Brave (editing) by Neverenoughbizzle
Brave (editing)by Kiki
Jason A hard stone cold serial killer falls for an innocent 20 year old freshman in college. What will happen when this stone cold killer becomes obsessed with her in ev...
  • serialkiller
  • swirl
  • dark
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Catfish J.B (BWWM) by CumBizzle
Catfish J.B (BWWM)by ∞
"The person you've been talking to is not just somebody" "who is it ??" "Justin Bieber" "you're kidding right ?" © 2016...
  • bizzle
  • jason
  • english
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Welcome To My Industry » j.b by thevgbrain
Welcome To My Industry » j.bby Vree Giant
Tan metido en sus asuntos, tan estresado y cansado de la misma mierda que se repetía cada día. Era un pozo sin salida. Era increíble como la industria y la gente sedient...
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Justin Bieber ○ Dirty Imagines by swaggie_m
Justin Bieber ○ Dirty Imaginesby Maggy
The book needs major editing about the mistakes it has, soon enough i'll do the editing. Dirty imagines with our lovely Justin. Hope you'll enjoy them, xo.
  • justin
  • beliebers
  • kidrauhl
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texting \\ jdb by gtfomae
texting \\ jdbby Mae
unknown number: I'MMM DRUUNNFFKK Blaire: and I'm not responsible ˚˚˚ start: 01-01-17 completed: - ˚˚˚ Highest Ranking: #419 in FanFiction
  • texting
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Regrets (A Justin Bieber Fanfiction) by shooqrauhl
Regrets (A Justin Bieber Sofia Marie
She's a simple girl. He's a famous popstar. She's happily married He feels suffocated and jailed. She's madly and deeply in love with him He's in love with Selena Gomez...
  • fanfiction
  • bieber
  • arrangedmarriage
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JUSTIN BIEBER IMAGINES by hisbelieber1994
JUSTIN BIEBER IMAGINESby hisbelieber1994
IMAGINES! I take request randomly. if you ask I will eventually get one up for you! thanks for reading, hope you like(: PLEASE COMMENT, I LOVE READING COMMENTS! :D
  • imagine
  • cute
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Heartless (A JASON McCANN Fanfiction) by weirdo_belieber
Heartless (A JASON McCANN Dia Bieber
"you scare me when you say you're heartless, especially since you also said that you gave your heart to me. and that you are now, an empty shell. are you telling...
  • heartless
  • beliebers
  • fanfiction
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Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by ThatGirlNamedLexie
Dark Blue (Justin Bieber Fan Lexie
I am in an affair with Justin Bieber. If someone had told me a month ago that I would one day say those words & actually mean them, I would have insisted they were on cr...
  • singer
  • fair
  • ice
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Justin Bieber Imagines by KidrauhlFantasy
Justin Bieber Imaginesby anis
Your imaginations run wild here. Only if you love Justin Bieber ;) Some imagines are mine,and some aren't.I'm not claiming them as mine but I'm sharing them all in one b...
  • love
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  • sweet
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ostatnia szansa | fanfiction Justin Bieber by bjeberluv
ostatnia szansa | fanfiction bjeberluv
On? Kapryśny gwiazdor, główny temat mediów. Idol tysięcy nastolatek, żyjący w świetle jupiterów. Ona? Nastolatka ze Seattle, której całym światem jest idol. Początkuj...
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Instagram | JB by Tamy_B
Instagram | JBby Finn's BabyGirl
@justinbieber started following you @justinbieber commented on your photo Cover by:158330
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Instagram|jelena❤ by xotanyaaa
Instagram|jelena❤by xotanyaaa
  • jelena
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Bizzle Gang » +18 by C-champagnepapi
Bizzle Gang » +18by Ley💍
«-Para pertenecer a mi pandilla deberías dejar de ser tan mojigata, nena.» Queda totalmente prohibido cualquier tipo de plagio u adaptación de la obra sin mi consentimie...
  • bizzlefanfic
  • fanfic
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Mummy where's Daddy?|Jariana by xxkyliej_
Mummy where's Daddy?|Jarianaby xxkyliej_
Justin Bieber is a typical pop star.He drank, he took drugs, went to parties and had sex with random girls when he was 17. What will happen when he will find out that he...
  • beliebers
  • sad
  • justinbieberimages
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Interracial Imagines | j.b. [bwwm] by donnybear
Interracial Imagines | j.b. [bwwm]by Donny♡
He's in luhhhhh with the cocoa ;) OPEN FOR REQUESTS
  • shot
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  • wattys2015
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Instagram Ft. Justin Bieber by RlynGrier
Instagram Ft. Justin Bieberby r.ema.l.yn
What if he likes your pictures? Dmed you? And fall inlove with you? What will you do? Facebook: Twitter/Instagram: @yoitsrlyn
  • justinbieber
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  • majorlazer
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It Started with Hate by biebersexaf
It Started with Hateby biebersexaf
🔞⚠WARNING⚠🔞 ini cerita mengandung unsur 17+ ya guys, jadi buat kalian yg kurang suka, tidak disarankan untuk membaca :)) Pacaran? HAHAHA Bukankah pacaran itu dilanda...
  • love
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  • 2017
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The Affair by jelenaslegacy
The Affairby kate
After the death of her father, Selena Gomez moves to the East coast where she meets her dentist, He's older, a father, and married. Sometimes, you can't tell your heart...
  • gomez
  • bieber
  • selenagomez
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TWITTER by WendyTiphanie
TWITTERby AlwaysKidrauhl
Chaque jour elle a subit des humiliations au lycée , pendant un an elle lui a écrit presque chaque jour son calvaire, sans jamais recevoir une seule réponse. Elle était...
  • twitter
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  • wattys2017
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