My Twenty Year Sleep by sassqueen110
My Twenty Year Sleepby Ravenclawforlife5
When 13-year-old Bianca Jackson (Just names! no characters.) learns that her DNA is special and that she needs to get tested "For the good of humanity." she g...
  • 20years
  • bianca
  • completed
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The secret life of a slut by minaaah
The secret life of a slutby minaaah
we all know that one girl, that sleeps around, hooks up with everyone boyfriends, a total bitch. But sometimes there may be more to it than meets the eye. this is proven...
  • school
  • life
  • jay
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Cuidado con los rubios © (resubiendo) by Rubiadivina
Cuidado con los rubios © ( Desirée Esteban
A pesar de que Hanna Ainsworth no está muy convencida de asistir a la fiesta que se celebraba en la gran mansión de los Lincoln, finalmente acude por un acuerdo. Por si...
  • humor
  • tentaciones
  • amor
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Moonlight by ObliviousRaven
Moonlightby Oblivion.
What if the only way to meet was underneath the moonlight? Is the love of your life is worth all the lying and sneaking around? Touko White had just set out on her journ...
  • harmonia
  • ferriswheelshipping
  • fanfiction
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Cartas a quien un día ame © by TatiSoledad
Cartas a quien un día ame ©by · Life is too short to wait ·
Quizá podrías sentirte identificado. Quizá te sirva de consejo.
  • amor
  • cartas
  • realidad
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backstage season 3 by Backstage_lover_101
backstage season 3by Backstage_lover_101
drama, love, friendship
  • kit
  • bianca
  • alya
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Kane's Daughter  by thesupernaturalTeen
Kane's Daughter by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Marcus kane's daughter was arrested. She was sent down with the 100. Her only friends on the ark where Clark and Wells. No none knows how she got arrested. She tried to...
  • blake
  • 100
  • griffen
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Bianca Di Angelo is Back- Percy Jackson Fan Fiction by Aviii01
Bianca Di Angelo is Back- Percy Aviii01
You need to have read the Percy Jackson series (well at least have finished the Titan's Curse) to read this series. Otherwise, you will confused and SPOILER ALERT! Now d...
  • jackson
  • percy-jackson-and-the-olympians
  • greek
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Demons ( A Percy Jackson son of Chaos Fabric) by Celestial_Element
Demons ( A Percy Jackson son of 🎆🎆🎇NOVA🎇🎆🎆
Who knew fighting oneself is the hardest? Percy: My name is Perseus. During the first few years of my existence I discovered my powers over creation, just like my mother...
  • thalia
  • zoe
  • percy
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Baby Creed by LupitaxMichael
Baby Creedby Chanel Amber
Five Years Later: Rocky has died Adonis Creed is the undefeated Champion There is a darkness that lurks What changes are ahead for him?
  • philadelphia
  • adonis
  • adrian
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That Guy Who Broke My Heart   by Dyulyah
That Guy Who Broke My Heart by Julia Simone
(Gabru and Buiguel) Kung nasaktan ka may ibat ibang bagay na naidudulot ito katulad nalang ni Zea na mabait, palabiro, palangiti, simple, at palatawa ay ngayo'y kabalikt...
  • bianca
  • krisjoy
  • gabbi
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Hayes and Bianca by Itty2bitty
Hayes and Biancaby KitKat
"Hayes Just tell me-" "What do you want me to say Bianca?! That I'm okay?! Well sorry, but sometimes I break, Sometimes I'm depressed and...
  • depression
  • assault
  • abuse
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El chico que se escabulle en mi habitación © by TatiSoledad
El chico que se escabulle en mi · Life is too short to wait ·
¿Como una historia puede empezar por traspasar una ventana?
  • combate
  • felicidad
  • amor
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Bianca (Alpha, Beta and Omega part 2) by MimiMoruka
Bianca (Alpha, Beta and Omega MooMoo
Bianca thought her life would stay on it's relatively strange tracks, until it got even stranger, when an uninvited guest joins The Academy, causing ruckus wherever she...
  • amber
  • mystery
  • lgbt
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Adore+Bianca by IAdoreYouDelano
Adore+Biancaby Steps-Away
Adore likes Bianca more than friend does Bianca feel the same
  • adore
  • biadore
  • love
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CONSERVATOR ✤ percy jackson and the olympians by -majesticsbutter
CONSERVATOR ✤ percy jackson and team punk !
  • percyjackson
  • hades
  • nico
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Backstage by Kassaquilla
Backstageby Kassady Thompson
This is a continuation of the first season. It contains many ships and many triangles. The whole cast as they come back from summer break. Warning- this contains spoiler...
  • sasha
  • backstage
  • vanessa
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Backstage facts by Backstage_lover_101
Backstage factsby Backstage_lover_101
ships, students and more
  • kit
  • beckett
  • carly
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Percy Jackson Reacts to Ships by LeaveTheBlueFood
Percy Jackson Reacts to Shipsby ᕼI, I'ᗰ Eᗰᗰᗩ
You like Percy Jackson? Me, too! This is them people reacting to their ships. Anyone of them. You can request, if you wanna.
  • thailia
  • bianca
  • annabethchase
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ORCHID by fioaa_s
ORCHIDby Fionna azalia
"Gue udah muak lihat lo. Gue pingin lo pergi selamanya dari kehidupan gue. Lo harus pergi !" ~ Shabrina Bianca Ulani ~ "Padahal, gue mau ngomong hal heb...
  • wattpad
  • fiksiremaja
  • indo
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