She Belongs To The King by crystal5466
She Belongs To The King by isabella marie
"She's hot." "Yeah, I know. I'm kinda jealous..." "I'm gonna ask her out." "Are you crazy? You're asking for a death wish." "...
  • billionaire
  • cute
  • possessive
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Intimacy by thunderstorm546
Intimacy by Storm
"I'm on my way to you right now." "What?" I feel my body heating up at the thought of him standing outside the door in all his tattooed glory. "...
  • policeman
  • steamy
  • beautiful
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Positively sinful by Ember_In_The_Ashes
Positively sinful by Jo 🥀
He leans his face closer and presses a soft kiss to my shoulder causing a shiver to run down my spine, I place my hands on his chest trying to push him away but he overp...
  • haunted
  • weirdromance
  • good
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The Mafia Leader And The Beautiful Mute | ✔ by wolfgangdolans
The Mafia Leader And The Beautiful... by Ashanti Hoeg
"You can trust me Aurora. Just to me"
  • love
  • romance
  • princessa
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Babysitting The Badboy's Little Sister ✔ by charliegotcaught
Babysitting The Badboy's Little Si... by Poppy M.
Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction (21/Sept/2016) ♡ Completed (30/Aug/2016) ♡ Catherine is a beautiful 18-year-old girl, who lives in L.A. Her parents died in a car accide...
  • love
  • littlesister
  • friendship
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Step Brothers by SeraphinaRivera
Step Brothers by Seraphina Rivera
Leo is an ordinary guy who lived most of his life in Italy. With his parents divorced and living in different countries, he travels a lot. But when his mother offers him...
  • adorable
  • brother
  • comedy
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The Girl He Never Noticed by sweetdreamer33
The Girl He Never Noticed by Neilani Alejandrino
Meet Jade. The girl who wore a black wig, black-rimmed big eyeglasses and braces. She was dressed in her worn-out knitted coat and shapeless vintage clothes. Everyone t...
  • beautiful
  • wattpadstars
  • boss
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Revenge of the Female Tiger by silentscarlettt
Revenge of the Female Tiger by scarlettt☝🏻💕
Highest Rank: #3 in Historical Fiction After getting stabbed and betrayed by the man she had loved, immortal general Hu Jia finds her soul in a different body. Not just...
  • prince
  • timetravel
  • fantasy
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Online • JackSepticEye X Reader by izaaaabellaaaa
Online • JackSepticEye X Reader by izaBAElla yo
Okay so I did make one of these but I didn't know a good plot but I have a great plot the is based off of @Jakseptic's "Fake" so enjoy! •
  • online
  • wattys2017
  • septiceye
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Innocent Prisoners by esssea
Innocent Prisoners by esssea
"In a room that held the most dangerous men, stood an angel." ~ Daisy was a beautiful, naïve daughter of a proud, wealthy family. Somehow, she agreed to go pri...
  • adorable
  • naive
  • possessive
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Deal With the Devil by WeAreOk
Deal With the Devil by CC
I pushed at his chest, but it was useless. He stayed, his arms caging me in. "Anastasia," he hummed against my ear, my name rolling off his tongue. "I kno...
  • hot
  • goodgirl
  • boy
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Meanest Love (UNDER EDITING) by mysteriousearth
Meanest Love (UNDER EDITING) by Mystery
UNDER EDITING ⚠️ "You know that I can destroy you and your family without any trace right? I'm capable of doing all that without even you knowing it or else I will...
  • hate
  • handsome
  • arrogance
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A Vow Of Mafia Love  by Sajal_ameena
A Vow Of Mafia Love by Ameena
Romance Ranking : #6 on 04/12/17 "I want her! " I told looking at my life who was busy playing with the kids. "But.. But you can't drag her into yo...
  • blood
  • lust
  • kiss
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My Beautiful Flower! (manxboy, mpreg, historical fiction) by SyedaMalihaTuli
My Beautiful Flower! (manxboy, mpr... by Syeda Maliha Tuli
This story takes us back in the golden time of China in Han Dynasty 漢代. In the Empire of Han, there lives a young beautiful boy named Lu Han 陸漢. Lu Han is the son of Gen...
  • historical
  • action
  • mpreg
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Forbidden Love | Reylo Fanfiction by __Reylo__
Forbidden Love | Reylo Fanfiction by __Reylo__
Rey and Ben had met as children and they became the greatest of friends until Ben started having dangerous tantrums. Rey was shipped off to Jakku, in order to protect h...
  • reyloship
  • heartbreak
  • beautiful
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Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
Marked by the Alpha by zabellerain
"You are mine," He murmured across my skin. He inhaled my scent deeply and kissed the mark he gave me. I shuddered as he lightly nipped it. "Danny, you ar...
  • sleepover
  • kiss
  • glare
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Alpha's Claim by RiRyyy
Alpha's Claim by RiRyyy
"You are mine. Mine to hold. Mine to kiss. Mine to kill." He was so close. He was breathing fast against my cheek. He was angry. "Then kill me already.&qu...
  • pack
  • claim
  • featured
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MINE by NotShort_FunSize
MINE by Nini
"Love and beauty is temptation. Any creature who are able to slightly grasp their surrounding builds a strong passion to possess love. Unfortunately, a passionate l...
  • alpha
  • beauty
  • possessive
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Alpha Aden  by ArielMcDonald
Alpha Aden by Ariel McDonald
"I want you" Aden said as he slowly stalked towards me observing me as if I was his prey. I stared at him with wide eyes. He was confident, sexy and exuded po...
  • prophecy
  • cocky
  • mark
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His Interior Designer   by Littlechipsmore
His Interior Designer by Little munchkins
Thea Morris is a 23 years old and she work as an interior designer for a well known company at Paris. She always rejected all the guys that asked her to go out on a date...
  • interest
  • sweet
  • fierce
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