Wedgie boys by book_reader666
Wedgie boysby Queen
Two boyfriends wedgie each other
  • wedgies
  • gayboy
  • thông
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Boxers by jonsnowed
Boxersby jon ❄
"Why does it happen that whenever I meet you, you're in your boxers?" "Would you like me better without them?" "Eww no."
  • heartbreak
  • dialogue
  • relationship
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playing for keeps by leamcheik
playing for keepsby Student: Lea Mshiek
Kiara has just returned after being put in the witness protection program. She has a huge secret that no one besides her best friend knows about. What's gonna happen if...
  • boxers
  • undergroundfighting
  • playingforkeeps
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Bad boy in Superman Boxers by Cupcakeee258
Bad boy in Superman Boxersby Cupcakeee258
Hailey Hunter - a young smart, sarcastic, cute seventeen year old girl who loves violence yet is quiet. She isn't popular and hangs out with 2 of her best friends. She g...
  • teenfiction
  • hate
  • badboy
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His Experience  by _the-relentless
His Experience by _the-relentless
Kyle and Cold are nothing but just school mates. But their prom nights changes everything... One thing leads to another. And things get complicated especially that Col...
  • football
  • highschoolexperience
  • kyle
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My Knight in Shining... Boxers | ongoing by kinktress
My Knight in Shining... Boxers | tiana
Every once in a while when you go looking for love, it seems to end up finding you instead... And sometimes, in a very weird way. Cleo Lancaster, a twenty-one-year-old w...
  • love
  • humour
  • boxershorts
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tu mama es hombre
  • nopor
  • gay
  • duro
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The Boxer's Sunflower by Heylucycat
The Boxer's Sunflowerby Heylucycat
A tough boxer and a shy girl fall in love after locking eyes for the first time. But can they work through what the world throws at them?
  • boxing
  • boxers
  • boxer
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The Neighbors by SillyTine
The Neighborsby Christine vinluan
Andres is a short and a petite beauty, she is intelligent, sophisticated, boyish, has 3 brothers and doesn't like boys. She lived her life like a normal teenager would...
  • dartboard
  • brother
  • pinecone
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Esta historia se trata de un chico "normal", el cual es muy diferente de los demás. Descubre la historia de Michael, sus problemas amorosos y sus peleas. Cread...
  • boxers
  • michael
  • romance
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