Horatio Hamlet is a Lie by BryanAiello
Horatio Hamlet is a Lie by Bryan Aiello Short Story
Sometime it pays to go above and beyond. Especially when it applies to the Bilderberg group. Hannah Wong is going to find out what happens when you are too smart for sc...
Bilderberg-Ultimate Control by NolanJReynolds
Bilderberg-Ultimate Control by Nolan J. Reynolds Historical Fiction
When computer analyst Dave Napoli discovers the truth about a utopian organization called The Geneva Project, his life is changed forever. Soon, he and his family are on...
Last Man in London by AlbertJack
Last Man in London by Albert Jack Adventure
Imagine a world with no countries, no religion and no democracy. Imagine the fall of the Great Western Empire. Historically, most Empires created by man have risen and f...
My Day To Day Battle by SDotBilderberg
My Day To Day Battle by S Dot Bilderberg Poetry
A poem explaining my day to day battles within this society.
Standin' Still by SDotBilderberg