Just kinky short stories by EisMond
Just kinky short storiesby Something
Another go with my short stories~ Please like, follow or leave a comment. Constructive criticism is welcomed.
  • mature
  • little
  • slut
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Sadist's Obsession by Zehra_3871
Sadist's Obsessionby Zehra_3871
He loves to hear her screams. Her begging him to stop. He loves how her body tenses and her back arches ever so slightly when he whips her. The look of pure agony clear...
  • dark
  • brainwash
  • violence
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Family Comes First by masonfitzzy
Family Comes Firstby Mason FitzGibbon
Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip cl...
  • kidnapper
  • murder
  • kidnapping
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Truth Comes Second by masonfitzzy
Truth Comes Secondby Mason FitzGibbon
A sequel to Family Comes First by Mason FitzGibbon After Carrie telling the detectives about the abuse Tommy put her through, a search is out for Tommy and Jimmy. Julie...
  • murder
  • gore
  • scary
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Tradition Comes Third by masonfitzzy
Tradition Comes Thirdby Mason FitzGibbon
The third book to the Family Comes First trilogy Time has passed, and now Hunter is seventeen and preparing to graduate from high school. Jimmy is being released from...
  • murderer
  • suspense
  • trilogy
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Snake (H.S.) by Mama_T4
Snake (H.S.)by Mama_T4
Harry Styles has been engaged to Olivia Moore for some time. Her family is his family and he loves them as his own. He's been there for her siblings throughout them gr...
  • dirtyharrystyles
  • familysecrets
  • twofaced
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Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg| by Filiska
Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg|by Nottie
On a routine trip to Earth, Tristram's space craft crash lands on an X-classed planet called 3-N81. He gets a little more than a fair greeting by it's oversexed inhabit...
  • humanoid
  • dub-con
  • tentacles
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The Village by Omegathyst
The Villageby Omegathyst
Four Clans live in the forest, always loving the same way since the dawn of time. But in the heart of DragonClan, four gay cats named Aurorakit, Crowkit, Grizzlykit, and...
  • homophobia
  • polyamory
  • angst
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Legacy by Storyteller394
Legacyby Storyteller394
What's worse than being abused by a parent? What's worse than watching someone lose their life? What's worse than being in the clutches of a serial killer? September Wal...
  • psycho
  • torture
  • abuse
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Chez's Poem Book by Tsokiwow
Chez's Poem Bookby Cheese Berber
Since this is my first attempt at using Wattpad, this is more of an experiment, but I hope it goes well! All illustrations drawn by me ~
  • poetry
  • suicide
  • schizophrenia
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Revolution by Zhiveya
Revolutionby Zhiveya
„Revolution stand auf unseren Fahnen. Revolution stand uns im Gesicht. Wir haben erlebt, was andre nicht mal ahnen. Revolution - weniger wollten wir nicht." - Die Ä...
  • kritik
  • rebellion
  • widerstand
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Brainwashed\\Jeon Jungkook FF by bangtanlovah
Brainwashed\\Jeon Jungkook FFby bangtanlovah
Y/N went for a walk to calm down after she and her husband, Jungkook, had a fight. She walked into a closed off alley where she saw something she wasn't supposed to see...
  • brainwashed
  • jungkookxreader
  • jungkook
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I Love Her Even If It Hurts by the_awkwardly_gay
I Love Her Even If It Hurtsby the_awkwardly_gay
this is a horror/ thriller this is not for the light hearted there is smut, murder, and mental and physical abuse and rape. This is a Genderbent Killing Stalking Hope yo...
  • killingstalking
  • brainwashing
  • love
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Pair of mischief by reginangoh
Pair of mischiefby reginangoh
One Tony Stark is bad enough, but now that he has a loyal partner in crime? The same partner in crime he would adopt as his daughter? Tony might be able to forgive every...
  • pietromaximoff
  • loki
  • brucebanner
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Today by BuckyTheCodebreaker
Todayby BuckyTheCodeBraker
Discober his story.
  • evilness
  • romance
  • brainwashing
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Slave Programming Hypnosis  by JamesMoody0
Slave Programming Hypnosis by James
Have you wanted to just Submit and drop down to your knees? Becoming a Mindless Obedient Slave and doing whatever you can for your Master. Read this and you will enjoy t...
  • hypno
  • hypnosis
  • slave
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The Truth by tpytoes
The Truthby Tabitha Grummons
To Savannah, Tachie is the best place to be in. To her, the government keeps them informed on everything that happens and they provide ways to keep the civilians safe. J...
  • thetruth
  • rebel
  • governments
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