fame. {slow updates} by kia0107
fame. {slow updates}by bizzlebankroll
in which a newly famous singer meets justin bieber, the singer she hates. "when the fame and the money and the girls drive you crazy . . ." * highest rank in f...
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  • interracial
  • fanfiction
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The Angel and her Demon by ObsessedBieber
The Angel and her Demonby ObsessedBieber
"Oh trust me shawty, I'm no regular kid." And with that, he walked away, leaving me there totally dumbfounded by what just happened.
  • bieber
  • mccann
  • bizzle
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Bullied by Justin bieber by jb94444
Bullied by Justin bieberby Jbforever94
Hi My name is sky Smith and And I'm bullied by Justin Bieber, he has done it for two years back, and I do not know why, but one thing that's true is that he's destroying...
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the best mistake » bieber by articbieber
the best mistake » bieberby - ̗̀ lauren ̖́-
the one where Justin gets a girl pregnant at a album release party and the girl keeps it from him for 3 years. but its not like they were/are friends right? they hooked...
  • pregnancy
  • jelena
  • beliebers
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Justin Bieber Interracial Imagines by IAmAriannaNicole
Justin Bieber Interracial Imaginesby Arianna Nicole
This is for the beautiful black women. We slay. Requests open.
  • fanfic
  • interracial
  • funny
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Let Me Love You by justinn_bieberrr
Let Me Love Youby Justin Bieber
{#18 in Fanfict!} Lily has always loved Justin Bieber, but when she attends his concert and is invited backstage, the two discover they have some sort of chemistry. R...
  • justin
  • purposetour
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The Boy Next Door by -kalonly
The Boy Next Doorby kara
Brooklynn Thomson, is a teenage girl from the big city known as New York. When Brooke's parents are gone a little too long on a business trip, her Aunt and Uncle force...
  • belieber
  • wattys2017
  • breakup
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My Daddy|Jb by Belieberforevaz
My Daddy|Jbby CriBby
Justin Bieber most well known Daddy Dom. Almost too well known. Once Justin finds his new little. He's determined on keeping her. But he'll have to face the dangers of J...
  • kyliejenner
  • belieber
  • sexual
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TEXTING MCCANN | Justin Bieber as Jason McCann  by jdbsangel
TEXTING MCCANN | Justin Bieber a i s h a
"I wish you never texted me that day" - A Jason McCann love story
  • justinbieber
  • fakechat
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Justin Bieber Imagines by ultimatefangirl96
Justin Bieber Imaginesby Andys Princess
Justin imagines of all kinds. Happy, sad, dirty, etc. Some are short and sweet and some are more detailed. I do requests! Just keep up with all the Author notes I post a...
  • fanfiction
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True Love? ↠ Justin Bieber by joywap
True Love? ↠ Justin Bieberby A
"sometimes people fall for each other, not because they're perfect but despite the fact they're not." who knew someone like the one and only justin bieber wou...
  • bieber
  • short
  • story
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Kidnapped By Jason McCann by Life_for_Belieb
Kidnapped By Jason McCannby Madelynn 😊
Alex is a eighteen year who lives a normal life. Jason is worldwide criminal whose looking for love. When Jason kidnaps Alex, what will happen? Will she fall in love wit...
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • crazy
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Purpose by batmanwife13
Purposeby batmanwife13
Y/N has been dreaming of meeting her dream guy her whole life. Well, that guy may just be Justin Bieber himself. As life goes on, Y/N starts to realize those hidden feel...
  • ryan
  • romance
  • interracial
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Let Me Love You (Jb Fanfic) by GlinskyBizzlelux9496
Let Me Love You (Jb Fanfic)by 🐧 Belieber
Say go through the darkest of days Heaven's a heartbreak away Never let you go, never let me down Oh it's been a hell of a ride Driving the edge of a knife Never let you...
  • letmeloveyou
  • justin
  • purpose
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Find You // j.b by thankskidrwhl
Find You // j.bby giovanna
Acredito fielmente que, em certo ponto de nossas vidas, algo acontece e isso a muda completamente. Muda nosso ponto de vista, nosso jeito de pensar, nosso jeito de agir...
  • amor
  • drama
  • belieber
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ostatnia szansa | fanfiction Justin Bieber by bjeberluv
ostatnia szansa | fanfiction bjeberluv
On? Kapryśny gwiazdor, główny temat mediów. Idol tysięcy nastolatek, żyjący w świetle jupiterów. Ona? Nastolatka ze Seattle, której całym światem jest idol. Początkuj...
  • love
  • losangeles
  • sławny
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My World (A Justin Bieber Fan Fiction) by jbxoxo94
My World (A Justin Bieber Fan jbxoxo94
What happens when you get the opportunity to tour around North America with Justin Bieber? Selena Marie Gomez is an ordinary girl with a passion for dance, who is also a...
  • my
  • bieber
  • love
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Million Dollar Man by ultrcviolence
Million Dollar Manby ✧
look like a million dollar man, so why is my heart broke?
  • jelena
  • selenagomezfanfiction
  • justinbieberfanfiction
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My Bodyguard became My Husband!!!!!!! by BelieberxRexhar4life
My Bodyguard became My Catalinaxx
This is a story about a girl called Catalina that's in danger everyday because of her dad.It all happened when her parents divorced and her dad wanted revenge on her mot...
  • belieber
  • romance
  • jasonmcann
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