The Alpha And The Brat by JadeSten
The Alpha And The Brat by Jade Sten
"I am not much of a jerk to reject you. So, I am giving you three months to prove to me you are perfect to me as my mate. Get rid of that bitchy and brat attitude o...
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  • rejected
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Headspace family by Sammy089Miki
Headspace family by Sam
Ava Michaels is nineteen years-old. Needing money to pay for university, she takes a gap year to work as a babysitter, a job given to her by an employment agency. What s...
  • niall
  • housekeeper
  • ageplay
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Brat ♡  by lmaokenya
Brat ♡ by kenya 🍌
"Leave me alone." "Is that any way to talk to your daddy, little girl?" ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ or.. where a certain little girl just can't seem to keep her mouth s...
  • petnames
  • freethekinks
  • daddydomlittlegirl
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D'Angelo Brothers: Rafaele  (DDLG) {1} by roses_and_rain
D'Angelo Brothers: Rafaele (DDLG)... by Sweet but Psycho
"Huh? 5th floor? Cute choice." "That's where Rafe's going." * * * BOOK 1 IN THE D'ANGELO BROTHERS SERIES- PREVIOUSLY CALLED PUERILE DAMNATION Evangel...
  • little
  • gangs
  • dom
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Her Daddy's Lil Brat by DeafeningLove4
Her Daddy's Lil Brat by Tamzin Hampton
When Florence Daboni, a sheltered only child, is dragged to a kink club what will she do when she finds out that that not only one of the most famous and dangerous men...
  • brat
  • mxfxm
  • ddlg
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Taming The Brat (#1 The Yamamoto Family Series) by LadyDevil02
Taming The Brat (#1 The Yamamoto F... by LadyDevil02
  • bartender
  • richfamily
  • dom
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Protect Me (Ddlg) {1} by roses_and_rain
Protect Me (Ddlg) {1} by Sweet but Psycho
"Little girl be good for daddy. Don't be a brat. If you're a brat we can't get any stuffies." Daddy said in his stern voice, instantly making me melt. "Un...
  • wattys2017
  • little
  • daddy
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brat [pjm] by ttaeggukk
brat [pjm] by M O M M Y
- "no, daddy" ©ttaeggukk com...
  • bts
  • jimin
  • brat
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Daddy's baby  by rosiebaabyy
Daddy's baby by rosiebaabyy
just a story on how a little, Emma, meets her daddy.
  • daddy
  • princess
  • brat
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Her DAD by AsthaKarna
Her DAD by adorable
Sanyukta Aggarwal,as her name was,was the only heir of the famous business tycoon-Kishore Aggarwal. Spoilt brat as she was,had never even dreamt of falling for someone. ...
  • spoilt
  • single
  • sandhir
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•Everything•   ||A hannie fanfiction|| COMPLETED || by bratalyeysummerall01
•Everything• ||A hannie fanficti... by • Abby •
Annie moves back to LA after Celebs passing, starts talking to Hayden again and well after that you'll just have to read to find out. •Introduction• Annie Leblanc - 13 H...
  • rushholland
  • cute
  • carsonlueders
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✔ Lost ➸ Alec Lightwood [tłumaczenie] by craiiss
✔ Lost ➸ Alec Lightwood [tłumaczen... by ѕℓєαу
Gdzie dziewczyna razem z jej przyjaciółmi szuka jednego z najpotężniejszych obiektów w ich świecie, ale w ten sposób traci to, co stanowi prawdziwy sens bycia Nocnym Łow...
  • miłość
  • miastokości
  • aleclightwood
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INDECENT 》H. S. by MySillyHarryDiary
INDECENT 》H. S. by Just Lou ♛ Always Lou
'' It's not wanting you that is wrong Jade. I have craved for other women before you.'' '' Then, what is it?'' '' It's liking you, a simple servant, that makes it total...
  • romance
  • dramatic
  • styles
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Entrap Me (Ddlg) {2} by roses_and_rain
Entrap Me (Ddlg) {2} by Sweet but Psycho
It's a big world and I'm only little. Sometimes that can be scary; but around him- around him I am free. * Book 2 in the Calypso series Ties in with the Serendipity seri...
  • brat
  • bdsm
  • mate
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Cursed By The Moon Goddess.  by Rapha-cute-ella
Cursed By The Moon Goddess. by
Adonis would do anything to get as far away as possible from Evelyn Anderson. But what happens when you person you want to get away from automatically becomes your mate?
  • brat
  • attack
  • spoilt
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My Twin Alpha Teachers And Me. by YumiMagic
My Twin Alpha Teachers And Me. by Yumi
Join Skylar as she finds her mate.. Wait no mates who happen to be twin Alphas' looking for their mate as becoming teachers at Skylar's school with her dad's permission...
  • rich
  • mating
  • others
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Call Me Honey by PearlandIvory_
Call Me Honey by Um Hamsa 🐰
I always thought dad's old time threat of sending me back home if I misbehave was just that, a threat. But I guess I was very wrong. •° Written in the format of text me...
  • love-triangle
  • universitylife
  • diary
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Warning: Mean Princess by eenamaesh
Warning: Mean Princess by Clishe Novels
Meet Karla Mia Johnson. She's vain, narcissistic, quick-tempered. In short, a typical brat. In every teen fiction love story, there is a girl who is always making sure t...
  • featured
  • humor
  • fiction
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Aria Ł.Piszczek ( W Trakcie Poprawek )  by zielony_mleczyk
Aria Ł.Piszczek ( W Trakcie Popraw... by Reusowa ♥
Historia z pozoru zwykłej dziewczyny imieniem Armani. Dziewczyna ma szesnaście lat a mimo to jest zagubiona w swoim świecie. Aria od zawsze jest wielką fanką sportu, al...
  • miłość
  • piszczek
  • brat
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She Gets What She Wants [COMPLETED] by Yanna_al
She Gets What She Wants [COMPLETED] by Yanna (hiatus)
HOWELLE SERIES 1 Si Amber Chua ang babaeng hahamakin ang lahat makuha lang ang gusto niya. Pero pati ba naman sa pag-ibig gagawin niya din ang lahat para siya ang manalo...
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