Her Werebear  by SamoHas
Her Werebear by Samo Werewolf
Her Werebear He was a Gamma turned Beta. Found by his now Alpha and accepted in. Challenged by many yet never faced defeat. Silent and deadly. Not a wolf but a bear. Br...
Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint) by insaneredhead
Brave (Merida x Sam Uley - imprint) by insaneredhead Fanfiction
Merida and her family are a sloth of werebears in La Push, they've managed to keep their secret for years...but when Wolf Pack Alpha Sam imprints on Merida that may all...
Sly As a Fox by roseh23
Sly As a Fox by roseh23 Werewolf
"A fox is never caught in the same snare twice." -Greek Proverb Willow thinks of herself as totally independent. She doesn't need anyone telling her what t...
My Grizzly Bear (Emmett Cullen Love Story FanFiction) by Mecci_OdinChild
My Grizzly Bear (Emmett Cullen Lov... by Demetria Fici Teen Fiction
From the moment I saw him I knew he was different but I didn't care! Cause no matter what I will always love him. Yes he may be one of the monsters that go bump in the n...
Overseas by Crystal_Dog
Overseas by Crystal_Dog Werewolf
He growled, leering closer towards me. My eyes widen in fear. I've never met this guy before and he's already on my bad side?! Looking around I couldn't spot my friends...
Phan One-Shots by XpacifyphanX
Phan One-Shots by ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Fanfiction
here you go loves, enjoy (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Ursa's Cub by Siriusly-Potter
Ursa's Cub by Siriusly-Potter Werewolf
"Get out! Get out! Never show your muzzle around here again, wolf!" Samantha Brooks is the last person you would expect to be a bear shifter. Sure, she was tal...
Telling Lies & College Guys (BoyxBoy) by bear8tea
Telling Lies & College Guys (BoyxB... by Sky Romance
I had the guy of my dreams. He's as close to perfect as a person to get. Everything he did made my heart skip a beat. Then I crushed his. All I need is a second chance...
A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World Gone Mad) by AemiJules
A Fate Foretold (formerly: A World... by Aemi Werewolf
Ally is on the run. She can't trust anyone and it's more than just her life on the line. Taking a position as the mistress of the future alpha is just a way of biding he...
My Stupid Heart by bear8tea
My Stupid Heart by Sky Teen Fiction
(BoyXBoy) Why did I have to go and fall for him?
The Alpha's Abused Omega by Shadow2150
The Alpha's Abused Omega by Shadow2150 Werewolf
"Tell me princess, what is the one thing you wish more than anything else, tell me and I shall give it to you." His voice is husky as he whispers the words in...
From The Inside by Inconvenient_Ideal
From The Inside by Charlie Fanfiction
The days spent within the confines of a cage were perhaps some of the worst days that Beorn had ever known. Through a chance encounter of a fellow escaped prisoner, he h...
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by curly1718
Dancing Alone (DI1D Sequel) by Shelby Fanfiction
It's been almost five months since Kora was forced out of London and had to move back to New York. She hates her life there almost as much as she hates her mom for forci...
Idfc // Blackbear by fmlmaddy
Idfc // Blackbear by Maddy Romance
caitie and blackbear have been friends since forever. smoking and drinking is all they do, little dose caitie know the she is the reason blackbear produces songs. will t...
Natural Affinity by CrowR1
Natural Affinity by Crow Rider Random
Fredrick Jones is an ordinary teenager. He doesn't go outside much, but when he does it's usually to relieve stress. However, what would happen if he were to find someth...
TO•GET•HER by KoalaQueen0001
TO•GET•HER by Queen Koala Werewolf
Alex is the new girl. And all Loki, Alpha of the Werebear's want to do , is to get her so they can be TO•GET•HER. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What?" "You heard me Al...
Saving Grace by cropsofmemories
Saving Grace by Stephanie Nelson Romance
After losing his twin brother in a vicious bear attack, Joe Chapman wants nothing to do with the world or with God. Joe is thrust through time where he rescues Grace and...
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expecting This by BUBSTER_Na_Na_
Lets Just Say..... I Was Not Expec... by Savannah Werewolf
I was not expecting to turn into werewolf on my 16th birthday, definitely not expecting the word Mate to be real and very legit and like the god damn cherry on top my p...
Read. Phan AU by AllTimePhan73
Read. Phan AU by AllTimePhan73 Fanfiction
Danisnotonfire: I really like your videos ^-^ Danisnotonfire: I am not a stalker by the way. I saw your kik in your description. TW: Attempted suicide Told in a series...
Obsessed||Blackbear by bicklepickle
Obsessed||Blackbear by b l a c k b e a r Fanfiction
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