Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated
Burning Passion - A Mated Lovestory by SoulMated Werewolf
Zoe is a rogue who is forced to attend a school for werewolves for a year thanks to a new law. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha who holds a grudge against all r...
Bonding: A Boyf Riends Fanfiction by nuggetgirl377
Bonding: A Boyf Riends Fanfiction by Fandom_Nugget3737 Fanfiction
Jeremy is looking for something fun to do and signs up for a school-sponsored bonding trip to an amusement park with his best friend Michael and his girlfriend Christine...
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Watty Awards 2012) by thethornsofmylife
Thicker than Blood - Book One (Wat... by Ruth Vampire
Book One in the Soul Seeker Series. At fifteen Amelia is forced to move in with her birthfather when her mother passes away. A man she's never met before in her life, st...
MANAN - Happily Married by priyaswetuuu
MANAN - Happily Married by M.S.vishnu priya Fanfiction
Holaaaa guysssss.............. Im here with yet another story on MANAN............. This is a bit different story guysss........... This is a bit traditional story...
A Reason To Go On by BeckiSullivan
A Reason To Go On by Becki Sullivan Werewolf
"Your actually really beautiful" My heart felt like it was soaring, i felt i could burst with happiness, until he continued. "But im just not ready to set...
Living My Fantasy by Warisha_Ahmed
Living My Fantasy by Warisha Ahmed Fanfiction
Everyone has their own fantasy. And so did have Warisha.Crazy for Indian Boy-Band SANAM.Her life takes an unexpected turn when the Band comes in her city. She accidental...
MANAN:ARRANGED MARRIAGE BY ELDERS by akhilandeshwari Fanfiction
Nandini and manik are from two different families with different opinions but unite as one with marriage.
Can We Love??? - Abhigya Ss by crazymahiz by crazymahiz
Can We Love??? - Abhigya Ss by cra... by MAHII / CRAZY Fantasy
#304 in general fiction (15/9/17) #255 in short story (30/9/17) #338 in fantasy (21/10/17) He is a terror and terrific man.... She is a bubbly, bold and daring girl...
TADRE by ShadowHeadquarters
TADRE by ShadowHeadquarters Fantasy
The Acadmey of Dragon Riding Excellencecy has been hiden for 425 years, but it had few riders. People were loosing their 'belief'. That, among other things, cause them t...
Change Of Plans (Watty Awards 2013) by _SweetLovin_0112
Change Of Plans (Watty Awards 2013) by _SweetLovin_0112 Teen Fiction
"Daddy! No no no no no! I don't want some delinquent staying here with Lola and I! You're going to be gone the whole entire summer! You can't leave us here with som...
My Godfather  by Sharanya20
My Godfather by Sharanya20 Fanfiction
In 1992, Pettigrew was captured and Sirius was declared innocent. The first thing he did after his acquittal was offer Harry a home. The moment his godson accepted his i...
Manan-Mr.CEO's JAAN(On Hold) by Krazyreader18
Manan-Mr.CEO's JAAN(On Hold) by Isabella Collins Fanfiction
What happens when Nandini Murthy is forced in marriage in which she is totally not interested. She can't go against her father but she doesn't want to do the marriage to...
A Bat Brother Deaged by MarvelandDCunite
A Bat Brother Deaged by Chameleon Colors Fanfiction
Jason Todd got deaged by a mysterious man. Now he's a 3 year old who can't remember anything. Batman and his family needs to fix it. Can they do it? P.S I don't own DC c...
A Ticklish Padawan  by Star-Wars-Dragons
A Ticklish Padawan by Fawn Bridger Fanfiction
When the Rebellion finds out that Ezra is ticklish, all hell breaks loose. 😉
The Rise of a Snape by lunaloveloony
The Rise of a Snape by lunaloveloony Fanfiction
Harry Potter is most definitely having a strange summer. After losing his godfather, Sirius Black, this summer is bent out to be the most gloomy summer of his life- and...
Kiss me again. [An All Time Low Fan- Fic.] by DrowningInSoundwaves
Kiss me again. [An All Time Low Fa... by DrowningInSoundwaves Fanfiction
Cameo is an 18 year old living on her own and exploring life. She's usually a lucky, outgoing girl, until she meets the guy of her dreams, in the least likely place, Ale...
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by NyColeThomas
Dedicated To You (BoyxBoy) by Nyck Werewolf
What would you do if you were mated to a vampire. Impossible right? Or so you thought. But what if they were male? Where does that leave a freak like me? Will there be a...
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater Fanfic) by haynich07
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater F... by Hayley Fanfiction
Faye thought everything was in her life was perfect until one night when she was six, her pack was attacked. Everyone was killed, including her mom and dad. Left alone...
Play with Love [COMPLETED] by ballpenNimayi
Play with Love [COMPLETED] by mayi :3 Teen Fiction
Andrew Delos Reyes, ang Play Boy ng Lillia Academy. For him girls are just Trophies and LOVE is just a GAME...pero paano kung makahanap siya ng katapat sa tinatawag niya...
Percy Jackson sings to the Greek Gods by lilypad_make
Percy Jackson sings to the Greek G... by lilypad_make Fanfiction
I Read a fanficition and I thought it was really good but sadly the person did not continue so i decided to write my own version.