Remember Me - Second Season by SritaNutellaCat
Remember Me - Second Season by ~Taiga~ Fanfiction
El día de su cumpleaños recibió un raro regalo,sin el nombre del remitente la curiosidad y la oscura noche da paso al único recuerdo que lo hizo despertar. - Hola Justin...
fakty •jb by christiemccann
fakty •jb by ❝take me home❞ Random
• ak máš rád Justina Biebera a chceš sa o ňom dozvedieť viac, táto kniha je presne pre teba • cover by: ©AdelJB
My Handsome Devil (New Version) by zennyarieffka
My Handsome Devil (New Version) by Mom Bell Romance
Sebuah cerita perjodohan yang dilatarbelakangi warisan Berawal dari seorang Justin Andreas, yang secara tiba-tiba harus menikahi seorang Caroline Jhonson di karenakan se...
TWITTER by Bieber_Foley
TWITTER by AlwaysKidrauhl Fanfiction
Chaque jour elle a subit des humiliations au lycée , pendant un an elle lui a écrit presque chaque jour son calvaire, sans jamais recevoir une seule réponse. Elle était...
justin bieber imagines (interracial) | EDITING by moonlightvibez
justin bieber imagines (interracia... by ☼ Fanfiction
- COMPLETED - Imagines for us black Beliebers.
Justin Bieber Imagines by KidrauhlFantasy
Justin Bieber Imagines by anis Fanfiction
Your imaginations run wild here. Only if you love Justin Bieber ;) Some imagines are mine,and some aren't.I'm not claiming them as mine but I'm sharing them all in one b...
JUSTIN BIEBER IMAGINES by hisbelieber1994
JUSTIN BIEBER IMAGINES by hisbelieber1994 Fanfiction
IMAGINES! I take request randomly. if you ask I will eventually get one up for you! thanks for reading, hope you like(: PLEASE COMMENT, I LOVE READING COMMENTS! :D
Heartless (A JASON McCANN Fanfiction) by weirdo_belieber
Heartless (A JASON McCANN Fanficti... by Dia Bieber Fanfiction
"you scare me when you say you're heartless, especially since you also said that you gave your heart to me. and that you are now, an empty shell. are you telling...
the best mistake » bieber by articbieber
the best mistake » bieber by - ̗̀ lauren ̖́- Fanfiction
the one where Justin gets a girl pregnant at a album release party and the girl keeps it from him for 3 years. but its not like they were/are friends right? they hooked...
Selena's Sister {A Justin Bieber Love Story} by purplecolormixx
Selena's Sister {A Justin Bieber L... by Carolina S. Fanfiction
Kaitlin Marie Gomez, sister to Selena Marie Gomez, finds out that her own boyfriend is cheating on her. Cody, Kaitlin's boyfriend, has some other feelings for Selena...
Interracial Imagines | j.b. [bwwm] by donnybear
Interracial Imagines | j.b. [bwwm] by Donny♡ Fanfiction
He's in luhhhhh with the cocoa ;) OPEN FOR REQUESTS
ostatnia szansa | fanfiction Justin Bieber by bjeberluv
ostatnia szansa | fanfiction Justi... by bjeberluv Fanfiction
On? Kapryśny gwiazdor, główny temat mediów. Idol tysięcy nastolatek, żyjący w świetle jupiterów. Ona? Nastolatka ze Seattle, której całym światem jest idol. Początkuj...
Your not my type ! by Jb_thebae
Your not my type ! by Jb_thebae Fanfiction
What happens when Elysandra is asked by her good friend Nick , to dance as backup dancer . But , here's the thing it's for Justin bieber. She's not really fond of him...
My World. A Justin Bieber Romance. by Meganxooo
My World. A Justin Bieber Romance. by ⋆ Megan ⋆ Fanfiction
[A Justin Bieber Love Story] An audition to be a back-up dancer for Justin Bieber's 'My World' tour is where it all starts. The audition manages to change Charlotte Bro...
Insane (Jason McCann) by aalexandrahopee
Insane (Jason McCann) by Alexandra Hope Fanfiction
"I miss them , let me see them , please ! I wanna see my family again Jason! You can't do this to me!" He stared down at me with anger in his eyes and said...
She's Perfect (Jelena Fanfiction) by Jelenaisrising
She's Perfect (Jelena Fanfiction) by Jelena Fanfiction
Relations are like glass, sometimes its best to leave them broken, than to hurt yourself trying to put them back together. If she's brave enough to love him, then she's...
Scooter's Lost Daughter × Justin Bieber by Biebersbelieber_
Scooter's Lost Daughter × Justin B... by Justin and Matthew Fanfiction
*This Is my first story! Sorry if it's a little Have fun reading.* Anabelle's 17th birthday is coming up soon. Her birthday wish is to find her birthparents...
FAKING US ❘ jb by teefeys
FAKING US ❘ jb by M. Fanfiction
Todo mundo á volta do astro teen tem a certeza de que ele precisa de alguém para amar e ama-lo de volta, e que melhor pessoa para fazer isto do que uma fã? Porém, ainda...
Justin Bieber interracial Imagines by CumBizzle
Justin Bieber interracial Imagines by ∞ Fanfiction
This book is full of imagines :) For any and everyone a few interracial ones between there cause we all know he like to dip in the chocolate as well hope you enjoy them...
Read ✔️ -11:24pm (JB//In Progress) by hyungbie