Our Little Baby by conroy64
Our Little Babyby conroy64
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Handcuffed (Ereri AU) by DRAMAtical_Panda
Handcuffed (Ereri AU)by Alexander (Prev. @seeingcrims...
After Eren's mother dies, he keeps to himself. Then his friends invite him to a party. A mix between Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle is played as Eren and Levi get clo...
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Spin The Bottle by missbri0528
Spin The Bottleby Brianna Ewers (Tae)
Joy Payne is Liam Payne' s sister. Joy lives with Liam. One night Liam decides to have a party just with the boys. Harry recommends the game spin the bottle. Joy joins i...
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Diaper Punishment. (Completed) by SissyatHeart
Diaper Punishment. (Completed)by Sissy at Heart
Ally is an immature 16 year old who party's non stop. Ally's mother had told her that she needs to grow up by summer break and start acting more her age, but the only re...
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Seventeen's Littles by ilobumycarat
Seventeen's Littlesby Mrs.Boo
The littles: Seungkwan, Woozi, The8, Chan, Dk. The Submissive ones in a relationship: Wonwoo, Jeonghan, The Doms: Seungcheol, Mingyu, Hoshi, Vernon,Jun,Jisoo ___ Take...
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Bottled Up by quillandink13
Bottled Upby ink blots
Your destiny is already mapped out as soon as you're born - you just don't get to see it yet. In this era, people are given necklaces at birth. On these necklaces, an e...
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Samantha Emerson by Crimsonsky132
Samantha Emersonby Crimson
*COMPLETE* One minor change could mean life or death. Some spared, some altered, and some are even to end. Marko won't know what hit him when he meets Samantha; a huma...
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Everyone Loves Holly by LiveLoveK
Everyone Loves Hollyby K
Holly is a nice girl. She has just gotten a foot into the ddlg/mdlg scene, and she is quite nervous. When a sexy, rich couple walks into the ddlg clinic they instantly c...
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He's the one - Perri Kiely by X_ALN_X
He's the one - Perri Kielyby X_ALN_X
Perri and Abby - not such an ordinary couple. They try and make good of what they have but not everything works out as planned.
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Baby of the family (El bebé de la familia) by polock77
Baby of the family (El bebé de polock77
Justin is a 14 year old boy who wet his bed sometimes, he is small for his age, he lives with his mother and he is happy, but one day after school, everything changes, h...
  • punishment
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Little Space - Yoon Sanha  by ilobumycarat
Little Space - Yoon Sanha by Mrs.Boo
It takes place with them as a group still and Sanha is a little Also their not oneshots *Let's pretend that Sanha is short in this and not a giant
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  • moonbin
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The Drakes' Baby by ShadowKeeper2212
The Drakes' Babyby Shadow
Orion is a special type of mythical creature, called a Drake which is like a dragon, in this year his species is one of the most powerful of all mythical creatures that...
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Adopted Boys (Growing Up Adopted) (Boyxboy) by JustGracesky
Adopted Boys (Growing Up Adopted) SkyGrace
Follow stories of the boys as they grew up in their adopted family. Babied River, growing teenager Aaron and their daddies. Trigger Warning! Warning!!!!! Boyxbo...
  • family
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In 500 Words Or Less by johnnedwill
In 500 Words Or Lessby John Nedwill
'In 500 Words Or Less' is a collection of short stories, all of them 500 words or less, written for the WattPad WriteOn Writers Weekend WriteIn.
  • deception
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Virgin Lips by iAdorable
Virgin Lipsby iAdorable
Elle has virgin lips. Not because she’s anti-social, but because she vowed to wait for the right guy. She is also the anonymous Miss Compatible who gives advice to peopl...
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Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): Harry Potter and Percy Jackson by mixitupfanfic
Spin the Bottle (Strip Edition): mixitupfanfic
When Harry and Percy both receive a note inviting them to a spin the bottle strip game, they must choose whether or not to go. Will their worlds collide?
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Spin The Bottle- AOT! Various x Reader (Modern AU!) by chichiriio
Spin The Bottle- AOT! Various x *amelia*
What happens when you have The AOT cast, you, and an empty bottle? full of shitposting Marco, Erwin, Armin, Squad Levi, Farlan, and Isabel are alive.
  • titan
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(ON-GOING) What will you do kung malaman mong mahal ka nang taong tinuturing mong parang kapatid mona? You don't want to hurt him but you don't want to hurt yourself to...
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I'm Not That Girl by sophieanna
I'm Not That Girlby c h e r
What happens when someone you once knew returns to your life? Do things go back to the way they were? Are emotions involved? Do people get hurt? Those were the questions...
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