Humans by ThatGirl_127
Humans by Sophia Science Fiction
Number 61082 is a slave. A human. Being sold was the constant in her life; the only thing that was certain. Getting bought by a family that doesn't abuse her is surprisi...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. : Out Of The Shadows. [TMNT X Reader] by LoveRandomness
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. : Out... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
Sequel to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle A year after the battle with Shredder,the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle still live under the sewer.Vernon taking all the credit,while...
Transformers [Bumblebee X Reader] Book I [UNDER EDIT] by LoveRandomness
Transformers [Bumblebee X Reader]... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
The fate of humanity is at stake when two races of robots,Autobots and Decepticons bring just war down on Earth.Seeking for power but the only youth,Sam and yn Witwicky...
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMNT X Reader] by LoveRandomness
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. [TMN... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
You are (Y/N) (L/N),April O' Neil friend ever since the beginning.Helping April escape you guy's turtles out of the fire,while years later to only return.How will you re...
Gifs Series! (a Dylan O'Brien fanfiction) by queenjaylyn_
Gifs Series! (a Dylan O'Brien fanf... by Jaylyn Fanfiction
Just a couple of images and cute gifs of Dylan This is a gif series in each series there are going to be different people! •INSPIRED• By moonlighttbh
solangelo » one shots [boyxboy] by punkwearsconverse
solangelo » one shots [boyxboy] by r,, Fanfiction
♡ this is a story filled with fluff (mostly smh) about my beautiful son will and my adorable sun nico ♡
Dreamer (Book Two) by annapaluch2000
Dreamer (Book Two) by Anna P. Fanfiction
{This is a Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic} {This is the Second book of a series, the first book is called Believer} Marinette Dupain-Cheng is missing. After several...
Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen [Bumblebee X Reader](UNDER EDITING) Book II by LoveRandomness
Transformers : Revenge of the Fall... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
Sequel to Transformer(Bumble Bee X Reader) Two years after the Autobots save the Earth from the Decepticons.But now,the Witwicky twins face a new challenge,college.While...
The Empress' Gambit by sennalily
The Empress' Gambit by Senna Black Fantasy
For two years, Philomena has been separated from the man she loves. Now, to save his life, she must return to the imperial court of the Jovani Empire, and outwit one of...
PLL: Pretty Little Love (Emison Stories Book 1) By Sara Shepard by Cishikye
PLL: Pretty Little Love (Emison St... by Cassidy Teen Fiction
The author of the Pretty Little Liars book series brings you two short stories Alison and Emily's origin as a couple. What if what we knew from the books wasn't the who...
Transformers : Age of Extinction [Bumblebee X Reader] [Under Editing] Book IV by LoveRandomness
Transformers : Age of Extinction [... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
Yes I am crazy Fourth book of Transformer(BumblebeexReader) You are YN Witwicky,sister of Sam Witwicky.You have a relationship with your car....Also you have some cute...
Spirit Animals - The Ten Keepers: Fall of the Ten [Book Three] by Griff-FanFic1933
Spirit Animals - The Ten Keepers:... by Griffin Le Redcloak Fanfiction
Zerif has grown much stronger and so has the Wyrm. Both groups struggle to get to the next place where the compass leads them as they try to find the talisman. But time...
Transformers : Dark of the Moon [Bumblebee X Reader] Book III by LoveRandomness
Transformers : Dark of the Moon [B... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
Third book of Transformer(BumblebeexReader) You are YN Witwicky,sister of Sam Witwicky.You have a relationship with your car....amazing since you can be your own Transfo...
Philomena [FEATURED] by sennalily
Philomena [FEATURED] by Senna Black Fantasy
Philomena is a child of the empire, traded to faraway Deusetats to seal an alliance and marry a prince: the handsome but arrogant Prince Rainhart. However, politics is n...
#Jenoah (Jenoah Book series #1) by Lavender_Krystal101
#Jenoah (Jenoah Book series #1) by Lavender_Krystal101 Humor
(BOOK #1 OF JENOAH SERIES) Ahh, highschool, the wonderful land of highschool, even better when you just begun highschool. Meeting new friends, knowing that you could lie...
SHE'S in LOVE ❧ DESCENDANTS ❧ [3] by starlightmarvel
SHE'S in LOVE ❧ DESCENDANTS ❧ [3] by 👑Isa🌹 Fanfiction
[Book Three of the Brielle Beast Series.] ❧ 💎 ☙ In which Brielle and Ben bring more kids from the Isle of the Lost to Auradon. ❧ 💎 ☙
Jack Reacher Series by meiahyunah
Jack Reacher Series by meiahyunah Mystery / Thriller
Lee Child's 22 Books Series - Jack Reacher Series - Detective Crime & Investigation stories.
Transformers : Lost Mind [Bumblebee X Reader] [UNDER EDITING] Book V by LoveRandomness
Transformers : Lost Mind [Bumblebe... by LoveRandomness Fanfiction
5th Book Of Bumblebeexreader It's been two months since your last war, you've been taking care of Bianca and Jay and mostly visited the Yeagers. Bumblebee has been prot...
ARROWS ➳ A. LIGHTWOOD [1] by wclfhunters
ARROWS ➳ A. LIGHTWOOD [1] by ally Fanfiction
❝I'm just as confused as you are, and quite honestly, I'm not sure what is really happening with this. With -- us.❞ [alec x oc] [city of bones - city of glass]