Family Comes First (Kidnapped By Cannibals) by masonfitzzy
Family Comes First (Kidnapped By C... by Mason FitzGibbon
Juliet was an orphan and never had a family before. She became a stripper and lived a miserable life. That is, until one night when a strange man comes into the strip cl...
  • cannibalism
  • marriage
  • brainwashing
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Russian Brainwashing by AmericaOHYA
Russian Brainwashing by AmericaOHYA
It starts of like any other day.. that is until America is kidnapped! The other countries will have to try to save him and stop what America's kidnapper has in store for...
  • ukraine
  • alfred
  • japan
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Tradition Comes Third: A Kidnapped By Cannibals Book by masonfitzzy
Tradition Comes Third: A Kidnapped... by Mason FitzGibbon
Time has passed, and now Hunter is seventeen and preparing to graduate from high school. Jimmy is being released from prison, and Julie is excited for them to be a fami...
  • kidnapped
  • brainwash
  • cannibals
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You Belong to Me {JasonIsaacs} COMPLETED by 46Nova_Lucius
You Belong to Me {JasonIsaacs} COM... by Darling🙈💕
Josephine Fitzgerald is a sweet, beautiful 14 year old girl. Vladimir Komarov is a strangely handsome psychopathic serial killer who is 52 years old. When Vladimir sub...
  • possession
  • josephine
  • vladimir
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Kidnapped by Jacksepticeye by Ltlovestoreadalot
Kidnapped by Jacksepticeye by Ltlovestoreadalot
Meh....Mandy was kidnapped and brainwashed into thinking that he is the one and YouTube is life.
  • jacksepticeye
  • kidnap
  • littlegirl
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SAMENESS by renesmeewolfe
SAMENESS by K. Weikel
Nine months of Hibernation, three months of being awake--that's how the year goes for us. Half of us wake up tired and sore while all of us wake up smelling of either lo...
  • quiet
  • dystopia
  • brainwash
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Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg| by Filiska
Nevermore |Alien/Mpreg| by Nottie
On a routine trip to Earth, Tristram's space craft crash lands on an X-classed planet called 3-N81. He gets a little more than a fair greeting by it's oversexed inhabit...
  • story
  • mxm
  • humanoid
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《 True Colors 》| Voltron | Shidge/Klance| by ericadelgadotejada
《 True Colors 》| Voltron | Shidge... by Night_Owl
She was young and much naive, never really saw the big deal. Every-night when the snores of her parents seeped throughout their small home in Venice, Italy. Mischievous...
  • action-adventure
  • pidgegunderson
  • brainwashing
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Back To Normal. by HalieHitmanJones
Back To Normal. by Halie Krawczyk
Karamatsu can't take the stress of his brothers hate towards him anymore and leaves the house in a fit. As he settles down in an ally way to calm down... he is kidnapped...
  • choromatsu
  • kidnapping
  • jyushimatsu
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Adorably Abducted  ✧ Sparklington/SyndiSparklez by Sly_Taco
Adorably Abducted ✧ Sparklington... by Sly Taco
Everybody has a crush. Everybody wants to be loved. Everybody will go to extreme measures to be loved. Only James Hayes will go as far as kidnapping the man he loves, in...
  • sparklington
  • wagglington
  • fanfiction
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Chaos Comes First (genderbend kidnapped by cannibals) by romantic_hell
Chaos Comes First (genderbend kidn... by romantic_hell
All credit goes to masonfitzzy for the kidnapped by cannibals series Family Comes First, Truth Comes Second, and Tradition Comes Third. Also, just saying so I don't get...
  • murder
  • cannibal
  • cannibals
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Landslide (Avalance) by JaredTheDragon
Landslide (Avalance) by Jared TheDragon
Trapped in the snow and The Legends can't locate her, Ava takes it upon herself to find Sara.
  • hillbilly
  • timetravel
  • wounds
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Black Snow by DrsQueen
Black Snow by DrsQueen
It's the late 1950s, political controversy set alight a new dawn of war, unveiling a grim page of world warfare. The Germans arise a third time, shortly after their defe...
  • worldwar
  • world
  • ied
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You're Mine by ashcon94
You're Mine by Ashley
"Let me go!" I stomp on his feet. He was surprised from my sudden attack but didn't lose hold of his grip. "You fucking bitch!" Slap! I fall to the f...
  • thriller
  • love
  • brianwash
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Another Lonely Night by JacksonTerrance
Another Lonely Night by Jackson Terrance
Deep in the heart of Las Vegas lives four individuals who have never met. Each live with the same fate of experiencing a lonely night after lonely night. When a chance a...
  • chapel
  • secrets
  • lonely
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Vengeance||Teen Fiction by UnderYourBook
Vengeance||Teen Fiction by Morgan
Revelynne is a Freshman at Afton Prep HS. At the beginning of the year she finds out that she holds unimaginable powers. Over the months she's been training herself, fi...
  • brainwash
  • love
  • hearts
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In My Heart by batgirl1602
In My Heart by Elisabeth Grace
River Shields is a brainwashed 14 year old boy living in a New America. He is one of many soldiers-in-training, working for a new government organization known as P.O.W...
  • action
  • war
  • fiction
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What if? by thevelvetrose
What if? by M. Currie
*Currently Editing* (Read my stories Horrifying New Start, Rise Against, then It Ends here.. first) *This is an Alternative to them* A series of kidnappings have been...
  • samantha
  • kiss
  • alien
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Pair of mischief by reginangoh
Pair of mischief by reginangoh
One Tony Stark is bad enough, but now that he has a loyal partner in crime? The same partner in crime he would adopt as his daughter? Tony might be able to forgive every...
  • natasharomanoff
  • loki
  • clintbarton
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Pshh.Werewolves Don't Exist by KittyabOsix
Pshh.Werewolves Don't Exist by Ashley
Tala is just a regular home schooled girl living with her brother in the middle of no where.Until her 18th birthday rolls around and she gets sick and Some Weird Random...
  • hope
  • help
  • evil
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