Picture Perfect by Immlaaarr
Picture Perfectby Immy
Tyler had everything he'd always wanted, his picture-perfect life; the gorgeous husband, the amazing kid, the wonderful job and the beautiful home. Until his husband lef...
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Purity // Zico by alittlebitbias
Purity // Zicoby ✧♛♡앨리손♡♛✧
She was his total opposite; he should've known to stay away... and yet he didn't.
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When Creativity is Blocked by joecool123
When Creativity is Blockedby Joe Cool (Elizabeth Seibert)
What writer's block is, why it happens, and strategies that might actually help. *Includes actual citations* (In case you care. Which you should. Because questioning BS...
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How to kill your writer's block with Tarot Cards by MeganKaneWrites
How to kill your writer's block Megan Kane
Nothing sucks more than wanting to write but you're empty of ideas. Especially when you know your imagination works but it's just blocked up with writers flu. Here's...
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[Góc xàm xí with Din] Tuyển tập 3005 cách thả thính. by DinnieSwagg
[Góc xàm xí with Din] Tuyển tập Dinnie
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A Lesson On Writing by _anothermisfit_
A Lesson On Writingby emilytaylor
All the answers to all your writing questions. If not - comment :D
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The Wattpad Filipino Block Party by AmbassadorsPH
The Wattpad Filipino Block Partyby AmbassadorsPH
31 Days. 31 entries. 31 Wattpad Filipino writers. For the whole month of August, tayo ay magse-celebrate araw-araw! Handa ka na ba? #TWFBP2015
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THUG LOVE ?   by BugattiSlut
THUG LOVE ? by BugattiSlut
New Yorker girl named secret finished college and is a singer just gettin that fast money in ha block she is known as Bandz since she all bout ha bandz😂 what happens we...
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Story Starters by ContriteAnt
Story Startersby Virginia R.
Here's a collection of some story starters. Some were written years ago and some are more recent. I'll probably never finish any of them, so it would be cool if someone...
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Flowers (Zico Short Story) by alittlebitbias
Flowers (Zico Short Story)by ✧♛♡앨리손♡♛✧
[Completed on 150815] It all began with flowers, an anonymous sender and some curiosity.
  • fanfiction
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Writing Prompts: Naruto Edition [completed] by thedarkd
Writing Prompts: Naruto Edition [ Chronically Late
Exactly what it sounds like! Chase away writer's block with a oneshot. Specifically, a Naruto-themed one. Unless specified, these are made by me. Please tag me if you h...
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180 Writing Prompts for your writerly needs by DreamingPencil
180 Writing Prompts for your Lone-Dreamer
180 Writing Prompts for the bored writer. Writing Prompts found on Google, Pinterest, Reddit or my own ones (marked with ~) I didn't write down any sources because they...
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Writing Prompts 4 You by unholyentity
Writing Prompts 4 Youby Jag är trott
Need an idea for a story? Can't get past that writers block? Well your in luck! Tap this story to read some ideas, get some of your own, or use the one I create! No cred...
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thoughts by -potterr
thoughtsby paige🤘🏻
this book is full of poetry which I've written to get better at my poetry skill, and I hope you find my poetry good!
  • poetry
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How to kill writers block and how to rule Wattpad  by theinsaneandthesane
How to kill writers block and theinsaneandthesane
Hi, I'm at @theinsaneandthesane and I'm here to help you kill writers block and get big on wattpad. This little guide is short, sweet and to the point. There's not much...
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Advice to Young Writers by CassandraLowery
Advice to Young Writersby Cassandra Lowery
I am asked several times each day to read the stories written by young writers here on Wattpad. As there is no way that I could possibly read and offer quality feedback...
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The Wattpad Block Party by KellyAnneBlount
The Wattpad Block Partyby Kelly Anne Blount
Time for an EPIC party! Please join me for the ENTIRE month of February to celebrate the awesome authors and readers of Wattpad! We will have prizes, games, and fe...
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Writing Prompts by TheImperfectLife
Writing Promptsby TIL ~
Ever find yourself with writers block? Don't know what to write or want to start a book but have no idea. Well then here's a few writing prompts for you! If you have any...
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Home wrecker by Bleachobsessedblami
Home wreckerby Ami
Trina catches Marvin and Whizzer in the den. Whizzer is convinced he's the problem and ruining Jason, Marvin and Trina's life but is he?
  • jason
  • andrewrannells
  • christianborle
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Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous sépareras  by luxxeuhc
Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous luxxeuhc
Yamine- 20 ans Algerien et fier de l'etre En gros Toutes c'est galère et tout c'est moment de joie. Continue a la lire ne t'arrête pas la! Yamine-Ya que la mort qui no...
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