Spoiled Brat | Taekook by baektanned
Spoiled Brat | Taekookby john
Taehyung is a spoiled brat. He gets whatever he wants, including that hot raven haired boy named Jeon Jungkook. Taekook Fanfiction. English.
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•Everything•   ||A hannie fanfiction|| COMPLETED || by bratalyeysummerall01
•Everything• ||A hannie • Abby •
Annie moves back to LA after Celebs passing, starts talking to Hayden again and well after that you'll just have to read to find out. •Introduction• Annie Leblanc - 13 H...
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D'Angelo Brothers: Gino (BDSM) {2} by roses_and_rain
D'Angelo Brothers: Gino (BDSM) {2}by Sweet but Psycho
"Breathe! Cisco breathe!" * * * BOOK 2 IN THE D'ANGELO BROTHERS SERIES Evangelica is a small town. Gang territory is well known and unavoidable. Especially whe...
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Idolize Me by PaperMars
Idolize Meby This profile kills me
Rabid is what they are. The Scott family are as powerful as they are rich. They have more money than most could count too, and enough fame to place their names in the hi...
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the groupchat// not completed by pineapple_stories_
the groupchat// not completedby PineAppleStories
hi, my name is Addison. i was just a normal girl, 14, until i got added to a group chat with a whole bunch of famous people who i had never heard of. including... Hayden...
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Manan Ff Obsessive love 18+ (On Hold) by nj94479
Manan Ff Obsessive love 18+ (On nj94479
A spoil brat billionaire girl; nandini murti gets whatever she want from her father as he get that to her. Her eyes fall on manik malhotra one day but due to some reason...
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The Jock and the Genius  by Xo-Leblanc-Xo
The Jock and the Genius by 💞Bella🌟
Annie, the typical need, who loves to sing. Hayden, the typical jock who's football captain. He had all D's in class, and needs a tutor. He meets Annie one day and they...
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Pentatonix || Levi x Reader ▪AU▪ by RoseOfHumanity
Pentatonix || Levi x Reader ▪AU▪by BL@CKROSE
Definition of pentatonic. : consisting of five tones; specifically : being or relating to a scale in which the tones are arranged like a major scale with the fourth and...
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Malcom's little brother (Maciana) by aglover98
Malcom's little brother (Maciana)by Aglover98
Malcom 23 has a 15 year old brother that gets into trouble a lot. They have a pretty average relationship but he moves in. Malcom was dating Ariana Grande one one he met...
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FKPK - Magmahal muli? (TeenFiction) by BabaengSabog
FKPK - Magmahal muli? (TeenFiction)by Nicole
Paano kung batay sa karanasan ng Eomma mo ay natatakot ka naring magmahal? Magmamahal ka pa bang muli? FKPK Sequel, Princess L. Herminigildo Story by: AkoPoSiN...
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✔ Lost ➸ Alec Lightwood [tłumaczenie] by craiiss
✔ Lost ➸ Alec Lightwood [tł ѕℓєαу
Gdzie dziewczyna razem z jej przyjaciółmi szuka jednego z najpotężniejszych obiektów w ich świecie, ale w ten sposób traci to, co stanowi prawdziwy sens bycia Nocnym Łow...
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Instagram by Xo-Leblanc-Xo
Instagramby 💞Bella🌟
18 year olds, drama just stared😐😐😐
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Super Duper Ultra Mega Bestfriends With Annie Leblanc?! [COMPLETED] by pinksausagesssss
Super Duper Ultra Mega pinksausagesssss
[[COMPLETED]] What if One Day, In a Very Unbelievable Day, Annie Leblanc and the Bratayley's Become your Neighbours and 2nd Family? 🙈 Jacob Sartorius, Hayden Summerall...
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Living With The Playboys by Kirira46
Living With The Playboysby Kirira46
Playboy's Series ( Sancha and Jeremy story) Tagalog and English My parents throw me in the phillipines to learn my lesson but this is not fair nasa US sila while I'm s...
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The Thugs Wifey by TheBrooklynWriter
The Thugs Wifeyby Brooklyn Mieber
This is the story of how a cross-dressing flamboyant gay white boy named Noah be came the wife off the the town thug named Jamal. This story is set in Hampton North Ca...
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  • interracial
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Chicken Eclipse (Chicken Girls and Total Eclipse) by JaurenzieZieglando
Chicken Eclipse (Chicken Girls JenzieZieglando
Rhyme and Cassie are twins and they both love to dance and sing, same with TK and Sam, which are also twins. Rhyme and Cassie are trying out for Dance Team while Kate...
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Niebezpieczna Rosie by XLouisaXLouisaX
Niebezpieczna Rosieby XLouisaXLouisaX
- Odwal się ode mnie, Adams - prychnęłam. - Coś jeszcze? - zaśmiał się. - Tak. Nie lubię Cię, wiesz? - odwróciłam się na pięcie i ruszyłam w stronę brata. - Wiem. Ja cie...
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The Brat by ToriBandz
The Bratby Bratz Doll💋
I'm good,it's good👑
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Dating my BFF's Ex by zoey_980
Dating my BFF's Exby zoey ♡
"I don't think thi-this is a go-good idea..." Annie stuttered, as Hayden held her close to his chest. He sighed, "I know, but I really like you, Annie.&qu...
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Bratayley Rants by GlitterellieAgain
Bratayley Rantsby JAZZY BEAR
The book where a girl decides to rant about a vlogging family as an attempt to be funny... I love Bratayley! I just like to rant about some things... *cough* I'm talking...
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