Genesis | BWWM by maizedup
Genesis | BWWMby -FIRE-
Being a high school student is very stressful. Struggling to keep a roof over your head or helping your sick little brother out is not what a teenager wants to do but Am...
  • rich
  • love
  • jealousy
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What You're Not by KemyLovee
What You're Notby kemy monae
When Loren Reed moves to Westbrook all she wants is a fresh start. She wants to get back into sewing and show her mom that she's not going to be a shut in anymore. Most...
  • friends
  • family
  • teens
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My Ex (BWWM) by judelineclenord
My Ex (BWWM)by Joude
"You're real funny Kevin Reynolds, the marriage is just a contract so no I'm not going to be loyal to you. If I feel like getting some dick, I will and that's final...
  • betrayal
  • urban
  • drama
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His Obsession  by khymack
His Obsession by Khymack
Nadira Andrews has been a psychologist for some time now with a lot of different patients. One of them being Zion Rodríguez. He was panty dropping gorgeous. On one of hi...
  • bipolor
  • psychologist
  • possessive
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Rocky by slowlycollapsing
Rockyby DumbDepressedAsshole
a sad boy with pretty green eyes, a pack of cigarettes and a worn leather jacket a sad girl with stretch marks, old art supplies, and a uncontrollable afro don't copy
  • interracial
  • cute
  • bwwm
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Wildest Dreams  by sincerelyjayy
Wildest Dreams by unpredictable
Imani is just a girl who is focused on schoolwork. Being a freshman in college, it's important to be all about her education. She doesn't date, she's never had a boyfrie...
  • drama
  • interracial
  • whiteboy
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No Help by PjWhites
No Helpby PjWhites
When hockey team captain, Jace Carter, needs help to get back on the ice, he gets assigned to the best tutor at Trenton State. Problem was his first impression on Savann...
  • comedy
  • hockey
  • bwwm
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Blacker the Berry by Sweet_like_Cinnamon
Blacker the Berryby K.S. Rice
At twelve years old, Drew Carter laid eyes on Trent Hudson for the first time. At eighteen she gave up on him and everything else in Rippingale. At nineteen, she's...
  • humor
  • teenfiction
  • comingofage
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La Beau Prince (BWWM) by A_Haze
La Beau Prince (BWWM)by ThatOneCrucianWriter
In a world where France is a constitutional monarchy, Francis Bourbon shocks the press by deciding to do his Masters in America of all countries. Although many think he'...
  • interracial
  • smutish
  • swirl
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Impulse | BWWM by maizedup
Impulse | BWWMby -FIRE-
"Having a heart broken comes with every lesson. With every broken love we've lost, a new one will always be ready." Layla Joseph is the 20 year fiancee to Zayn...
  • bwwm
  • zaynmalik
  • violent
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Biker Baby (BWWM)  by Lucy_Pearl
Biker Baby (BWWM) by #DiverseBooks
16 year old Isabelle Montgomery had one mission: take care of her terminally ill mother. Beside her mother as she took her last breath, she revealed a secret. Isabelle's...
  • wattys2017
  • bikers
  • motorcycleclubs
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The maid by charity_berden14
The maidby •
Bwwm story... Read and find out.. Lol
  • abuse
  • giarogiarratana
  • love
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Curing His Love Allergy by jay_jewel
Curing His Love Allergyby Jay Jewel
♡HR: #1 in humor♡ "Why do you keep doing that?" I said finally getting annoyed. "What am I doing?" He said innocently as he looked up from the book. ...
  • bwwm
  • arrogant
  • youngadultreads
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The Country Boy  (BWWM) (BBW) by ShayyWrites
The Country Boy (BWWM) (BBW)by Shay 👸🏽
Mikayla Parker is a seventeen year old girl from Los Angeles, California. Her life changes majorly when she has to move to Mississippi due to her fathers work. Her dad h...
  • bwwm
  • love
  • countryboyblackgirl
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The Hybrid King and His Queen  by CeeCeeLDN
The Hybrid King and His Queen by CeeCeeLDN
Finding your mate is supposed to be the beginning of your happily ever after, but not when your mated to a very desirable hybrid male. Candace comes to learn a lot abou...
  • urban
  • hybrid
  • thickgirl
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SHIELD by TaTa🌟❄
If you got abused everyday..what would you do? Tell someone....well what if the one person who you should tell, is the abuser its self? "We tell each other everyth...
  • drama
  • interracial
  • stronger
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His Royal Runaway (#1 Royal stowaway series) by everlove62
His Royal Runaway (#1 Royal stowaw...by everlove62
"What do you expect me to do?" I whispered. "Go back." That was something I couldn't imagine. ___________________________________ I was an Alpha...
  • family
  • bwwm
  • royalty
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The Butler and I (BWWM) by judelineclenord
The Butler and I (BWWM)by Joude
He walks up to me and stares at me. He then grabs my waist and slams his lips into mine. He pulls away slowly, he connects our foreheads, our nose touching. I could hear...
  • love
  • whiteboy
  • romance
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Loyalty or Love? (BWWM) *Completed* by judelineclenord
Loyalty or Love? (BWWM) *Completed*by Joude
Highest rank: #10 in ChickLit "What do you get out of this?" I asked her. "A lot, I'm putting you in a leash, that's your biggest fear isn't it?" She...
  • blackgirl
  • darkskin
  • love
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The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disguise (Featured Story) by XxUCOxX
The Class Reject: A Damsel in Disg...by U.C. Ké
It didn't take long for junior Miren Eze to realize that high school is just an academic cover up for hell. Especially when she is terrorized daily by Penelope van Helsi...
  • poc
  • weneeddiversebooks
  • 10thingsihateaboutyou
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