Mr. Bunny | Jungkook x Reader #BEYONDTHEREALITY17 by JlMlNPARK
Mr. Bunny | Jungkook x Reader #BEY... by oppa Fanfiction
"How can you love someone that you couldn't see in person?" "You don't understand." 3K reads - Agust-D 6, 2017 (wow thank you!) 4K - Aug 11, 2017 ( ;...
you. || + j.jk  ♡ vkook by chanyeolsblossom
you. || + j.jk ♡ vkook by r i c e—♡ Fanfiction
in which taehyung hates jungkook, but slowly comes to like the supposed 'bad boy.' "lips are chapped and faded." /////////////////////////////////////////// ...
BTS Imagines  by nochuumin
BTS Imagines by ms. author Fanfiction
He Is Not Cute At All || ONGOING || #wattys2017 by jungkook_bts_maknae
He Is Not Cute At All || ONGOING |... by Jungkook.bts.maknae Fanfiction
Your childhood friend, Jungkook, was always the cute kid who played with you. You've known each other for 10 years. Then one day he confessed to you suddenly, his cutene...
instagram » yoonmin ( by tenatioustuan
instagram » yoonmin ( by 이 로렌 Fanfiction
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Step Brothers  by horizonsummer
Step Brothers by Midnight Lover Fanfiction
Here I am under my covers in my new room. In my new house. With my new step brothers. Who are complete jerks. But what really sucks is that my new step mom and dad are o...
[YOONGI] Painful Love  by exotaec
[YOONGI] Painful Love by exotic tae Fanfiction
"He's hurt.." "I can help him" "I won't ever leave him" "He's mine" "I hope he trusts me.." "He's been throug...
wwyd {bts version} by swoonyoung
wwyd {bts version} by z z z Random
"what would you do if you saw this book?" updates: daily ♡ highest rank: #67 in random woopwoop
bunny boy  | taekook hybrid by taeggukcci
bunny boy | taekook hybrid by 🔥SEA🔥 Fanfiction
In which Jungkook is a bunny boy who needs a master. Kim Taehyung is a cold hearted boy who is unhappy but everything changes after the hybrid boy appears in his life...
instagram ⚣ jjk + kth by disneykook
instagram ⚣ jjk + kth by ーlukas Fanfiction
[ lowercase ] continuing again !! -- taekook / vkook taehyunggie followed jeongguk !
instagram ♛ vkook by femininitae
instagram ♛ vkook by 锦逸 (nina) Fanfiction
in which a photographer and gucci model fall in love through pictures, comments and photoshoots. © femininitae, 2017 [highest ranking; #401 in fanfiction - 170916] 17091...
Instwin || Taekook by -ungii-
Instwin || Taekook by -`태시´- Fanfiction
In which Jungkook is a famous YouTuber, using Instagram for the first time. Taehyung being a mourning and lonely boy who isn't over his ex-boyfriend. ______ #632 in FAN...
Dangerous | j.jk + by ajarfullofkookies
Dangerous | j.jk + by skippy is amazing Fanfiction
❝Let go of me!❞ ❝You know that's not gonna happen.❞ Jungkook is a ruthless criminal. Taehyung just wanted to have a normal day, but getting kidnapped certainly wasn't hi...
BTS TEXTS by _Erii_Kim_
BTS TEXTS by °••Erizlle••° Fanfiction
|RANDOM UPDATE| You will now enter a weird world of Bangtan replying to your texts. It has jams i promise ("^_^) 06/23/17: #18 in Fanfiction
Perfectionist | j.jk + by ajarfullofkookies
Perfectionist | j.jk + by skippy is amazing Fanfiction
❝Your tie is crooked again.❞ ❝Sorry.❞ Jungkook is the perfectionist. Taehyung is the imperfect. What happens when they meet? Highest Ranking: #288 in Fanfiction on 7/25...
BTS Lyrics by gmzbae
BTS Lyrics by gmzbae Random
All songs of Bts Romanization English Korean + MV and Audio + Extra Japanese Versions and MVs If something's missing, just say it! Fighting
❝stutter❞ jk  by saintseok
❝stutter❞ jk by 姫君 Fanfiction
❝everything's gonna be okay.❞ ©2016, saintseok, all rights reserved
eunoia by icechim
eunoia by semi hiatus Poetry
just a fan- never his girl
Hoodie//taekook by Larryjily
Hoodie//taekook by Kitty Fanfiction
In which Taehyung keeps Jungkook's hoodie after they break up. Top!Kook Bottom!Tae Includes yoonminseok and namjin
Internet Friends |Yoonkook by jellyoongs
Internet Friends |Yoonkook by anna Fanfiction
@agustd started following you ©jellyoongs Started: Mar 2017 Plagiarism is a crime.