Her attraction for him was so strong, she gifted him her innocence. She loved him enough and hoped after 14 months of being together, he would reciprocate her love. Hi...
  • loniliness
  • desire
  • chemistry
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Story Prompts by KellBelle333
Story Prompts by Kelly
Story prompts to use at your leisure ~ I suggest not directly using the prompt, but gaining inspiration from it. That way you don't end up with a similar story to someon...
  • inspiration
  • wattys2017
  • help
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K-POP one shots by JessxD
K-POP one shots by JessxD
Different situations with Kpop idols - *-* i hope you like them. c: I ended this book so if you have a request please do it on my part two of this book. and THANK YOU...
  • ryeowook
  • myungsoo
  • yonghwa
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Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds) by SunStorm
Bullet From A Gun (Criminal Minds) by Connie
Six years ago, the BAU team watched their youngest member fall apart, and now as he grows secretive and distant again, they start to think the worse. Their suspicions ge...
  • goodbye
  • rossi
  • minds
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Supernova, An Unbreakable Bond by ErzaAmoureaux
Supernova, An Unbreakable Bond by Mina Enamour
Growing up without your mother and having an evil stepmother can be a rough trip. They are just as bad as the fairy tales say, and her royalty only made things worse for...
  • exo
  • fantasy
  • block
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Writing Prompts by TheImperfectLife
Writing Prompts by TIL ~
Ever find yourself with writers block? Don't know what to write or want to start a book but have no idea. Well then here's a few writing prompts for you! If you have any...
  • stories
  • ideas
  • writing
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UNEXPECTED (kpop fanfic) [complete] by truekpoplover
UNEXPECTED (kpop fanfic) [complete] by truekpoplover
Hello guys:) this is a block b fan fiction!! I hope you enjoy it. Warning: has a lot of cursing and stuff like that...that's it...
  • zico
  • bắp
  • ukwon
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Ann's Little Secret ~(A Youtube Fanfic)~ by NixARonie
Ann's Little Secret ~(A Youtube Fa... by Madelyn
Anabella is just your regular nerdy 18 year old fangirl. When Anna saves one of her favourite youtubers, he brings her to Vidcon with him. But what happens when Ann meet...
  • kelly
  • luv
  • smosh
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~Block B Seven Minutes in Heaven~ by little_miss_violet
~Block B Seven Minutes in Heaven~ by νɪσℓєт
Yun-Ri, close friend of Block B and her friends are invited to a party at their dorm. All is normal until the maknae, Jihoon happens to come across a new game he wants t...
  • seven
  • kyung
  • blockb
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We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (One Direction Fan Story) by ThatOlivia
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (On... by Olivia Jane
Olivia and Her friends are just a bunch of 'Normal' Teenage girls, they Laugh alot and constally tease each other. but what happens when 5 boys barrel into their lives...
  • year
  • missing
  • what
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A Little Different- a Lab Rats Fanfic [COMPLETED] by smartravenclaws
A Little Different- a Lab Rats Fan... by Maddie
After Krane was killed, all of the bionic soldiers were taken to the bionic island to be trained for good purposes. At least, they thought they took everyone. I ran away...
  • giselle
  • bionicisland
  • geoleap
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THUG LOVE 🔫  *ON HOLD* by BlackBarbieD0ll
THUG LOVE 🔫 *ON HOLD* by BlackBarbieD0ll
New Yorker girl named secret finished college and is a singer just gettin that fast money in ha block she is known as Bandz since she all bout ha bandz😂 what happens we...
  • urbanstory
  • hood
  • money
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The Wattpad Filipino Block Party by AmbassadorsPH
The Wattpad Filipino Block Party by AmbassadorsPH
31 Days. 31 entries. 31 Wattpad Filipino writers. For the whole month of August, tayo ay magse-celebrate araw-araw! Handa ka na ba? #TWFBP2015
  • block
  • wattpad
  • filipino
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Backstage. (Not Completed) by catasaur
Backstage. (Not Completed) by Ih
A romantic story about a cocky if I might say idol and the way he falls in love with the girl who always brings him whatever he pleases. From a employer who is secretly...
  • ukwon
  • kyung
  • pyo
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Picture Perfect by Immlaaarr
Picture Perfect by Immy
Tyler had everything he'd always wanted, his picture-perfect life; the gorgeous husband, the amazing kid, the wonderful job and the beautiful home. Until his husband lef...
  • start
  • drama
  • kiss
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Tsunshine by SlippingSanityDTW
Tsunshine by SlippingSanityDTW
(A Minecraft: Story Mode retelling thing. I'm so sorry.) Jesse despises Lukas and his whole Ocelot gang with a firey passion of anger and vengeance. He can hardly look a...
  • mode
  • lukas
  • shipping
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dolls & walls | applyfic by aigooitspinkie
dolls & walls | applyfic by Choi Pink
[ closed ] "Pretty face but an ugly soul." "Queen bees lose to wasps, honey. You in or not? I can't do this all day, neither can my friend over there. She...
  • applyfic
  • block
  • snsd
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Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous sépareras  by luxxeuhc
Yamine - Ya que la mort qui nous s... by luxxeuhc
Yamine- 20 ans Algerien et fier de l'etre En gros Toutes c'est galère et tout c'est moment de joie. Continue a la lire ne t'arrête pas la! Yamine-Ya que la mort qui no...
  • pote
  • mariage
  • enfant
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An Evening on the Block (Block B fanfic) by Blaq_Panda_Koi
An Evening on the Block (Block B f... by Thomasa
Eve is a college student who somehow gets mixed up with some crazy high school guys who are determined on keeping her around for their love struck buddy. Be prepared fo...
  • zico
  • fanfiction
  • beast
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Ja-Ja-Jackpot {{Block B Fanfic}} by ViThatXX
Ja-Ja-Jackpot {{Block B Fanfic}} by Patricia ♥
Ziaco's Circus confronts a problem when a runaway girl comes on their property after hours - holding in her hand a winning lottery ticket. Zico's circus could definitely...
  • pyo
  • blockbuster
  • ukwon
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