Grabbing Hold (The Motorcycle Kid #1) by kenzikabooks
Grabbing Hold (The Motorcycle Kid... by Kenzika Books Teen Fiction
Just when it seems Emma Daniel has finally managed to piece herself back together, life threatens to rip her apart. Again. Add a coffee shop, an almost hit-and-run, and...
Life of Samcro (sons of anarchy) by clichewriterx
Life of Samcro (sons of anarchy) by Toni Fanfiction
"You know if someone told me 8 years ago that I would be right here with you , I wouldn't have believed it" "And why's that?" "Because you are...
The Academy by annekamorgan
The Academy by annekamorgan Romance
a young girl sent to a new school by her parents will she survive this new school
Confused \\ Bambam Got7 {Completed} by majesticbangtan
Confused \\ Bambam Got7 {Completed} by MemeHoeSho Fanfiction
Kira Lynns. A hip hop dancer, that tends to keep to herself. But when she accidentally collides in Bambam from Got7, her entire life gets turned around by one thing. Ba...
A.M. by StyggianAura
A.M. by StyggianAura Romance
❝ a.m. was their time. they liked to rule the dark.❞ *** he was black, painted on white, i was red, with a hint of pink, he wrote stories on my skin, with grey, unerasab...
Brooklyn (Just One Night #2 Brooklyn's Story) Motorcycle Club by EmilyOller5
Brooklyn (Just One Night #2 Brookl... by Emily Romance
Cover made by kia13AS The first book in the series 'Just One Night' is on my profile.
Giving My Heart To Biker Nerd  by midnight_blue81
Giving My Heart To Biker Nerd by Charul Singhvi Teen Fiction
Alice Brown is your typical school nerd. She lives in her world of books, doesn't attend parties and hates attention. But she has a secret which no one knows. Chase M...
TLS #5 : His Revenge by beyondlocks
TLS #5 : His Revenge by Janice Martana Romance
TLS #5 Richard Orlando He left Greece to be with his love Catharina Pellwick and he already planned a really cool proposal for Cathy. He really loves Cathy and thinks th...
Finish Line by trulyyourself
Finish Line by armynnie Random
"See you at the finish line, sweetheart" "Oh, but getting before to the finish line doesn't mean you won, honey." Because life isn't meant to be ran...
The Angel on the Bike[Yowamushi Pedal var. x OC] by RainbowLiquor
The Angel on the Bike[Yowamushi Pe... by RainbowLiquor Humor
Lilith Sutcliffe, a true angel on a bike. She's not only gorgeous but she's graceful... on a bike. She's actually very very clumsy when on feet. She'll trip on anything...
back to your feet (ken roczen) by MICHAELSBAE4LYFE
back to your feet (ken roczen) by May Fanfiction
after Ken Roczens crash in Oakland, and his injury in Atlanta, his supercross season was ruined. and just to add onto the distasters, his mechanic kelly quit.
My Knight in Black leather jacket by shinugupta
My Knight in Black leather jacket by Shivanshi gupta Romance
[Very slow updates... You have been warned.] "life is just like a movie. It have so much drama, action, love and most importantly, villains. But hero? is alw...
Dirt Bikes by AvengersMarvelFan
Dirt Bikes by Laylah Thomas Random
This story is about my life when I first got my Dirt Bike a couple of months ago. I will tell you everything, from the falls to the fun bonfires and laughs and the cries...
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of Anarchy Fan Fiction) by Flyer202
The Beauty and The Killer (Sons Of... by Flyer202 Fanfiction
Bristol was the type of girl to act first, then ask questions later. So when she gets a panicked phone call from her sisters at six in the morning. About her mom picking...
Mad Max: Rotten Green by MEHollinger
Mad Max: Rotten Green by Madilyn Hollinger Fanfiction
Immorten Joe has been dead for over a year, water has been flowing almost freely through the Citidel and War Boys no longer infect themselves or act based on their estra...
San Diego livin' by 94xRoczen
San Diego livin' by Macie Kennedy Fanfiction
Macie is new in San Diego and doesn't know anyone so she decides to go to the beach and her life changes forever...
Rules Are For Breaking by Leza_Putter
Rules Are For Breaking by ~Lee~ Teen Fiction
Everyone has rules in their lives and certain regulations for the people around them. For instance I wouldn't like people chewing in my face, it's like a phobia. Do that...
Kid Kawasaki by Lionsblood
Kid Kawasaki by Ryan Sergent Short Story
8 year old Wes always dreamed of owning a sportsbike. He waited for motorcycles to drive by his house and Wes would race them with his bicycle, until he changed one bike...
The sugg life choose me  by katierobertson94
Rider | G.D by narrysmaze
Rider | G.D by narrysmaze Fanfiction
"I'm passionate about two things in my life my bike and..." He hesitated "And What?" I asked "You"