Crazy (a Louis Tomlinson love story) by cow_queen
Crazy (a Louis Tomlinson love stor... by cow_queen Fanfiction
Louis Tomlinson has always been known for his craziness. It's just a known fact that the boy from One Direction, who seems to have out grown his fetish for strips, has n...
A New Beginning by ElixirElizabeth
A New Beginning by Elizabeth Hernandez Romance
SEQUEL TO 'THE NEW GIRL' Avianna had a baby girl name Evanna, who is 3 years old. She is living with her dad, back to her hometown in New York. Evanna is growing day by...
Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic) by AbrahamLugoTavarez
Hell Jumpers (Halo Fan-Fic) by Abraham Lugo Tavarez Fanfiction
The story of two ODST troopers. Each from a different battalion, on completely different settings. One fighting for survival of himself and his squad in the ruins of Old...
O inicio de um novo amor by user58039381
O inicio de um novo amor by Romance
Vou vos contar a verdadeira história de amor entre Carlos Eduardo e Maria Eduarda.
The Chance of Meeting You. (TeenWolfFanfic) by xTeenageRunaway
The Chance of Meeting You. (TeenWo... by xTeenageRunaway Fanfiction
Samantha Williams is too normal to go to school at Beacon Hills, not a werewolf, not a werewolf hunter but she sure gets dragged into it when she moves to the small town...
Forbidden Aloha by EHAWAIIAU
ROBLOX FACTS WITH DAIJALA by daijala_lovesroblox
ROBLOX FACTS WITH DAIJALA by daijala_lovesroblox Random
Get to know roblox with daijala!!!!
Loving A Vampire Or Making Love With One by ChelseaLW
Another Spark - (A Taylor Squared Love Story) {Will not be adding more} by sleeptightswift
Another Spark - (A Taylor Squared... by Ashley <3 Fanfiction
This is a continuation of Another Planet, you do not have to read the first one to understand it, but i would strongly reccomend it! Another Planet: http://www.wattpad.c...
Love on the London eye (#YourStoryIndia) by honeylovessugar
Love on the London eye (#YourStory... by Chinmayi Romance
Ananya seems like the traditional simple indian girl. But is she ? Rihaan seems like the filthy rich, arrogant boy. But is he? She is afraid of loving anymore. He wants...
THE MEETING...that changed my destiny by Dabria8791
THE MEETING...that changed my dest... by Dabria Harnandez Mystery / Thriller
Five friends, Arjun, Sana, Manoppriya, Abhisek and Nikita study in the topmost engineering college in India, St Stephen's engineering college, situated in Delhi...
12.27.16 by hon3yyplease
My High School Year by kxndxll_nxcxlx
My High School Year by Kendall N Barth Short Story
Kendall is heading into high school. Follow her though her pros and cons. Watch her friends come and go and be there for Kendall through her wildest dreams. Watch her...