Le Monde de Wattpad [Tome 2] by LesFillesQuiLisent
Le Monde de Wattpad [Tome 2] by Le Monde de Wattpad Random
Le Youtube de l'écriture vous ouvre ses portes : page blanche ? Manque d'imagination ? Impasse ? Problèmes de syntaxes ? Nous sommes là pour vous ! Les filles qui lisent...
I Knew You Once by wildheartswiftie13
I Knew You Once by wildheartswiftie13 Fanfiction
Jillian is a chronically, mentally ill bookworm. She's shattered into a thousand little pieces or at least she thinks. Dodie is a mentally ill, kind, singing bean. She...
Book Tags! by skye_wolverine7
Book Tags! by skye_wolverine7 Teen Fiction
Warning: This book is a result of watching too much BookTube, which results in very long to-read-book lists and an unhealthy obsession with book tags. Viewer discretion...
Book titles by QueenKunning
Book titles by Writersblock101 Random
Just creating book titles Tell me if you find one you like, I would love to know I helped someone out If you see your book title here, it's purely by coincidence
Lady of the Loom by BangadyBangz
Lady of the Loom by Bangady Short Story
This is a fairy tale I wrote in the style of the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Anderson. I've always been a huge fan of Old World fairy tales and really tried to ca...
Death in Love by BangadyBangz
Death in Love by Bangady Short Story
The story of a grim reaper who valued his duty above all else, the dying girl who taught him to love, and the necromancer who kept them apart. Cover art by Angi-kat at D...