  • fiction
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Best Mate ➵ Scott McCall | Teen Wolf by Miss_Gypsy
Best Mate ➵ Scott McCall | Teen Wo... by Arialise
Scott McCall has a new sufficient threatening predator pack on the loose. An exclusive covenant has been broken and now an ancient savage beasts solemn promise to re...
  • stilesstilinski
  • fanfiction
  • scottmccall
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Changing- a Vampire Academy fanfic by Fantasywriter5025
Changing- a Vampire Academy fanfic by Fantasywriter5025
Rose is one of a kind. Born simply by fate, she is half dhampir and half Strigoi. Deadly in every way possible, she has inherited the best skills of both breeds. People...
  • good
  • confusion
  • danger
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My name is Eva by EliseBergersen1
My name is Eva by EliseBergersen1
Hi, my name is Eva. I am fourteen years old and living in rural NSW. I live on a 450 acre property with my mum, dad and sister Josie, who is 4 years younger. My parents...
  • equine
  • horse
  • young
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Au sans x shy,multiple breed,abused,innocent,Goddess reader sleepover/party by shy-softflower
Au sans x shy,multiple breed,abuse... by
Y/n is a insecure girl because of her past.her brothers take her to a sleepover/party to help her break out of her very thick shell of shyness. Her dad is discord and he...
  • skeleton
  • fluffy
  • sleepover
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My Everything by arokay
My Everything by arokay
A Saturday night in with your girl.. – Wait I wouldn't call her my girl. Its something more than that.. I’m engaged to Jasmine, she’s my fiancée. It’s been a few months...
  • marriage
  • summer
  • friend
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 Breedables, Adoptable and species. by VyraGaming
Breedables, Adoptable and species. by Apocalypse Survivor
In this book adoptable, breedable and species I have created will be available. Some may cost DA points (don't worry not to many) and you can pay in an art trade if want...
  • species
  • breedable
  • adopt
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Nikaitor's Chosen by Bella94
Nikaitor's Chosen by Raelyn Crescent
“My lord. I do need to warn you about the precautions you will have to take with her.” Nikaitor let out a sigh and I shivered while he leans away from me, but tightens h...
  • father
  • happy
  • breed
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