beatles preferences by mercury-ily
beatles preferences by ☾kat☽ Random
for those of you with a serious case of beatlemania // comment or pm me requests!! :') also thanks to @darlingmercury for helping me with john on like every chapter lmao
first question... ~ Paul McCartney  by NotebooksandCoffee
first question... ~ Paul McCartney by Notebooks and Coffee Fanfiction
She didn't want to be like the crazy fan girls, she just wanted to be normal. Amelia had always dreamt of being a music journalist, she'd grown up listening to all kind...
I Wouldn't Change a Thing by flowersinthebackyard
I Wouldn't Change a Thing by Sun Follower Fanfiction
Upon first glance, Gail Greene appears to have it all: Beauty, confidence and a nifty job as Brian Epstein's secretary. However, she secretly longs for something more an...
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fan Fiction) by MissODell
The Devil In Her Heart (Beatles Fa... by Miss O'Dell Fanfiction
In 1965, George meets a mysterious young woman outside of Abbey Road Studios. As he is drawn into a passionate and turbulent love affair with her, it becomes clear she i...
Idols || John Lennon by vangeaux
Idols || John Lennon by S K Y Fanfiction
In which John Lennon just wants one more date with her. In which she knew better than to meet her idols. [Social Media AU] [cover by @shamones]
TO THE TOPPERMOST OF THE POPPERMOS... by Mrs. Mclennon Fanfiction
When the teddy boy from school starts a band, everyone including his aunt thinks it will fail. He goes through flings and tragedy, he can't ever imagine a world where he...
For No One || A Beatles Fanfiction by yoko_oh_no9
For No One || A Beatles Fanfiction by The walrus was Ringo Fanfiction
A girl who's world is collapsing around her meets a group of lads that can either be the solution to her troubles or the final straw
The Beatles Imagines by georgeharrisonaf
The Beatles Imagines by BRACKETS Fanfiction
This is my first book about The Beatles! I'm from Germany and try my best to write imagines in English about George, Ringo, John and Paul!
McLennon: Paul's Dream by razzberrystar3
McLennon: Paul's Dream by Jess Fanfiction
During at night Paul had a dream that he saw his beautiful lover John as a female. In this fanfiction it going to be Paul's POV in this.
paul mccartney imagines by sgtbeatles
paul mccartney imagines by the beatles 💗 Fanfiction
these are some macca imagines i've been wanting to write for a long time! i hope you enjoy. ;)
The Singer and the Bookworm | J.P.M by ilymccartney
The Singer and the Bookworm | J.P.M by i am the egg man Fanfiction
Violet Wilson is the kind of girl who would much rather spend her life in the company of books than actual people - but the annoyingly flirtatious yet kind of cute lead...
ma belle ➳ g.h. by daytrippers
ma belle ➳ g.h. by liv:) Fanfiction
in which george sits behind audrey in french class.
Because of Ringo Starr by PipeAndGlasses
Because of Ringo Starr by Madison Fanfiction
*Begins in 1962* John Lennon's sister Jetta once felt like she was alone in the world, not allowed to follow her own dreams and unable to escape her brother's shadow. B...
When I Ran Into 'The Beatles...' by BreathlessTurtle
When I Ran Into 'The Beatles...' by Eleanor Rigby Fanfiction
September 24, 1962 Liverpool, England Dear Diary, Today was just as unforgettable as yesterday. I did the same as I do everyday. I went to uni, listened to my teacher ra...
Definitely Maybe (Beatles/Oasis Crossover Fan Fiction) by MissODell
Definitely Maybe (Beatles/Oasis Cr... by Miss O'Dell Fanfiction
A troublesome Christmas Eve for the Beatles takes John on a strange journey. Crossover The Beatles and Oasis. Nb. This is a crossover Beatles/Oasis fan fiction short sto...
Lost Days | John Lennon by winstonoboogie
Lost Days | John Lennon by ˗ˏˋ miranda ˎˊ˗ Fanfiction
In 1966, John and Charlie created a story she thought could never be rewritten - especially since she was so unwilling to pick up the pen, as it were. However, in 1973...
Guitar Strings by 1dfigureskating
Guitar Strings by 1dfigureskating Fanfiction
Emmaline Blackwood, the Quarrybank good girl. The good girl that always follows the rules and gets A's left and right. But she also has a stage name Angelette, the sexy...
Secret by ImagineBeatles
Secret by ImagineBeatles Fanfiction
A McLennon Story. Paul McCartney is a 17-year-old trans boy. He lives in Liverpool with his father and brother, does will in school, plays in a skiffle band, had great f...
An Unexpected McLennon Pregnancy by ericflopton
An Unexpected McLennon Pregnancy by ericflopton Fanfiction
After a heated one-night stand, John and Paul receive unexpected news.
Beatles in a Beetle by DoctorLennon007
Beatles in a Beetle by Doctor Lennon 007 Fanfiction
Oh God, someone save us. John Lennon's driving. Utter silliness ensues on tour! Well edited!