Her Werebear  by SamoHas
Her Werebear by Samo
Her Werebear He was a Gamma turned Beta. Found by his now Alpha and accepted in. Challenged by many yet never faced defeat. Silent and deadly. Not a wolf but a bear. Br...
  • mates
  • preganant
  • pack
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Possessive Alpha Kaden by tangleteaser
Possessive Alpha Kadenby Lauryn Smith
*A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY* Lola Lattimore is different to most wolves. She's faster, stronger, more powerful. She's dangerous. She has more power than all of the alphas...
  • pack
  • kaden
  • possessive
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My Heartless Alpha  by edenstwilight
My Heartless Alpha by edenstwilight
He is aggressive, sadistic and deadly She is innocent yet strong and stubborn Rose moved to America to get away from her past and to have a fresh start. The last thing...
  • wattys2017
  • werewolf
  • fighting
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Till Death Do Us Part, Alpha by Taytay91
Till Death Do Us Part, Alphaby Tay
He was married. When Rose Amari meets her true mate, she finds out a devastating secret. The man whom she had been saving herself for her whole life was already happily...
  • alphaking
  • secondchancemate
  • mates
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Tied to the Beast by 1001words
Tied to the Beastby Ottia
I was about to grab the can but I felt something watching me. I felt so uncomfortable. I wanted to hide behind my hair and that's exactly what I did. But the thing would...
  • beast
  • self-harm
  • helpless
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The Wolf Baby by Kayy_B
The Wolf Babyby Kayy_B
Nina Michaels was only a few months away from graduating University when she found out she's pregnant due to a one night stand. Trying to do what's best for her baby she...
  • wolf
  • baby
  • pack
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Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1) by Bella_Higgin
Belle Morte (Belle Morte Book 1)by Bella_Higgin
It's been ten years since vampires came out of the coffin, and now they are the world's greatest, most-talked about celebrities, living in lavish mansions and feeding on...
  • fangs
  • bond
  • paranormal
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His to Claim (Published) by TeaNHeartache
His to Claim (Published)by StrangerGranger
Sample Manuscript- 70% Published : Decemeber 11th 2016 Scarlett has faced the rejection of her mate and come out the other side a little less naive and a lot more bitte...
  • alpha
  • humor
  • bond
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RONAN by atlantisx_
RONANby m.j. ❋
I eventually hit the wall as he stalked closer and nervous was an understatement. Ronan placed his hands on either side of my head and brought his head close to mine, to...
  • hellhound
  • werewolf
  • alpha
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Unbreakable Bond  by your_perfection010
Unbreakable Bond by Faith
{BOOK 4} #1 in spiritual 02/07/18 What hurts most, seeing the one you love say they don't love you Or Seeing them loving someone else?
  • heartbreak
  • islamiclovestroy
  • lovestory
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Moon Child |✔| by world_joy_
Moon Child |✔|by World Joy
Life or Death. It's the choice to be made within the Alba Rosa Pack when the Beta and his mate discover that they have been blessed with twins. Desperate to save the...
  • moonchild
  • pack
  • romance
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Iron Oracle (The Oracle Series, Book II) by merrywombat
Iron Oracle (The Oracle Series, Merry Ravenell
He was the Moon's Dark Comet, and served Her anger. For the accumulated sins of our kind, he had been unleashed. I was an Oracle, the Balance-Keeper, to see that the Co...
  • betrayal
  • luna
  • king
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Revelations (Belle Morte Book 2) by Bella_Higgin
Revelations (Belle Morte Book 2)by Bella_Higgin
Renie's dream of saving her sister is in ruins. She herself has become a vampire and now Edmond, the man she loves, must pay the price for turning her. While Bell...
  • forbidden
  • paranormalfiction
  • britain
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Hunted (Belle Morte Book 3) by Bella_Higgin
Hunted (Belle Morte Book 3)by Bella_Higgin
The battle for Belle Morte has been fought and won, but with enemy vampires having escaped into the city, the fight is not over. Pressure from human authorities is mount...
  • bond
  • vampires
  • wattpadstars
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The Immaculateness Bond by therealKH
The Immaculateness Bondby Therealkh
Being the Immaculateness Pack-a pack of innocence and freedom-you would never expect a gruesome murder to happen. You would think the people there wouldn't dare hurt a f...
  • special
  • matebond
  • fate
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Us By Force  by Nadineat2
Us By Force by Nadine AT
" Are you mute ? " I asked him, feeling pissed off at my situation that I got forced into. He looked at me and without any care in the world, he shook his head...
  • lonely
  • protect
  • romance
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The Vampire and His Bear by presleysangel
The Vampire and His Bearby presleysangel
Talon Dobrescu is a lonely vampire who finds a baby bear in the woods. He thinks she might make a good pet, maybe make his lonely nights more bearable. Vivian (Tiny) Do...
  • lonely
  • soulmates
  • bond
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Ex-Wife of a Billionaire: BOOK 2 by WhiteSwordsman01
Ex-Wife of a Billionaire: BOOK 2by Ayla D. Viktoreva (Mad Lady)
In order to read this book, read "One Night Stand with a Billionaire" first. This story is continuation of it. ---------- Being separated from her life and for...
  • bond
  • past
  • hiding
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Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obros by Lakshmi1099
Ishqbaaaz : The Return of Obrosby Aisha1099
Highest rank #21 on 09/02/2018 in fanfictions. 7 years have passed since that fateful day. The day when the foundations of Oberoi mansion shook .Ties that were considere...
  • omkara
  • shivika
  • seperation
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The Billionaire and The Hijabi by scopian_16
The Billionaire and The Hijabiby 🌺 aalihha
"I am willing to give my everything to you, if you agree to be mine forever" ---- He looked Italian He dressed brands He spoke billionaire language ...
  • converses
  • family
  • books
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