Tea & Tattoos by makemydreamsreal
Tea & Tattoos by Y
❝And if you're ever feeling lonely just look at the moon, someone, somewhere is looking right at it too❞ Desiree ''Dessie'' Lock is probably the biggest Theic in the uni...
  • love
  • shy
  • tea
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Maybe Perfect by winx1348
Maybe Perfect by emma rose
Sophie Campbell is a seventeen year old senior at Jackson High that also holds down a part-time job at the local coffee shop. The way Sophie sees it, there's no need for...
  • jett
  • café
  • couple
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Mananff : Our teenage marriage by SupernaturalBeing99
Mananff : Our teenage marriage by ❤TaeKookie❤
what will happen when their parents who r best friends try to make this relationship of friendship into something more!..... Getting married at the age 16 *************...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • shyness
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Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
  • nurse
  • sleep
  • dating
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Hunter by LovelyWriter123
Hunter by D.M. Emerald
When Aubrey meets the handsome Hunter Grey she can't help but want to know more about the mysterious stranger. As she learns more about him she learns all the people she...
  • desire
  • anger
  • hunter
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The Alone Girl by CarbonMoon
The Alone Girl by Abbie
Avery wants nothing more than to read in her tree away from people, away from the family that she ran away from but what happens when she meets the sweet and kind Alpha...
  • amazing
  • black
  • first
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Don't Speak by Kara_bananas
Don't Speak by Kara_bananas
Brae is your average 17 year old girl, except that she won't speak. Her mother left when she was just a little girl, forcing Brae and her dad to fend for themselvses. He...
  • flashback
  • italy
  • orchard
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Boyf Riends by MichaelMarshmellow
Boyf Riends by Michael Marshmellow
Jeremy and Michael realizing their love for each other. Very gay. Oh and fluff. Oh and every part ends just a bit suggestively. Just a bit.
  • michaelmell
  • fluff
  • boyfriends
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Reflection ➳ Fack by thefackwriter
Reflection ➳ Fack by facker
Jack is a short cute boy who falls in love with Finn, the new boy. However, this is far from some simple cliched love. To be together, they must face their true fear...
  • romance
  • ships
  • reddie
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Disney x reader oneshots by kinda-like-to-write
Disney x reader oneshots by kinda-like-to-write
Basically a bunch of oneshots between disney boys and you, i might do some disney x disney later in though. Right now it basically a bunch if disney x reader x Peter Pan...
  • maleariel
  • kiss
  • blush
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Immortality unwished for (not your ordinary twilight story) by DUSKxTOxDAWN
Immortality unwished for (not your... by Kat-chan
Ella is bella swans cousin. They where inseparable until a family disagreement. She's back in forks when her mom, dad, and sister have been murdered. She has a few supri...
  • pinkie
  • music
  • texas
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I'm Obviously A Girl. But none of you idiots have to know that... by RainDancer133
I'm Obviously A Girl. But none of... by Charlotte
Everyone has their own obsession; 16 year old Samantha Stone's is Kale McCann. But how could she not? He's beautiful, funny, sweet, nice--and totally not interested. Pl...
  • quizilla
  • congrats
  • feeling
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Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by snugglinghazza
Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fict... by snugglinghazza
[COMPLETED] Brooke Hayes was a typical teenage girl who, like many others, was suffering from an adolescent heartbreak. If you told her that a single trip to Ireland to...
  • brooke
  • forest
  • popcorn
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The Past Is Still The Present by FoxesandHumans
The Past Is Still The Present by FoxesandHumans
Nanami gets trapped in the Past with no way out; But what happens when circumstances help her meet a Man with Fox ears? Will the Tomoe of the Past help her like Her Pres...
  • crush
  • mystery
  • firstcrush
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Are we lovers now? [BENDYSTRAW] by Mariacool12345
Are we lovers now? [BENDYSTRAW] by Maria cool
Cupben, Bencup????? Bendystraw says the fandom, but oh, well.. BAD ENGLISH!!!!!!! May can have some lemons but mostly fluff....
  • machine
  • kiss
  • flush
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Blush !Petekey¡ by frnkieroisdaddy
Blush !Petekey¡ by Trash
"I'll do anything to make you blush."
  • mikeyway
  • petewentz
  • petekey
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When Fates Intertwine And Create The Dawn - Shin-ah x (OC) by Alicemoon888
When Fates Intertwine And Create T... by Lazy Alice
When a princess with strange hair flees from her castle she once called home, she set out to find the four dragon warriors. She now has them by her side, but what will...
  • ont
  • ốc
  • action
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He Stole My First Kiss -going through editing- by proud2bme
He Stole My First Kiss -going thro... by Fluffy
Copyright © ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Want pure cliched romance? Here's one :)) (My first ever story, so it's pure cliched teen romance and it's going to be edited so excuse...
  • party
  • cookie
  • parents
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I Slapped The Bad Boy by BruhItsAlexa
I Slapped The Bad Boy by BruhItsAlexa
When A teenage girl gets tired of getting bullied by the bad boy, she does something she regrets or does she? Warning- I'm just getting started in editing it. If you sti...
  • blush
  • completed
  • nerd
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Oh i feel overjoyed-dan smith by theweightofliving
Oh i feel overjoyed-dan smith by theweightofliving
A STORY BASED AROUND THE AMAZING BAND BASTILLE. Lily is abused and bullied till she is bruised and blood stained.Music is her only escape. Dan smiths voice is the only...
  • stormer
  • florida
  • moving
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