Lesbian Videos  by sweetalicious101
Lesbian Videos by Lesbiangal Random
Exactly what the description says and much more I'll try to update everyday
The Bad Boy and Me {FIRST DRAFT} by JustMeLayna
The Bad Boy and Me {FIRST DRAFT} by Layna ChickLit
• • • C O M P L E T E • • • || FIRST DRAFT || The bad boy was hugging me. Ryder Knix was trying to comfort me, and let me tell you, it was working. "I'm here, oka...
Confessions of a Bad Boy // Slowly Editing by rheaday97
Confessions of a Bad Boy // Slowly... by R H E A D A Y Teen Fiction
Mason Reynolds.....where do I even begin? He was every parent's nightmare. He was my nightmare. In all my years of knowing him, I hadn't so much as talked to him. But w...
His Help (BoyxBoy) by Falling_Snow
His Help (BoyxBoy) by Ocean Strident Teen Fiction
Caspar Newman. The name that everybody loved and nobody knew about. Caspar, the always positive, star of the basketball team and the always stylish and funny boy of eve...
We Are One // Jake Paul And Tessa Brooks  by dea_0104
We Are One // Jake Paul And Tessa... by dea_0104 Fanfiction
"I really like you..." "I like you too..." This is how this journey begins. Read to find out more. 💞💕🐻
Hermione and Ginny: Travelling Through Time by Sanaxox1
Hermione and Ginny: Travelling Thr... by Sana Rashid Fanfiction
When Hermione and Ginny mysteriously travel through time through two glamorous necklaces, they are transported to Hogwarts, 1977. Along their journey they meet familiar...
Katemau~Love is a long time by Kenlyn_Firefist
Katemau~Love is a long time by Kenlyn_FireFist Fanfiction
Like the title says this is a Katemau story I do not own any of these characters these all belong to Aphmau and this book take place in Love~Love paradise thank you for...
He's my Twin (a Grier fanfic) by emmagblove
He's my Twin (a Grier fanfic) by Just another fan :) Fanfiction
Emma Grier is Hayes Grier's twin sister and being a celebrity's sister has its ups and downs. See what happens when she spends the summer with Nash and Hayes and the res...
Out Of Sight, Always In Mind! by PurvaRautVinay
Out Of Sight, Always In Mind! by Purva <3 General Fiction
Keya Sharma was orphaned at ten, but her life only shattered after the death of her brother. She was brought up by the family of Krish Kapoor, her best friend, who had l...
The Mating Games (Discontinued) by xCookie17
The Mating Games (Discontinued) by Alena Werewolf
(Highest Rank in Werewolf: #203 --- 3 March 2017) My eyes snap open as I feel soft lips on my back, and I freeze, before realizing it can only be one person. He leaves k...
Alpha Zachary by alexandreaemerald
Alpha Zachary by Alexandrea Werewolf
Meet aurora Adams : A 18 yr old shy , intelligent ,beautiful girl who lives in silver moon pack with her abusive parents , who always wished to have a mate...
Just A Girl by rye-rye95
Just A Girl by rye-rye95 Teen Fiction
She's just a normal high school girl.
Mixed •Jonah Marais  by AmeliaVanDorn
Mixed •Jonah Marais by AmeliaSeavey💍 Fanfiction
You have known Jonah since you were in 3rd grade,he is one of your best friends. You are on the schools track team and e is on the foot ball team. But then things sudden...
Changes by dancefreak16
Changes by dancefreak16 General Fiction
Iliana Bennett is a normal 12 year old girl. But one day, everything changes. And there's nothing Iliana can do about it. She has to deal with everything. From what happ...
The New Girl And The Bad Boy  by forever_Jen_
The New Girl And The Bad Boy by forever_Jen_ Teen Fiction
Avery Hunter was a normal popular girl. She is loved by all of her friends and she is really pretty. But one day she has to drop everything and move to Portland to help...
Destined by s0kewwl
Destined by s0kewwl Romance
Your average teenage story about the relationship between 2 opposite pairs..or is it really average?
Behind The Scenes by Leanccy
Behind The Scenes by Flora Fanfiction
Our younger siblings are known to be sworn enemies. Us? Well, we're quite the opposite...but not what you think. ...
Living with my BF [editing] by lyrixio
Living with my BF [editing] by Harmony🎶 Fanfiction
Ross & Laura are living together in their own apartment. Laura has a boyfriend but Ross isn't a big fan about that. Is it bc he has some feelings for Laura? Or is there...
Adopted by TØP by joshleris_bae
Adopted by TØP by joshleris_bae Fanfiction
Tyler and Josh are best friends. Notice, best friends, not a couple. Things start to get lonely in their lives, so they decide to adopt an animal of kid. Dog? Nah. Cats...
Instagram| JB by marthacarmonaa
Instagram| JB by marthacarmonaa Romance
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