Don't shoot by Passion_Alight23
Don't shoot by Čãptäìñ
Boom! Boom! Boom! The sound of gunshots bounced off the four corners of the room. I stumbled backwards, oblivious of what had happened. Then it hit me. A sharp pain sp...
  • biraciallove
  • blacklivesmatter
  • policebrutality
Her dangerous pet by LatifaKeller
Her dangerous pet by Latifa Keller
What kind of pet is he?" Lutina asked curiously. "..A pet." BEFORE YOU READ THIS YOU NEED TO FOLLOW SO YOU CAN READ ALL CHAPTERS
  • romance
  • non-fictie
  • selling
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Dear Black People by umgray
Dear Black People by umgray
Dear Black People, Sincerely, a sorry white girl • • • • • • • • • • Safe Place
  • blacklivesmatter
  • poc
  • lgbt
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Born From Chaos by spite-
Born From Chaos by ♛
BOOK ONE || COMPLETED || EDITING || In the old times, all there was were the Necromancers and the Reapers. Perfect opposites. Perfect enemies. One, a race that ripped th...
  • writersdefence
  • magic
  • fantasy
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My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by -PrxncessAnj
My bully (Lucas Coly) *Completed* by Issa Princess💋🍭
Amelia is a 17 year old girl with a father who is a drug lord of Atlanta.. she always gets bullied by these 3 guys Lucas , Antonio & Mikey.. one day the bump into eachot...
  • love
  • stopthebullying
  • indialove
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Kingdom Come by ThatTrillBlasian
Kingdom Come by B L A S I A N
Grayson Sinclair is a college student that's trying to get enough money for tuition this semester and if Khalil Yves weren't so damn persistent then maybe he could focus...
  • artist
  • gay
  • celebrity
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Imperfect Strangers by karanjezz
Imperfect Strangers by Kathleen Karanja
Life has not always been great for Tracy , being a teenager and all she has to go through life and learn lessons the hard way. Life has always been harsh according to he...
  • hate
  • unrequitedromance
  • ilovebeingblack
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Hawthorne Heights ✓ by madandbougie
Hawthorne Heights ✓ by — icarus
winner of the wattys 2017 contest ✿ destruction is a form of creation; buildings crumbled as he walked past. No longer finding the appeal of materialism, Milo Locke atte...
  • diversityinlit
  • coly
  • basketball
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Stuff Blacks Hate Hearing by ThatMelaninTho
Stuff Blacks Hate Hearing by — UPDATED .彡☆
Y'all just really need to stop.
  • rants
  • blacklivesmatter
  • opinions
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Cybil's Song  by swankyspice
Cybil's Song by ḧäŀċÿöń♕
Cybil Byrne, an eighteen year old orphan, has had anything but a normal life. From sleeping within the bellies of Louisiana's desolate allies, to taking gradient dips in...
  • thugs
  • blackwomen
  • urbannovel
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Woman Overboard by NeverCatchMe
Woman Overboard by Never
Alessandra Broderick is the widow of an American pirate captain in the 19th century. In the midst of his death, she now finds herself captaining his ship. After a v...
  • colonial
  • nanowrimo2016
  • slavery
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One In A Million by GlamorousDolls
One In A Million by ♡Ally♡
"The color of someone's skin isn't what matters, but what is buried deep inside their soul. You my dear, are one in a million." ~Skin Deep~ Book 1 Clarit...
  • heartbreak
  • freethelgbt
  • bwwm
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A Hold On Me (Don't Get Attached#5 ) by KiKi_GottaLuvMe
A Hold On Me (Don't Get Attached#5... by KiKi_GottaLuvMe
Mari'Yanna Mathews. The daughter of the former Hblock owner, and biggest retired Thug Mario & His Lovely QueenPin Yasmin. Y'all all know her but now she's turned out...
  • urban
  • wakeupblackpeople
  • romace
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The Unwanted Princess (An Original Story) by NekodaDotR
The Unwanted Princess (An Original... by #Bl@ckPower
(Update every Two weeks or whenever I can) •Mature Contents• There was a time I use to think that I could fly. I would always imagine my weightless body...
  • urban
  • wattys2017
  • slavery
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homecoming. | EDITING by kia0107
homecoming. | EDITING by bizzlebankroll
⚠ INTERRACIAL ⚠ sequel to direct messages. highest rank: #134 in fanfiction ✨
  • woc
  • justin
  • justinbieberjustindrewbieber
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direct messages.  by kia0107
direct messages. by bizzlebankroll
⚠ INTERRACIAL ⚠ "I thought love was supposed to be a fairy tale, what the fuck is this?" "Whoever said love is a fairytale has never been in love."
  • interracial
  • 5sos
  • blacklivesmatter
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TREAT ME LIKE SOMEBODY • Eazy-E (Book 3) by MisunderstoodNani
{Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved} "I'm not invisible, I'm right here" ∆ 3 years in the future ∆ ♥Tinashe & Eazy E♥ ∆ TRILOGY ∆ book 1: "straight ou...
  • tlc
  • eazye
  • aaliyah
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COUNTING STARS. by -createchaos
❝lately, I've been losing sleep dreaming about the things that we could be❞ Υπάρχουν μερικές στιγμές που νιώθεις πως τό σώμα σου δεν είναι αρκετά μεγάλο για να σε χωρέσε...
  • μπορειναφαινεταιβαθυστοχαστο
  • teenfiction
  • πουκανουνμαλακιες
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The BLACK royal love by jijiprincess
The BLACK royal love by jijiprincess
Don't copy right or I will report
  • blacklivesmatter
  • blacklove
  • relationshipgoals