Hurt.  [Ryuji Suguro x Reader] by xXYuukineXx
Hurt. [Ryuji Suguro x Reader] by Trash can Fanfiction
[y/n] [l/n], 16, tries desperately to get a hold of her messed up life. After she attends The True Cross Academy, the past is no longer hunting her. Or does it? If yes...
Arregla Mi Corazón / Segunda Temporada/ Fnafhs Foxy x Tu/ by Patata_Kawaii_Chibi
Arregla Mi Corazón / Segunda Tempo... by Hiroshi y Hiroko Híbrida Fanfiction
Vamo a la segunda temporada de prometidos!!!!!
An adventure worth fighting (Blue exorcist boys x reader) by haileys_demon
An adventure worth fighting (Blue... by Hailey :3 Fanfiction
(Y/n) is a half demon but also half angel which is called a Nephilim. She couldn't go above or as you say heaven so she went down below to Satan. He cared for her like h...
No soy uke!#FNAFHS #FNAFHSRULE34 by CesarChan12
No soy uke!#FNAFHS #FNAFHSRULE34 by CesarChan :v Fanfiction
En esta historia deuz personaje creado por edd00chan en la serie FNAFHS sera violado por muchos semes :v si.....nada mas.....talvez
Volviendo a ser joven (BonxBonnie) [1° Libro] by Foreversonamy
Volviendo a ser joven (BonxBonnie)... by Irene-san kawaii Fanfiction
A Irene le gusta mucho experimentar con algunos de sus amigos para probar sus inventos. Un día, prueba con Bonnie su nuevo invento: el rayo rejuvenecedor. Esto hace que...
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by Tyler_Burke13
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by Your Majesty Fanfiction
It pretty much says it all in the title, so this is going to be a 'Blue Exorcist Oneshots' book. I am writting my own oneshots, but I will take request, so please give m...
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist) by mermaid_for_lyfe
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist) by mermaid_for_lyfe Fanfiction
Everyone is blind to Rin's pain. How do they not realize that their words are killing him on the inside? But can one boy save him before it's too late? **First time eve...
Rin X Bon by Trans_Cat
Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by Terminal-Velocity
Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by INSERTPSEUDONYMHERE Fanfiction
You've been at True Cross for a while. Despite all of the training and information you've been given, you always seem to do the joint-worst with Rin. Bon hates both you...
Don't Tell Me To Stop by MeliodasKanekiRin
Don't Tell Me To Stop by Rin Okumura Fanfiction
It's been a month or so since the camping trip and Rin's so-called friends still won't talk to him or even acknowledge his existence. That is, until they learn about his...
The Wolf Sin Of Kill by BrittsoCool
The Wolf Sin Of Kill by BrittsoCool Fanfiction
This is a story of an eighth sin from the seven deadly sins. This story is about a girl reuniting with meliodais captain of the seven deadly sin. It is said this girl is...
Daddy/Bon x Bonnie/Lemmon yaoi by AlejandraNicoMolina
Daddy/Bon x Bonnie/Lemmon yaoi by Ale-Chan Nico Fanfiction
-Daddy... N-necesito un castigo me e portado Muy mal Se escucho un latigazo en toda la casa ----------------------------------- Historia 100% Mia Lemmon +18 Portada: Be...
Dawn of the Epoch by RugbySpurs
Dawn of the Epoch by Ian D. Ghrist Action
Hunter called himself an archaeologist, but he was a modern day treasure hunter. Tiyana was a scientist devoted to her craft. They were passionate people, wholly devoted...
The Part That Hates {Rin Okumura x Reader} by Teiko_Kuroko
The Part That Hates {Rin Okumura x... by Rin Okumura's Wife Fanfiction
You've always been surrounded by darkness - lost in the overwhelming tsunami after tsunami of loneliness - when you meet a boy. He lights up your whole world with blue...
Demon Got My Tongue (blue exorcist X reader)  by nerds_need_love_too
Demon Got My Tongue (blue exorcist... by nerds_need_love_too Fanfiction
You were just a normal girl who lived a normal life. Until the day you ran into a black haired punk. Ever since then, a bunch of odd things happen, like creatures coming...
30 DAYS OTP +18 ||Fredxy & BonXBonnie|| by Doblevash
30 DAYS OTP +18 ||Fredxy & BonXBon... by ... Random
Rin's True Self by -_SliverNight_-
Rin's True Self by Magi Fanfiction
All Rin ever wanted was to herself again. She has to lie about being a boy even though he is actually a she. How will the others react when she tells them? ((Suck at d...
La Chica Particular (Foxy x Tu) by Maria_BonniexBon
La Chica Particular (Foxy x Tu) by Maria_BonniexBon Fanfiction
soy ____ tengo 16 años me gusta tocar el violín y cantar, mido 1.62 mi comida favorita es panqueca con miel, mi color de cabello es castaño oscuro , mis ojos son de col...
Ao No Exorcist/ Blue Exorcist rp by I_my_me_idol
sonrie para mi (bon x toddy) by MaikaMegpoid
sonrie para mi (bon x toddy) by sari's mind Romance
-ven te vez mas linda riendo, no hagas caso -sonrió el peliturqueza a su amiga