Football/soccer preferences (COMPLETED) by hi_dee
Football/soccer preferences (COMPL... by Chelsea fc Fanfiction
Do you have a crazy obsession over Neymar : messi : Ronaldo : Griezmann : pique : Bartra : ozil ? Yeah you do, we all do! Keep reading ❤️
Hot Football Players  by Mustybutthole
Hot Football Players by Mustybutthole Fanfiction
This is just a book were I show you guys a bunch of hot football players, sometimes it's just random hot guys that I want to show you guys :)) ENJOY! (You can request pl...
Football preferences ⚽ by juanna_a
Football preferences ⚽ by Mrs alcántara🌸 Fanfiction
preferences of a few of my faves footballers : Robert lewandowski Marco reus neymar cristiano ronaldo Antoine griezmann Alvaro morata ...
Who Are You? The Football Manager. by Slytherin_Princess13
Who Are You? The Football Manager. by Akshima Fanfiction
She stepped in front of me and looked at me with hatred filled electric blue eyes and asked, "who do you think you are anyway?" Her voice echoed in the stadium...
Football Imagines by zlajas
Football Imagines by s l a y ✨ Fanfiction
Imagines with you and your boys ✨ LIST REQUESTS [ closed ] IMAGINE REQUESTS [ closed ] Vote, comment and enjoy! No smut and no personals. ©zlajas
football preferences by -bellerin
football preferences by mariana Random
Preferences with your favourite players - Cristiano Ronaldo - Lionel Messi - Rafinha - Antoine Griezmann - Marc Ba...
Football Preferences by mbartra-
Football Preferences by viv Random
Featuring: Cristiano Ronaldo Neymar Jr. Marc Bartra Leo Messi Olivier Giroud Antoine Greizmann Gareth Bale Welcome to send in request
New Romantics || j. rodriguez by halazizou
New Romantics || j. rodriguez by s Fanfiction
Heartbreak is the national anthem, we sing it proudly.
Football Preferences by fthiss
Football Preferences by mimi Fanfiction
Football preferences I really appreciate feedback and requests :) -R. Lewandowski- -M. Bartra- -C. Ronaldo- -L. Messi- -Neymar Jr.- -G. Bale- -M. Reus- -J. Draxler- -A...
The Jail Game (#Wattys2017) by JaneBoueri
The Jail Game (#Wattys2017) by Jayn Fanfiction
Jail. A Cold, rusty, dirty, harsh, dark place where 10 criminals are imprisoned. How will they Survive ? And Who will not survive ? How can they bare each other in that...
Barça Boys || bartra by desmadres
Barça Boys || bartra by guty galavyz Fanfiction
"I don't date Barça boys."
Loved ❮Neymar Jr.❯ by njrbabe
Loved ❮Neymar Jr.❯ by njrbabe Fanfiction
It was like any other day at the cafe I work at. Serving costumers, taking orders, and cleaning tables. But then, someone walked inside. I didn't think much of him, just...
Apart | Neymar Jr. by durmmels
Apart | Neymar Jr. by a. garritsen Fanfiction
•the sequel to "The Bad Girls' Game"• It is hard to see him again. Being all happy but not because of me. But because everything changed. Especially since we...
Bind Our Love- Neymar Jr/Thomas Muller (Sequel to JBM) by _jenny_xd
Bind Our Love- Neymar Jr/Thomas Mu... by Jenny Fanfiction
Neymar and everyone else is heart broken after Isabelle flees. He's broken and his family brings him up. They all try looking for her but they realize that her name does...
Football/Soccer One Shots and Preferences by DavidLuizsHair
Football/Soccer One Shots and Pref... by DavidLuizsHair Fanfiction
Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, David Luiz, Gerard Pique, Marc Bartra, Lionel Messi, Neymar, Oscar, Adria Vilanova, and Thomas Muller. No dirty!
Footballer imagines (pictures) by newt_girl
Footballer imagines (pictures) by newt_girl Fanfiction
Imagines with pictures with my favorite players⚽️ ~Paulo Dybala ~Neymar Jr ~James Rodriguez ~Cristiano Ronaldo ~Gareth Bale ~Erik Durm ~Marc Bartra
Crown (Marc Bartra) by paulpogbas
Crown (Marc Bartra) by 🙃🙃 Fanfiction
What happens when a Princess and a footballer fall in love?
more than this » bartra ✔ by mrsbartra
more than this » bartra ✔ by mrs. bartra Random
gdzie dopiero po dwóch latach znajomości postanawiają się umówić i może być to zarówno najlepsza, jak i najgorsza decyzja w ich życiu. Marc Bartra Fanfiction
Head Over Heels (Rafinha Alcantara) by paulpogbas
Head Over Heels (Rafinha Alcantara) by 🙃🙃 Fanfiction
When Rafinha met Kaia Laken, to say he fell head over heels for her was an understatement.
As Long As You Love Me | Marc Bartra by Abitlikelove
As Long As You Love Me | Marc Bart... by Abitlikelove Fanfiction
Amelia is a young girl, with a heart breaking past, even in her young age. When she finish High School, she makes the decision, to leave the country she grew up in and t...