Longing for my wife -  CRAZYMAHIZ by crazymahiz
Longing for my wife - CRAZYMAHIZby MAHII / CRAZY
Winner of First prize in Best story in Character Potrayal in Abhigya Awards 2018... Text copyrighted ©Crazymahiz™, 2018® Pragya is a rockstar and is in love with a super...
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Falling for the best man (Jack Maynard and Joe Sugg  fan fiction)  by georgiaaaxox
Falling for the best man (Jack Spiceyxx
Ella and joe are set to get married as soon as possible. They really have fell in love. But not exactly with each other. Someone turns up on their door step and switches...
  • divorce
  • conormaynard
  • affair
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forgotten / phan by pinkhowell
forgotten / phanby tj
Dan Howell is in love with his best friend, Phil Lester. Phil is getting married. Dan is in love with Phil. He is too scared to tell him. [HIGHEST RANK; #463 in fanficti...
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The BESTMAN (ONESHOT) by Raitu-san
The BESTMAN (ONESHOT)by Raitu-san
Marc Ho's story on Cassandra's wedding. 📖CAN'T HELP FALLING
  • bestman
  • oneshot
  • beststoryever
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Ashley and Zach's wedding edition special!!!!! by Oji10314
Ashley and Zach's wedding Rita Oji
Six months later, Ashley and Zach are now finally planning their wedding. with the help of Ashley's parents,siblings, and friends. Chantel is Ashley maid of honor and R...
  • friends
  • truelove
  • bridesmaids
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The Best Man A Greyson Chance love story  by TrevorMFan1
The Best Man A Greyson Chance TrevorMFan1
18 year old Summer is head over heels for 19 year old Greyson Chance. She's been a fan ever since he started 2010 till now. Her best friend Katie is getting married on F...
  • married
  • bestman
  • wedding
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Emerald Stewart, a twenty three year old girl has the most caring family, loyal friends and a wonderful future husband. He has a horrible past and Emerald is aware of it...
  • cute
  • romance
  • bestman
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If I Told You I Love You by Just_testing_gravity
If I Told You I Love Youby Layla Marie
Charlie Mitchel has been in love with his best friend for as long as he can remember. When he receives an invitation to be the best man in her wedding he is certain he c...
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  • kindacliche
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Best Man (Sample) by EbonyOlson
Best Man (Sample)by Ebony Olson
Ten years ago Jess was the happiest she'd ever been. On the cusp of marrying her high school sweetheart Jess's life was heading exactly where she wanted it to. Then in l...
  • family
  • siblingrivalry
  • bestman
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THE LOST MEMORIES by snurismahani
THE LOST MEMORIESby snurismahani
Ismahani Ixora the mixed American and Malay girl who come from a wealthy family, had lost her memory. She realise that the people around her try to hide something from h...
  • richgirl
  • bodyguard
  • bestfriends
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Planning Bliss (Bliss Series Book 1) by MichelleJoQuinn
Planning Bliss (Bliss Series MichelleJoQuinn
🌟Previously titled CONFESSIONS OF A WEDDING PLANNER🌟 Selected by Cadbury Sweet Escapes A Wattpad Featured Story A rom-com that will make you laugh, cry, scream, pull...
  • bestman
  • bridesmaid
  • romcom
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My Sister's Maid of Honor by Xx_sparrow_xX
My Sister's Maid of Honorby Xx_sparrow_xX
At the age of 29, Daniella Edwards is marrying Jackson Adams, age 30. Daniella and Jackson had a good childhood- the part after they met, that is. The Edwards family had...
  • boyxboy
  • manxman
  • maidofhonor
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