Black Boy by phife_jas
Black Boyby Jas Lavender
A story about a group of black boys trying to figure stuff out.✨
  • keithpowers
  • blackgirlmagic
  • stevelacy
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Hood Politics by TheIconicCulture
Hood Politicsby black culture™
❝on the dead homies.❞ a book comprised of black excellence and the defiance of blackness throughout history. pages telling the truth of unspoken and ignored issues of t...
  • blackculture
  • black
  • blackhistory
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Buzzin' by shespokeblack
Buzzin'by ♕ breeze ♕
Four boys, Four dreams, One chance. Jahad, Jaylon, Isaiah and Jahquan are coming from Atlanta...
  • peopleofcolor
  • blm
  • urbanstory
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The Unwanted Princess (An Original Story) by NekodaDotR
The Unwanted Princess (An Original...by #Bl@ckPower
(I update on my own time without a specific date or day) •Mature Contents• There was a time I use to think that I could fly. I would always imagine my we...
  • slaves
  • unwanted
  • historical
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My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by AnjaKay
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed*by anjanique?.
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
  • lovestory
  • darkskins
  • hate
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Ladies of Lavender by spite-
Ladies of Lavenderby ♛
BOOK TWO || ONGOING || Lavenders. Lavenders is what they are called. Some can grow gardens in their hair, others can control the wind, others have freckles that glow li...
  • coven
  • lavender
  • humour
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direct messages.  by kia0107
direct messages. by 🤯✨🏁
INTERRACIAL "I thought love was supposed to be a fairy tale, what the fuck is this?" "Whoever said love is a fairytale has never been in love."
  • directmessages
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The West Side Story  by King__Michael
The West Side Story by ☆
Published: February 4, 2018 "Injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere."- Martin Luther King Jr. 18 year old tomboy Nataja Benson works in a salo...
  • equal
  • badera
  • michaeljackson
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homecoming. | EDITING by kia0107
homecoming. | EDITINGby 🤯✨🏁
⚠ INTERRACIAL ⚠ sequel to direct messages. highest rank: #134 in fanfiction ✨
  • woc
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  • poc
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Struggle  by issaminaj
Struggle by irene 🌻
Nicki; a teenager who's been abused mentally and physically by her mother who fell out once her 12 year old sister was beaten and raped by their uncle, she was never the...
  • struggle
  • blacklivesmatter
  • growingupinthehood
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Inevitable - CB by _TwerkinStyles
Inevitable - CBby Lois❤️
Reign Foxx was way more mature than her age. Life had taught her to be this way. Hilton-Seven' life had never been a fairy tale; the lives of those he cared about ended...
  • augustalsina
  • robyn
  • mafia
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RANDOM RANTS RANTS RANTS!! by chrysantheum_
YERRRR !!! this story will be me ranting and telling my unwanted opinions on random things such as foods I like and don't like to eat, political views, racial views...
  • bmbw
  • teenfiction
  • blackpower
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The Dark Truth - Erik Killmonger / N'Jadaka (18+) by damntynika
The Dark Truth - Erik Killmonger...by damntynika
When the Dark Truth comes to light, hearts will break and lives will be ruined. started: February 20, 2018
  • blackpanther
  • assassin
  • blackboyjoy
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Emerald | #1  by -imlaughing-
Emerald | #1 by ¿ sane ?
Four years of risk taking and endless heart-to-heart talks is how long it took Emerald Black to gain control of her life, but a quick reminder of her past was all it too...
  • drama
  • action
  • badboy
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Dark by CameronRagas
Darkby Cam
Rayna tries to keep her mood on chill 24/7 but with skin deemed blue-black and with friends that are always surrounded by guys it's hard to do. At her school her complex...
  • blackgirlmagic
  • blacklove
  • skinned
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sunbathe ⇒ peter parker by hanskywaIker
sunbathe ⇒ peter parkerby chloe who is lame
" three things cannot be long hidden : the sun, the moon, and the truth. " - buddha PETER PARKER FANFICTION PART ONE STARTED JUNE 27, 2016
  • tomholland
  • spiderman
  • blacklivesmatter
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philosophical Thoughts, Life Advice, and Unpopular Opinions by Alice10-6
philosophical Thoughts, Life Advic...by Melanie Kollmeyer
I give a series of some of my thoughts and life advice based on experience, observation, and research. Please read with an open mind. Trigger warning: unpopular opinions!
  • unpopularopinions
  • alm
  • thoughts
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The Body Swap (Completed ✔️) by adulate_
The Body Swap (Completed ✔️)by Rutti
"I'm black!" Nathan screams but the voice that erupts from his throat is a high shrill screech. "I'm white!" Blessing screams but she brings her hand...
  • freshers
  • rugby
  • slut-shaming
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Poc Profiles by yungpoc
Poc Profilesby h
In which I show you the profiles of the hottest poc (people of colour) who should be more appreciated more
  • face
  • social
  • love
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If You Let Me In by Kurra_Zae
If You Let Me Inby K U R R A
"I just want to get to know you!" "That's what they all said and they all betrayed me" "I'm not them. I'm me. Just let me in" ●●●●●●●●●●●●●...
  • heartache
  • segregation
  • explict
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