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Model Material, Maybe? by PeaceToPerfection
Model Material, Maybe?by PeaceToPerfection
When your husband ditches you for your sister and the harsh reality is blown onto your face that you will never be good enough, well then it becomes a turning point in y...
  • romance
  • weightloss
  • insecurity
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Belong With Me by Tey-88
Belong With Meby -Tey-
Cameron isn't your typical girl, she's slightly more sarcastic, wears a large amount of baseball tees, loves American football, and can beat almost everyone in bowling...
  • teenagers
  • highschool
  • teen
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Saving Madison by valmoneymill
Saving Madisonby Valerie Guerra
Madison Taylor's life was never the same after presumed dead for six months, being washed up, barely breathing in the lake where she killed herself. The lake where she w...
  • cowritten
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2017
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Fooling Ourselves by Kelly_Al
Fooling Ourselvesby Alyssa
It was simple. He was my brother's ex-bestfriend and now enemy. I was supposed to stay away from him. I was supposed to be loyal to my brother and avoid him. I was suppo...
  • captain
  • twins
  • fight
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Behind Classroom Doors (student/teacher) by GhostWriter4717
Behind Classroom Doors (student/te...by GhostWriter4717
This book is Completed.... "He can't make you feel the way I can." Mr. Morgan whispered grabbing my face and pulling me to him. His lips came crashing down on...
  • forbidden
  • maturethemes
  • teen
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Best Friends with the Player √ by ehl_kayy_writes
Best Friends with the Player √by ℓosaℓini
player (n) : a male who is skilled at seducing women and is only interested in sex. Santana Marie Klaus has always had a crush on her best friend, Daemon Matthe...
  • football
  • bestfriend
  • crush
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My mate. My brothers best friend. (EDITING) by lovergirl00530
My mate. My brothers best friend...by Mia Mya whatever .
Lillie summers is a sweet innocent werewolf girl. She simply loves everything and everyone. On her eighteenth birthday with the hope of finding her mate she dose just th...
  • secrets
  • forbidden
  • wattys2017
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Just Bestfriends 🙄💓  (Jahi Winston love story) {COMPLETED} by lowkeyy_firee
Just Bestfriends 🙄💓 (Jahi Winst...by Belinda🎆🍫🌹✨
Jahi is a bad boy who doesn't care what anybody thinks? But has a soft spot when it comes to his bestfriend.☺️ Zoey is a sassy good girl who has been through a lot.? But...
  • zoeycalenti
  • tylerwilliams
  • jahi
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Mr Bad Boy Who Lives Next Door ✔ by tavanalee
Mr Bad Boy Who Lives Next Door ✔by Tavana Whamond
[ Highest Rank: #45 Teen Fiction ] ❇❇❇ Life's hard when you live next door to the High School Bad Boy that used to be your dorky best friend. Hard doesn't even begin...
  • teen
  • jealousy
  • humor
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Beta Mate  by ipad_connor
Beta Mate by Rojesta
We all know the story of the abused girl who turned out to be the alpha's mate. The Luna. The one everyone respects. The targeted one. The one who has problems with thei...
  • rogue
  • pack
  • mates
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The Four of Us | Major Editing by AubreyParsons
The Four of Us | Major Editingby Aubrey Parsons
Highest ranking in Teen Fiction #78 ••••• His hot breath touched the dip of my shoulder, and I found myself tilting my head away slightly to give his lips more access as...
  • badgirl
  • justwriteit
  • arguments
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My Quarterback | Book I ✔️ by megaannicolee
My Quarterback | Book I ✔️by Megan Nicole
[COMPLETED] Book 1 in the Mine Series. Best friends Ellie Nichols and Colton Davis were inseparable all their lives. They stuck by each other throughout middle school a...
  • college
  • boyfriends
  • ucf
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My Mate Is Daddy  by loyallyric
My Mate Is Daddy by Jo
It was the most delightful smell I could ever smell right there behind that door. Suddenly everything stops and the only thing that I can see is that door. I swiftly ope...
  • mates
  • romance
  • beta
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A Flirtationship // Complete by xShreyaPandeyx
A Flirtationship // Completeby Shreya Pandey
He's the attractive football player with a penchant for stealing girls' hearts. She's his socially awkward best friend who's fluent in sarcasm. They share a relationship...
  • zaylena
  • highschool
  • unrequitedlove
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The Bad Boy Hit Me In The Face With A Baseball Bat (COMPLETED) by CUniQue_Love
The Bad Boy Hit Me In The Face Wit...by CUniQue_Love
Harley Branson is a normal seventeen year old girl in her senior year of high school. Well, if you call wearing black and avoiding people normal. Her life takes a turn w...
  • jock
  • funny
  • crush
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My Brothers Best Friend by BxxkTxpia
My Brothers Best Friendby C
Grace Sunshine Patterson is just what her name claims her to be. She's full of life and Happiness and everyone adores her. Her innocence is tested when her brothers best...
  • bestfriend
  • brothersbestfriend
  • theojames
HIS REASON TO SMILE by loveDreamsLife00
HIS REASON TO SMILEby loveDreamsLife00
This will be a billionaire series of 8 best friends who own a multinational together! Lets enjoy their love life stories! Samuel Grey A very hardworking, rich,wealthy...
  • love
  • poor
  • rich
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My One and Only | COMPLETED by esssea
My One and Only | COMPLETEDby esssea
"Everyone knew she was his." ~ Ava and Lucas have been best friends since Lucas saw Ava at the playground when she was 4 years old. She is innocent and...
  • alpha
  • mate
  • innocence
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Four Broken Pieces by Ashv_2000
Four Broken Piecesby ASH
Roe finds love and understanding in a polyamorous relationship with 3 boys after her relationship with her mother falls apart. Ivan, Alexei and Mikhail bring problems of...
  • badboy
  • sadness
  • bestfriends
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Childhood Sweethearts ✔️ by LaurenJ22
Childhood Sweethearts ✔️by Lauren Jackson
#1 Teen Fiction | #1 Young Adult | #1 Romance "We all need someone to drive us mad." - The Wombats. He stared arrogantly down at me, a smirk plastered across...
  • heartbreak
  • insane
  • war
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