The Elusive Heart of Nova Hart ✔ by mannasminion
The Elusive Heart of Nova Hart ✔by cath
• featured on the What's Hot list • • winner of The Most Addictive Story in The Writers Awards 2017 • ▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂▂ ❝ i'm going to woo you; piece by piece, wor...
  • breakstereotypes
  • romance
  • chicklit
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Forgetting Billions ✓ by trivialpotter
Forgetting Billions ✓by ananya அனன்யா
❝Love pays no attention to color❞ Jasmine Karesh's loyalty will always lie with her parents. They give her the freedom to do whatever she pleases in exchange for one rul...
  • joreviewplanetawards2017
  • mystery
  • romance
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Fragments Of Us| ✔️ by untamedchaos-
Fragments Of Us| ✔️by h i a t u s
❝ It's amazing how life is one thing and then the other. Something always changes it. Life never remains perfect.❞ ••••••••••••••• Fra...
  • teenyears
  • humor
  • letters
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Bed Keeper by CometsofMind
Bed Keeperby 『hiatus』
{Book 2 in the 'Stay in Bed' Series MUST READ BED WARMER FIRST} They always tell you about the 'one', your perfectly compatible soulmate. They never tell you about your...
  • december
  • talkthepoc
  • fiction
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Static ↠ Nancy Wheeler by Iydiamartin
Static ↠ Nancy Wheelerby o(liv)ia
S T A T I C ⠀⠀⠀⠀❝Thorn's a sweetheart. Guys like him don't get the girl, but when they do, they have something to lose, and once they lose it, tidal waves tear holes in...
  • breakstereotypes
  • scifi
  • protectsmolbeanthorn
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She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
  • muslimlovestory
  • breakstereotypes
  • muslimcomp
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When The Bad Boy Says: I Love You | editing by awkward_tumbleweed
When The Bad Boy Says: I Love 》 D G 《
[UNDERGOING SOME HEAVY, AND MUCH NEEDED EDITING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...] What happens when the Bad Boy says: I love you? What would you do? For nerd Maya Granger, she d...
  • bestfriends
  • girl
  • writersdefence
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Straighter than Parallel Parking by sarena_a
Straighter than Parallel Parkingby Sarena Akhter
❝I think you're more of a goddamn female than I am, James.❞ | ❝Pfft, don't you know? The only thing straighter than me is my parking, Janice.❞ | Copyright © 2015...
  • funny
  • sarcasm
  • humor
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Malice Girls (YA Revenge Thriller) 💔 by LillieVale
Malice Girls (YA Revenge Thriller) lillie ~ लिली
They called me Nina Volkov. I was born Tanya Volkov. My twin sister had stolen my life when we were five years old. And she had never given it back.
  • teenfic
  • bullying
  • indian
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Rants From A Wattpad Boy by leo_robertson
Rants From A Wattpad Boyby Pizza King ™
❝I believe in annoyed at first sight.❞ ● Rants by yours truly © 2018
  • anticliche
  • random
  • wattpad
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The Dream Weaver by The3dreamers
The Dream Weaverby Amber Boyd
*Previously Featured* Wren's first day at her new school is a twisted kind of day--in other words, anything but ordinary. With Kellan and Jaxon battling for her attentio...
  • video
  • magic
  • powers
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HONEY BOY |18+| by neegas
"Did anyone ever tell you that your pussy taste like honey?" - In which a broke ass college student tries to avoid a cam boy with a weird obsession with honey.
  • adc
  • projectnobody
  • interracial
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The True Alpha by HappyFairy13
The True Alphaby Cera
#15 in Werewolf on 3 September 2017 Avaline Lina Norris, is not a normal wolf. She is different and she can feel it. She is not 'just another Rogue' trying to attack th...
  • mates
  • romance
  • truealpha
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Our Followers Ship It ⚠️ by LillieVale
Our Followers Ship It ⚠️by lillie ~ लिली
a boy who everyone knows + a girl who's a mystery = a lot of followers shipping it
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • breakstereotypes
  • diverselit
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Chances by JustLettingGo
Chancesby JustLettingGo
This is her chance to do what she's always wanted to do. This is her chance to make a difference and help other people. This is his chance to be who he hasn't been for t...
  • projectcharacter
  • wattys2014
  • humor
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Big Boys Cry (boyxboy) by trxyesniffmyarse
Big Boys Cry (boyxboy)by goodcrapsonly
❝I think that everyone has scars. Maybe not on their wrists or their inner thighs or on their knees, but on their hearts, souls, and between the cracks and crevices of t...
  • friendship
  • highschool
  • thepeopleofsociety
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The Billionaire and The Niqabi by scopian_16
The Billionaire and The Niqabiby 🌺 aalihha
*Not Edited* Highest Ranking: #1 on Spiritual hottest ranking dated (04/01/16) -- Iqraam Ibrahim, the billionaire who had it all- a loving family, money, fame, an empi...
  • breakstereotypes
  • scopian
  • love
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Allison & Smith | ✔︎ by GhostsInsideOfMyBed
Allison & Smith | ✔︎by scarlet moses
"No-one was supposed to know until she walked in." She's had her heart broken by her father before any other boy could get their grasps on it...
  • love
  • diverselit
  • stopthepain
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Alexes by _dysaniac_
Alexesby _dysaniac_
Highest ranking: #108 in Action; February 15th 2018 ••• I sat back in the plastic chair, prepared to be patronized by a simpering middle aged woman with no dress sense...
  • hurt
  • lgbtq
  • badboy
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The Black Girl  by llasod
The Black Girl by Fiadé
There really wasn't any stopping it. It wasn't my fault that my skin was as dark as the night, or my nose was broader than any other's, my hair was always rough looking...
  • highschool
  • blackgirl
  • wattpadblockparty
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