The Billionaire's Rejected Child by kumul_vibe
The Billionaire's Rejected Childby Kiera
"You expect me to believe that the bastard you're carrying is mine?" he snarled. "Steve-" he wouldn't let me finish what I was about to say. "A...
  • romance
  • singlemom
  • stefansalvatore
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His appointed wife by bellasonline
His appointed wifeby Ada Light
"I'll give you a place to stay and I'll pay you enough, all you have to do is to pretend to be my wife, in return." Hell, it sounds a lot easier than it seems...
  • special
  • sorry
  • betray
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Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Fanfic) ( by cooljazzftw
Chaos' successor (Percy Jackson Cooljazzftw
(Not cliché) Percy Jackson had it all friends,family,a perfect girlfriend 6 months after the 2nd Giant War Percy Jackson finally hopes for peace but when a son of Zeus c...
  • chaos
  • betrayed
  • bigbook
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Together Forever. by iwontletyoufall
Together Kacie
"Together Forever," he breathed out slowly as he intertwined our fingers. "Don't make any promises you can't keep, babe." I reply. He grabs me by my...
  • creative
  • highschool
  • boys
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The Numbers on Her Wrist by KatherineHinchley
The Numbers on Her Wristby Katherine (Kat) Hinchley
Best rank: #1 in Action! Included in Action's Featured List! Amelia Reyes has been raised within an orphanage her entire life, but she just recently broke free of their...
  • tattoo
  • freedom
  • wattys2016
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THE MONEY - BOOK 1 by Abby_Ung
THE MONEY - BOOK 1by Abby_Ung
The Levine's Series - Book 1. __________________________________________ ''I will destroy whoever want my money'' said by Enrique Levine. ''Why does it has to be...
  • hurt
  • teenfiction
  • money
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Accidental Roommate (NEW) by saiidah
Accidental Roommate (NEW)by Saiyidah Rahman
After experiencing heartbreak and betrayal, Sharon Ashwood runs to New York, trying to get as far from it as possible. However, instead of the solitude she wanted, she s...
  • betrayal
  • football
  • family
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Betrayal Hurts by Acharmed123
Betrayal Hurtsby Acharmed123
Have you ever felt like being stabbed mentally in the heart? Doesn't it hurt when your family betrays you like that? Well Fairy Tail get ready because my revenge will c...
  • betray
  • lucy
  • teamnatsu
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Mr. & Mrs. MEHRA by Satz18
Mr. & Mrs. MEHRAby Sathya
#71 in Romance as on 26/09/2017 Arjun - An Arrogant and Stubborn person, who exactly knows what he wants and plays the card nicely to get his game on his favor. He h...
  • romance
  • intense
  • love
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manan ff : not take love for granted by Shabnamkhan2
manan ff : not take love for Princesses girl
Fan fication of manan hope u all like it if u love someone not take her love for granted
  • betray
  • emotional
  • trust
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Pharaoh's Bride by Hijabi-Soldier
Pharaoh's Brideby Tara Jadestone
Aneksi, known as Neferkempi to her beloved, is the most recent addition to the Pharaoh's harem. Inexperienced in politics and life in court, Aneksi finds herself in the...
  • egypt
  • featured
  • royal
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Dreams Come True by Sarahhridi
Dreams Come Trueby Sarahhridi
Meet Sarah, she is 28 years and very beautiful bangladeshi girl who is successful fashion designer but still single. People always ask her why she doesn't want to get m...
  • billionaire
  • romance
  • family
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A Player Felt Love (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction) by hareemjkhan
A Player Felt Love (A Justin Hareem
"I love her, guys" I whispered this part and that was the last point. I broke down right there, right then. These three words held such real power of emotions...
  • onedirection
  • justinbieber
  • betray
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Hurt || B.B.H by krenoviantz
Hurt || B.B.Hby exo L
"It'll hurt you more than it did to me. Beware boy." In which the girl had been adapted to the hurtful feelings that made her numb at the end. Started : 28.12...
  • fanfic
  • byunbaekhyun
  • betray
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Kau yang Satu  by HauraSha
Kau yang Satu by Melur
Aisy Medina binti Fahrin. Seorang gadis berumur 18 tahun yang happy-go-lucky. Anak ke-3 daripada 3 adik beradik dan dibesarkan oleh ibunya sendiri. Aisy bukan berasal d...
  • friendship
  • family
  • truelove
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From Demi-God to King (Percy Jackson fanfic) (slow updates) by cooljazzftw
From Demi-God to King (Percy Cooljazzftw
Hurt, cheated, BETRAYED those are all the things I thought as I was sent to Tartarus because of crimes that I did not commit. I didn't know how I was gonna survive Tarta...
  • gold
  • betrayal
  • zoëxpercy
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Nerd Turns into a Playgirl by Mafia_Bitch_Yoona2
Nerd Turns into a Playgirlby Aya💖
Define Nerd? Para sa kanila... WALANG KWENTA MAHIRAP SALOT At iba pang masasakit na salita. Paano kapag nalaman nila na yung binubully nila dati ay isa palang mayaman? A...
  • luhan
  • yoona
  • playgirl
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Did you ever wonder? by pablo_200419
Did you ever wonder?by Pablo
when a small town girl meets a city boy who is in a gang what could happen? Will there be love or heartbreak? Will there be friendship or rivalry? Will there be a happy...
  • hope
  • sad
  • newbeginnings
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Don't Recall by Mcxxie
Don't Recallby Y o o n s i c
Jessica and Yoona was about to get married but unfortunetly Jessica running away right before their wedding ceremony. In order to avoid bring a shame to both of the fami...
  • soshi
  • krystal
  • mcxxie
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Black Academy by _shaynexx_
Black Academyby TheaAnnyeong
"You've made a wrong decision" Black Academy.
  • war
  • creepy
  • bloddy
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