Tutoring (Bon x Reader) by Terminal-Velocity
Tutoring (Bon x Reader)by INSERTPSEUDONYMHERE
You've been at True Cross for a while. Despite all of the training and information you've been given, you always seem to do the joint-worst with Rin. Bon hates both you...
  • truecross
  • school
  • bon
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Compañeros de piso [COMIC] by Vlax_The_Buho
Compañeros de piso [COMIC]by Vlax
Se supone que estos dos están en la universidad, aqui, ellos dos viven juntos. Lo cual al final hará que terminen siendo mucho mas que simples compañeros de piso
  • bonxbonnie
  • fnafhs
  • bon
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Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Yukio Okumura) by HeyyOli
Magnanimous (Blue Exorcist ~ Oli Katai
Magnanimous: selfless, forgiving. Akilina has unofficially trained to be an exorcist since she was eight. From Aveyron in France, she must become used to the new surrou...
  • akilina
  • moriyama
  • blueexorcist
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Blue Exorcist Oneshots by tjburke32
Blue Exorcist Oneshotsby Your Majesty
It pretty much says it all in the title, so this is going to be a 'Blue Exorcist Oneshots' book. I am writting my own oneshots, but I will take request, so please give m...
  • shiro
  • blue
  • requests
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Rockstars battles Who's hotter?                       edition. by HamoWoods
Rockstars battles Who's Michael Summers
Hard choices! Classic rock! Hot Rockstars for everyone! Who's going o be the hottest Rockstar? that's your choice. The images showed here belong to their respective owne...
  • crue
  • guns
  • kiss
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los chicos de fnafhs y tu by Nuri_chan
los chicos de fnafhs y tuby Nuria HY
Ella es amable, un tanto ruda y divertida se llama ___ y estara en su nueva escuela fnafhs donde conseguira muy grandes amistades......
  • golden
  • onnie
  • fnafhsytu
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No soy uke!#FNAFHS #FNAFHSRULE34 by CesarChan12
No soy uke!#FNAFHS #FNAFHSRULE34by CesarChan :v
En esta historia deuz personaje creado por edd00chan en la serie FNAFHS sera violado por muchos semes :v si.....nada mas.....talvez
  • dominantes
  • baby
  • fnafhs
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Hurt.  [Ryuji Suguro x Reader] by xXYuukineXx
Hurt. [Ryuji Suguro x Reader]by Trash can
[y/n] [l/n], 16, tries desperately to get a hold of her messed up life. After she attends The True Cross Academy, the past is no longer hunting her. Or does it? If yes...
  • rin
  • ryujisuguro
  • shima
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An adventure worth fighting (Blue exorcist boys x reader) by haileys_demon
An adventure worth fighting ( Hailey :3
(Y/n) is a half demon but also half angel which is called a Nephilim. She couldn't go above or as you say heaven so she went down below to Satan. He cared for her like h...
  • bon
  • rin
  • shima
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My Little Brother by Palomadelanoche
My Little Brotherby Hiatus~
-¿Por qué te le quedas viendo así a tu hermano?, da miedo. -Simplemente uno no puede resistirse a su ternura, Springtrap. -Bueno, en eso tienes razón, de su escuela...
  • bonnie
  • fred
  • goldenxfreddy
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bon x bonnie: apocalipsis by pandafujoshi29
bon x bonnie: apocalipsisby panda <3 fujoshi
el escenario? lleno de sangre, rebeldía, un apocalipsis total, lleno de guerras y personas caídas en combate. Pero, ¿el amor vence al odio?... Principales, dos bandas. A...
  • bon
  • apocalipsis
  • guerra
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Mind Control (Blue Exorcist Wattys 2017) (Yukio Okumura x Reader)(EDITING) by KiraTypes
Mind Control (Blue Exorcist Kira
(Cover made by Teiko_Kuroko) When the students from cram school are forced to move to America on some circumstances, they are all placed in one class. This American publ...
  • rinokumura
  • shiemimoriyama
  • america
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Demon Tails (Bon x Rin  Blue Exorcist) by FlameFox01
Demon Tails (Bon x Rin Blue FlameFox01
Yukio decides that Bon should start to tutor Rin. Little did they know that they were gonna get distracted with a certain cute, fluffy tail... FLUFF AND SMUT YOU HAVE BE...
  • kuro
  • lemon
  • fluffytail
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The Wolf Sin Of Kill  by BrittsoCool
The Wolf Sin Of Kill by BrittsoCool
This is a story of an eighth sin from the seven deadly sins. This story is about a girl reuniting with meliodais captain of the seven deadly sin. It is said this girl is...
  • fanfic
  • diane
  • sevendeadlysins
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Confession D'une femme marié  by xx1801
Confession D'une femme marié by xx1801
C'est une histoire vraie , j'espère que ça vous plaira . Abonnez vous pour plus d'histoire . Ca m'encouragera
  • bon
  • mariage
  • mal
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Rin's True Self by -_SliverNight_-
Rin's True Selfby Magi
All Rin ever wanted was to herself again. She has to lie about being a boy even though he is actually a she. How will the others react when she tells them? ((Suck at d...
  • aonoexorcist
  • yukio
  • bonxfemrin
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Silent Games by Scarlett-Kun
Silent Gamesby Scarlett-Kun
In one of Rin & Amaimon's fights the Earth King gets a glimpse of Rin's memories. Only to find the younger demon's feelings for Bon & takes his voice away. Now Rin has 1...
  • silentgames
  • adventure
  • bon
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La Hermana del Rico -Springtrap y tu- {SEGUNDA TEMPORADA} →Terminada← by -ItsCatie980-
La Hermana del Rico -Springtrap -ItsCatie980-
Luego de que ____ despertara del accidente que la mato, (pero que 3 minutos después resucito :v) sale del hospital para encontrarse con nuevos y viejos amigos, enemigos...
  • springtrap
  • bon
  • suspenso
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Don't Tell Me To Stop by MeliodasKanekiRin
Don't Tell Me To Stopby Rin
It's been a month or so since the camping trip and Rin's so-called friends still won't talk to him or even acknowledge his existence. That is, until they learn about his...
  • ryuuji
  • okumura
  • fanfiction
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Dos mundos (2° temp) : Lazos de sangre #FNAFHSMONSTER by HikaruJinzo
Dos mundos (2° temp) : Lazos de Maniiatiik
*Recuerden ver la primer parte de esta historia antes de comenzar con la segunda :3 ~ Después de un largo recorrido nuestros protagonistas lograron unirse, pero, no todo...
  • fnafhsmonster
  • bonnie
  • bxb
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