Dark Moves Of Love ~ Neymar Jr by panoptis
Dark Moves Of Love ~ Neymar Jrby panoptis
When Olivia travels to Brazil, one month before the World Cup, for her internship with the Brazilian team the last thing she expects is to fall in love with a footballer...
  • relationship
  • barcelonafc
  • love
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Zlatan, The God by Princesseduparc
Zlatan, The Godby SuperMegaBitchDeluxe
25 is the right age for major changes, right? -Zlatan Ibrahimovic fanfiction-
  • christiano
  • silva
  • verratti
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Come back (NJR) by M08_22_01T
Come back (NJR)by MTARI
She's pregnant with his child but how was she going to tell him after breaking up?
  • davi
  • fcb
  • barcelona
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cold | neymar jr by galaxywoody
cold | neymar jrby maria
"Tell them I was the warmest place you knew and that you turned me cold." - In which Neymar is doing everything possible to win Ella back. - [social media fo...
  • socialmedia
  • neymar
  • barcelona
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New Mom 💗 by neyyy27
New Mom 💗by neyyy27
Charlotte Martinez is a young student at UCLA. She's also a part-time model. One day she went to Brazil for a photo shoot, but she didn't know that this photo shoot will...
  • messi
  • lionelmessi
  • worldcup
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The doctor in Barcelona  by karenru1z
The doctor in Barcelona by Kun-kun
Just a doctor working for fc Barcelona, like what could go wrong, oh yea the fact that you support the enemy team. well good job with that (look out for Gerard pique he...
  • soccer
  • pique
  • neymar
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I think I'm in love again... || A SERGI ROBERTO STORY by el_safc6
I think I'm in love again... || el_safc6
When Gerard Pique reveals he has a sister, the team demand she is to be put in the group chat. Everyone knows there's something different about her, but what? All is to...
  • sport
  • sergiroberto
  • messi
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VIRGIN ➺ DYBALA by pablodybala
VIRGIN ➺ DYBALAby نانومتر
  • barcelona
  • fanfic
  • asensio
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Paris en el Corazón by lau9703mn
Paris en el Corazónby Laura Carbonell Rodríguez
**Era tan joven, ilusionada con la música, se montaba sus conciertos en su habitación, donde nadie podía verla. Mónica era la hermana del medio, estaba Alexandra que era...
  • musica
  • amistad
  • españa
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Neymar Jr Imagines by JaneBoueri
Neymar Jr Imaginesby Jayn
★#1 Neymar Jr Imagines book on Wattpad★ Highest ranked in fanfiction #173 Imagines about the one and the only Neymar da Silva Santos Jr. ♥ Not Taking Requests (un edite...
  • football
  • neymar
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Soccer/Football Imagines (Part 2) by SportsStarE
Soccer/Football Imagines (Part 2)by SportsStarE
Hey guys, this is still SportsStarE. Check out Soccer/Football Imagines for more imagines and the author's note at the end of it for more information. This is still socc...
  • thomas
  • muller
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Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic) by neymartois
Mark my words (Neymar Jr Fanfic)by N
Have you ever thought of what it is like to be a Victoria Secret model & to get the chance to be friends with the whole FC Barcelona team? Well for Mira it's not a big d...
  • barcelona
  • neymarjrfanfic
  • neymarjr
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FOOTBALL ➛ boyfriend scenarios by zlajas
FOOTBALL ➛ boyfriend scenariosby SYᗰᑭᕼOᑎY
REQUESTS | OPEN What would it be like to be in a relationship with our favorite football players? ©zlajas | 2017
  • mancity
  • arsenal
  • psg
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Barcelona - Blake Richardson  by fromgreentogrey1
Barcelona - Blake Richardson by fromgreentogrey1
"You're an asshole, Blake." I yell at him before I shut the door right in front of his face and leave him standing on my porch.
  • club
  • barcelona
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You're Mine - Neymar Jr Fanfiction. by The_Dreamer2403
You're Mine - Neymar Jr The Dreamer 👀♥️
22 Year Old Kendall James Is A Brazilian Model. Her Life Is Going Just Right, Until Neymar Jr Comes In The Picture - Will That Be A Problem? What About Other Friendships...
  • bemine
  • family
  • model
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Barcelona Group Chat  by ashleysantiag
Barcelona Group Chat by Ashley Santiago
What happens when Lionel Messi adds the wrong person onto the club group chat! What happens when they find out its there rivals little sister?
  • futbol
  • barcelona
  • madrid
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The Fords (KathNiel) ON-HOLD by margarettexxx
The Fords (KathNiel) ON-HOLDby Margarette 🎀
Daniel John Ford Kathryn Bernardo-Ford
  • minbernardo
  • fords
  • bts
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Trapped - A Neymar Fanfic [ON HOLD] by 26Tuts
Trapped - A Neymar Fanfic [ON HOLD]by 26Tuts
"Who did that to you? Who fücked you up so bad, emotionally and mentally that you've completely shut down anyone who tries to help you? You don't talk about your fe...
  • neymar
  • neymarjr
  • football
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FOOTBALL by marceloaf
FOOTBALLby netty.
where the wattpad football fandom receives appreciation.
  • footballers
  • realmadrid
  • soccer
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instagram || paulo dybala by elmsdurm
instagram || paulo dybalaby el 💋
a story in which they fell in love on instagram. @paulodybala started following you.
  • bayernmunich
  • instagram
  • madisonbeer
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