Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!] by Frode92
Earth's Altar [Twice Featured!] by G. F. Berntsen
The discovery of an ancient corpse sets in motion a chain of events long-prophesied by Native American mystics. It begins with a red sunrise ... Seattle bachelor Peter B...
  • archeology
  • suspense
  • pandemic
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Not You Again! by PatriciaElliott8
Not You Again! by Patricia Elliott
What do you do when your past meets your future? Do you run from him or allow him to lure you into his bed? When Emma's husband dies, she finds herself face to face with...
  • marriage
  • struggles
  • bigkids
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NURSE McSEXY by MarilynAHepburn
NURSE McSEXY by Marilyn A Hepburn
2016 Wattys Winner for Visual Storytelling! If you're searching for the literary lovechild of Bridget Jones's Diary and Grey's Anatomy--then you're looking for NURSE McS...
  • featured
  • visualstory
  • hospital
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NACHOS by MarilynAHepburn
NACHOS by Marilyn A Hepburn
"For one second, I changed the world--and in exchange for that one second of kindness, the world has changed me forever." ~from Marilyn Hepburn's novelette: NA...
  • newyearseve
  • adultfiction
  • chicklit
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