Amantes?, oh algo mas? by MaryNatsuChan123
Amantes?, oh algo mas?by Mary Natsu Chan @sirenit4_
Este es un comic +16 BonxBonnie que estoy haciendo¡, este no creo abandonarlo como el otro xD ya que practicamente este se dosarrolla de poco a poco y no tiene un final...
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The Secret Prince (Amourshipping)  by Azazel0886
The Secret Prince (Amourshipping) by Azazel0886
After his loss in Unova Ash returns home to regroup and plan which region he will go to next. However while planning his next region, tragedy strikes and his mother dies...
  • bonnie
  • serena
  • korrina
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Vulnerable § Klaus Mikaelson by cmb_baker
Vulnerable § Klaus Mikaelsonby Cece
Being alive for a thousand plus years isn't as amazing as it seems. The loneliness is blinding, but one time Klaus finally found his light. Dakota King, a girl...
  • pfcc2k16
  • mikaelson
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Don't Call Me Baby (Rated R) by MoomooCooks
Don't Call Me Baby (Rated R)by MooMoo Cooks
"I'm done playing with you," he growled angrily into my ear. "I'm done pretending that this is just sex between us. When this is all over I'm not letting...
  • restricted
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FNAF 4 x Reader Collection by CrazyOverPurple17
FNAF 4 x Reader Collectionby Erika Gunnerson
A collection of FNAF 4 x Reader fanfics I made. Prepare for the nightmare of your life! 😈 Credit for cover picture: Mature content on because of...
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Compañeros de piso [COMIC] by Vlax_The_Buho
Compañeros de piso [COMIC]by Vlax
Se supone que estos dos están en la universidad, aqui, ellos dos viven juntos. Lo cual al final hará que terminen siendo mucho mas que simples compañeros de piso
  • bonnie
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Serena in Alola by Meloetta_AshGreninja
Serena in Alolaby Meloetta_AshGreninja
Serena was able to be in the top 4 in the grand festival in Hoenn. She will now go to a Pokémon School located in the Alola region just like her mother suggested. Little...
  • hoenn
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Ask or dare the bonnie's by lolcram11
Ask or dare the bonnie'sby lolcram11
pretty much the sequel to "ask or dare springtrap, spring bonnie, and plushtrap" so hope you enjoy this!
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My True Family (A Twilight / TVD /TO Crossover)(K.M Love Story) (COMPLETE) by SymoneHeyward
My True Family (A Twilight / Symone
Another Twilight story, this time it is set during 'new moon' when Edward leaves Bella. The TVD gang save her from Victoria and she becomes a vampire like them, what hap...
  • lovestory
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Forbidden (Klaus Mikaelson Love Story) #1 in the Forbidden series by Katt_Natt
Forbidden (Klaus Mikaelson Love Katt Nätt
  • bonnie
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I'm Not Me || TVD by QueenOfTheNight1211
I'm Not Me || TVDby QueenOfTheNight1211
"Always and Forever.... What do you suppose that means to Imogen?" "I don't know." "For Imogen, Always and Forever means... she'll always love y...
  • esther
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Stuck With Him: Kai Parker by SleepMindWriter
Stuck With Him: Kai Parkerby g e o r g i a
[Highest Rank #245 Fanfiction |23/11/16| ] I scoffed, kicking his shin and he kicked me back harder. "Can you even die here?" I asked, he shook his head and I...
  • memoryloss
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Blindsided to Champion (Aureliashipping) by Shiny_Magikarp
Blindsided to Champion ( Shiny_Magikarp
Ash Ketchum, Kalos league finalist. He feels so close to the first step of his dream. But what if his whole world takes a wrong turn. Was it for the better though? Bonni...
  • ashxlillie
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Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x Reader) (Book 1) by TheYellowBalloon
Daughter of a Murderer (FNAF x The Yellow Balloon
(Y/N) is a normal girl, with a normal school, normal personality, almost normal everything. She however has a not so normal dad. Her father is Vincent and he recently mu...
  • purpleguy
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Niñeros ¬¬ FNAFHS y tu by monimakaka
Niñeros ¬¬ FNAFHS y tuby moni nwn
¿Qué pasaría si te metieras en un gran lió? ¿Del que no te puedes salvar? Bueno pues ____ se metió en un gran problema el ultimo día de escuela y eso le costará mucho. ...
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Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader) by Foxalicious
Falling For Foxy (Foxy x Reader)by Foxy's First Mate
This is a FNAF foxy x reader fan fic. To know the plot you are going to have to read. THIS WAS WRITTEN WHEN ONLY THE FIRST TWO GAMES WERE RELEASED. ITS BASED OFF THE OLD...
  • five
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FNAF Text Messages by kawaiininjago
FNAF Text Messagesby -ˏˋ Flash ˎˊ-
Just some texts between a few crazy animatronics, along with myself :3 Btw if there's anything funny or insulting to the animatronics, don't take it seriously. I love th...
  • foxy
  • fnaf
  • mike
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Imagines | TVD by unholylie
Imagines | TVDby 失恋
These imagines are Character X Reader. This includes any character from The Vampire Diaries. I am currently accepting requests but please read my A/N about the rules of...
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De nuevo tú by Mei_Smith
De nuevo túby ☔️
"Serena, la que fue su primera vez en todo y la única mujer que ha amado le había enviado una invitación por correo. Esta decía que en un mes más se casaría con su...
  • satosere
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In My Blood | Klaus Mikaelson by -dancingunicorns
In My Blood | Klaus Mikaelsonby -dancingunicorns
"Hmm you're hot." "Aren't you married?" "That does not mean I can't admire!" -- The Vampire Diaries - Season 2
  • mikaelson
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