I'm gonna break your rules / Złamię Twoje Zasady by shiniing
I'm gonna break your rules / Złami... by new.kid Fanfiction
-Twój własny minidekalog?- męski głos zwrócił się w moim kierunku. -Coś w tym stylu.- odparłam, wciąż darząc zainteresowaniem tylko przedmiot przede mną.- Zasady, które...
Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1] by Warrior_Banshee736
Control ▹ Dean Winchester [1] by Warrior_Banshee736 Fanfiction
|Book One of The Control Series| *EDITING* ❝ I'm bigger than my body, I'm colder than this home, I'm meaner than my demons, I'm bigger than these bones.❞ In...
Saved by an Angel (a Castiel love story) by black_smoke_angel
Saved by an Angel (a Castiel love... by Mae Fanfiction
When an unknown force pulls Kristena Singer and her older brother, Dean from Hell, they come face to face with an angel. As the Apocolypse grows closer, Kristy finds her...
Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓ by yourkidlee
Hi, Anon! [iKON - AU] ✓ by FAILEE Fanfiction
Layanan curhat anonim yang bisa bikin saling jatuh cinta. Siapa sangka 'doi' yang biasa dia ceritakan ternyata adalah kamu sendiri? #slankbahasa #ss
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernatural Fanfiction (WATTY AWARDS WINNER 2013) by TrueSupernatural13
Daughter of the Legend: A Supernat... by Rachel (Winchester) Fanfiction
Have you ever known you were meant for more or that there was another piece to the puzzle? I always had known this small town Nevada life wasn't what I was meant for. Th...
Little Sister (Supernatural) by Lilsug
Little Sister (Supernatural) by Lilsug Fanfiction
I do not own any of the Supernatural characters. I only own Madison and maybe a few other characters that might show up sometime. I also own some of the plot scenes that...
Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy fanfic by Mxb123
Inked Skin - a sons of anarchy fan... by Mxb123 Fanfiction
"Some people believe that the tattoos on their skin tell a story"I whisper quietly looking up to him "but others believe they are how you tell a persons...
iKON iMagines by nyxfancypants
iKON iMagines by nyx Fanfiction
Yes, another iKON fanfic book to satisfy your fangirl feels.
Supernatural Oneshots  by Louistopslilo209
Supernatural Oneshots by Kiki Fanfiction
This is a book specifically of oneshots from the Supernatural fandom (which is one of the best fandoms ever) This will include ships (Destiel, Sabriel, Wincest etc) and...
•Vloggers• Bobby iKON (AMBW) by MarkleeKillsMe
•Vloggers• Bobby iKON (AMBW) by #ZaddyWon💦 Teen Fiction
Teen parents with a YouTube channel. AMBW
Junhoe's Chat by incainica
Junhoe's Chat by ⚫c a⚫ Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] "Bob, menurut lo, Kak June bakal naksir gue ga ya?" "Ga" "Kok lo jahat gitu sih?!" "Mana ada yang doyan macan b...
Forgiven & Forgotten (a Supernatural Vampire Diaries Crossover) (Wattys2017) by Zelena8989
Forgiven & Forgotten (a Supernatur... by Zelena8989 Fanfiction
In which, Stefan's and Damon's little sister Gabriella takes the cure for vampirism, she knew they were going to give the cure to Elena but she wanted to be human again...
Love In A Different World by Arrowassasin
Love In A Different World by Arrow Fanfiction
(y/n) was watching "An Extremely Goofy Movie". She has seen the movie before one or two time a long time ago and wanted to rewatch it. While the movie was star...
Supernatural Sickfic Oneshots by bbgirl18
Supernatural Sickfic Oneshots by bbgirl18 Fanfiction
I've decided that i am going to write some stories about our favorite boys from Supernatural... and how they deal with the non-supernatural illnesses.
Protect ● jenlisa by NegrongZombie
Protect ● jenlisa by j e n n i f e r Fanfiction
"I'll protect you, I promise." what would happen if jennie is in danger but she doesn't know? only lisa does. let's see what happens. cover by: park_yoonjie
 iKON imagines  by ilovemykoo
iKON imagines by karylle Fanfiction
REQUESTS ARE OPEN let's turn these "imagines" into something real, soon ❣ feel free to read ikonics! [ Please don't plagiarize ] [ credits for the pictures ] ...
Stranger Things Memes by finnsbike
Stranger Things Memes by help me Random
The title says it all; just a book of memes I personally enjoy. Some of the memes I have made myself, but most I've gotten from Instagram.
Jensen Ackles/ Dean WinchesterX Reader by brokenwingspn051416
Jensen Ackles/ Dean WinchesterX Re... by Planetary Insanity Fanfiction
A collection of One Shots I have been writing.
Little Winchester || Dean's Daughter by LexiLove567
Little Winchester || Dean's Daught... by Alexis Fanfiction
"Take a deep breath daddy. It's just a bad day, not a bad life." -Dezsaray Indiana Ryan Winchester In which Dean Winchester finds his little girl. Dezsaray-Ind...
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural) // Completed by AlexandraOHara
Dean's Daughter (Supernatural)... by That'sALongAssRide Fanfiction
Typical Dean Winchester: Beer, pie and one night stands. Little does he know that sixteen years ago he left one of his one night stands pregnant, with his daughter, Ali...