violetta you never know whats around the corner by violettafanforever
violetta you never know whats arou... by violettafanforever Fanfiction
This story is all about violetta and is set after season 2 when Angie returns Leonetta story
My Idol by JortiniLoverr
My Idol by JortiniLoverr Random
Read and find out :)
Sunshine Academy (Violetta Fanfiction ) by madaelhorr
Sunshine Academy (Violetta Fanfict... by madz Fanfiction
Forget everything you know about Violetta , in this world , Jade marries Herman and Violetta is sent off to a boarding school . However Sunshine Academy is not at all wh...
● Loving him was RED ● by lovaticxdemi
● Loving him was RED ● by Sℴƒɪα Fanfiction
This is a Jortini fanfiction Jorge and Martina are normal teenagers from 17 years old. Jorge is deeply in love with a girl called Vanessa. Martina always had a crush on...
Winter Blanco by sweetsweetsimplicity
Winter Blanco by 💔 Random
Daddy's Lil Monster 😏😇
Impossible {A Jortini fanfiction} by black_and_blanco
Impossible {A Jortini fanfiction} by Jorgito x Tinita Fanfiction
What if you can't be with the person you love the most...
◌ Missing him was dark grey ◌ by lovaticxdemi
◌ Missing him was dark grey ◌ by Sℴƒɪα Fanfiction
This is a sequel to the book ● Loving him was red ● (read it first so you understand) Martina and Jorge have get through a lot of drama and ups and downs in High school...
Anya by Bel5mith
Anya by Bel Smith Paranormal
Zanlyana, mejor conocida como Anya, no es una chica común, por supuesto, sus colmillos, piel pálida, fuerza sobrehumana, lentes oscuros, ropas de cuero y tatuajes que ca...
Tu Eres Lo Que Necesito I Jortini by Mrs_Little_Fox
Tu Eres Lo Que Necesito I Jortini by Mrs_Little_Fox Short Story
''Jestem jaka jestem. Mówię co myślę, nigdy nie kłamiąc, jestem szalona, swej pasji się oddaję. Myślę pozytywnie, uśmiecham się bez przerwy. Tańcząc na parkiecie, rozład...
la dama de blanco by vilux-porqueyolo
la dama de blanco by patata :V Horror
trabajo del cole :"3 (ignorenlo plis)
"A Triple Life" by blueskystoessel
"A Triple Life" by blueskystoessel Fanfiction
Hello i'm martina stoessel i'm 15 years old ( ik she isn't in real ) and ooh yeah i'm also roxy the famous popstar. Yep i know what you think i live a dubble life but no...
Blanco, Rojo y Negro by JouskaSerendi
Blanco, Rojo y Negro by Jouska Short Story
¿Por qué me has condenado, sin cometer ningún crimen?
✮ Being Famous ✮ by lovaticxdemi
✮ Being Famous ✮ by Sℴƒɪα Fanfiction
A Jortini fanfiction Martina Stoessel is a famous girl, she has everything she wants but when it comes to 'love' that's not for her.But what happens when Jorge Blanco a...
Moonman Fanfic by luvkay3600
Moonman Fanfic by luvkay3600 Fanfiction
The title speaks for itself ... "I hate Niggers, I hate Jews, I hate Spicks and Arabs, too." -Moonman
Once upon a time {ѕнσят ѕтσяу} by leonetta_violetta
Once upon a time {ѕнσят ѕтσяу} by Wa 2 Wa Fanfiction
Violetta lives in Madrid with her dad. Since her mom died they have decided to go back to Buenos Aires! She is not happy with that decision since she has no friends and...
Imagines |Jorge Blanco| by beautyimagine
Imagines |Jorge Blanco| by Didi Fanfiction
You love to read imagines your place is here to escape from the world. Imagines about this mexican boy - Jorge Blanco.
☯ ❝Yin-Yang: Polos Opuestos❞ |RP| by junglegame
☯ ❝Yin-Yang: Polos Opuestos❞ |RP| by rol. Random
❀Este rol está abierto para inscribirse, ¡Pero ya no para rolear conmigo! Llegaste tarde :c❀ Conoces la típica frase de que ❝Los polos opuestos se atraen❞, ¿Verdad? Pu...
Worldwide Love ♡ by amormuzlera
Worldwide Love ♡ by Tini Stoessel Fanfiction
It's Martina's birthday and her friends are going to a concert with her but then her eyes felt on a boy on stage...
Una rosa blanca para mi Abuela. by HelenPerez