Hurt.  [Ryuji Suguro x Reader] by xXYuukineXx
Hurt. [Ryuji Suguro x Reader] by Trash can Fanfiction
[y/n] [l/n], 16, tries desperately to get a hold of her messed up life. After she attends The True Cross Academy, the past is no longer hunting her. Or does it? If yes...
Kiss the Cook by Alex379
Kiss the Cook by Alexandra Pearl Reed Fanfiction
This is a Snape/Granger.... Severus and Hermione love story... All for fun. I own none!
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist) by mermaid_for_lyfe
Blind Eyes (Blue/Ao No Exorcist) by mermaid_for_lyfe Fanfiction
Everyone is blind to Rin's pain. How do they not realize that their words are killing him on the inside? But can one boy save him before it's too late? **First time eve...
An adventure worth fighting (Blue exorcist boys x reader) by haileys_demon
An adventure worth fighting (Blue... by Hailey :3 Fanfiction
(Y/n) is a half demon but also half angel which is called a Nephilim. She couldn't go above or as you say heaven so she went down below to Satan. He cared for her like h...
Rockstars battles Who's hotter?                       edition. by HamoWoods
Rockstars battles Who's hotter... by Michael Summers Random
Hard choices! Classic rock! Hot Rockstars for everyone! Who's going o be the hottest Rockstar? that's your choice. The images showed here belong to their respective owne...
Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin) by LunarShadowKnight
Pushed To The Edge (Bon X Rin) by LunarShadowKnight Fanfiction
For the first time in his life, Rin finally had friends. He had people who he could rely on, people he could trust. And one camping trip destroyed that. He never asked t...
bon x bonnie: apocalipsis by pandafujoshi29
bon x bonnie: apocalipsis by panda <3 fujoshi Fanfiction
el escenario? lleno de sangre, rebeldía, un apocalipsis total, lleno de guerras y personas caídas en combate. Pero, ¿el amor vence al odio?... Principales, dos bandas. A...
Alone by DrawForLove
Alone by Draw for Love Romance
Reflexiones de Bon ante la desolación. Historia Breve y triste que surgió a raíz de un arranque de melancolía.
Problemas Universitarios [2° Temp] by HikaruJinzo
Problemas Universitarios [2° Temp] by Maniiatiik Fanfiction
Meses juntos en los cuales las cosas fueron de maravilla, experimentaron muchas cosas por primera vez, todo fue bien pero tras pasar el año después de la graduación de B...
The Secrets of a Demon, Blue Exorcist by OtakuGirlTay
The Secrets of a Demon, Blue Exorc... by OtakuGirlTay Fanfiction
One day, Rin seems to be exited and its not unnoticed by his classmates, the see a new Rin and someone new.
The Wolf Sin Of Kill by BrittsoCool
The Wolf Sin Of Kill by BrittsoCool Fanfiction
This is a story of an eighth sin from the seven deadly sins. This story is about a girl reuniting with meliodais captain of the seven deadly sin. It is said this girl is...
Candy and Kisses - Amaimon x Reader by TheKawaiiDerp
Candy and Kisses - Amaimon x Reader by Shannon Blum Fanfiction
In this x reader, you are a seventeen year old girl who's parents got you into the most prestigious high school in your area, True Cross Academy. You accidentally get pu...
Don't Tell Me To Stop by MeliodasKanekiRin
Don't Tell Me To Stop by Rin Okumura Fanfiction
It's been a month or so since the camping trip and Rin's so-called friends still won't talk to him or even acknowledge his existence. That is, until they learn about his...
Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by Terminal-Velocity
Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by INSERTPSEUDONYMHERE Fanfiction
You've been at True Cross for a while. Despite all of the training and information you've been given, you always seem to do the joint-worst with Rin. Bon hates both you...
Cold Night (Blue Exorcist- BonxRin) by TheWanderingMiind
Cold Night (Blue Exorcist- BonxRin) by *Myth* Fanfiction
With Rin Okumura being a demon, it can come with a price. His friends and even his younger brother become frightened and/or annoyed from the hot-headed Satan spawn. This...
【'゚*Trastorno Antisocial de la Personalidad*'゚】FON by TiagasSan
【'゚*Trastorno Antisocial de la Per... by El conejo intelectual Fanfiction
Foxy sufre de Trastorno Antisocial de la Personalidad, pero ¿qué es esto? ¨La persona que sufre este trastorno se caracteriza por su tendencia a no relacionarse en socie...
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by tjburke32
Blue Exorcist Oneshots by Your Majesty Fanfiction
It pretty much says it all in the title, so this is going to be a 'Blue Exorcist Oneshots' book. I am writting my own oneshots, but I will take request, so please give m...
I'M IN BLUE EXORCIST?!?! by Teddy_exe
I'M IN BLUE EXORCIST?!?! by TΣDDY.exe Fanfiction
Your a famous assasin named Shadow, you are amillionaire who lives in a mansion. You come home and decided to watch Blue Exorcist from the begining, when you are suddenl...
La Chica Particular (Foxy x Tu) by Princesa_2017
La Chica Particular (Foxy x Tu) by Amara<3Otakuchivi Fanfiction
soy ____ tengo 16 años me gusta tocar el violín y cantar, mido 1.62 mi comida favorita es panqueca con miel, mi color de cabello es castaño oscuro , mis ojos son de col...
Volviendo a ser joven (BonxBonnie) [1° Libro] by Foreversonamy
Volviendo a ser joven (BonxBonnie)... by 💙Irene-san💜 Fanfiction
A Irene le gusta mucho experimentar con algunos de sus amigos para probar sus inventos. Un día, prueba con Bonnie su nuevo invento: el rayo rejuvenecedor. Esto hace que...