An Austin Carlile Fan Fiction by Musical_Giraffe_
An Austin Carlile Fan Fiction by Musical_Giraffe_ Fanfiction
Jade and her band secure a small slot in Warped Tour's busy schedule. But what happens when the young bassist captures the attention of 'Of Mice & Men"'s lead screa...
Gay Band One Shots by wayward_gays
Gay Band One Shots by wayward_gays Fanfiction
"I didn't choose to be gay I just got lucky." Read away you gay emo fucks
Band one shots by Moon1616
Band one shots by Skully Rose Fanfiction
I do bands and some artists like Blackbear and some YouTubers.
Band Imagines! by jacklyn_leigh
Band Imagines! by Jacklynleigh Fanfiction
Hi my name is jacklyn and im 16 and I want to start writing band imagines, I've read many and I have enjoyed every single one I've read so I decided to try and write som...
Band Smut / Imagines  by XxxLilMadz
Band Smut / Imagines by Lil X💔💤🥀 Fanfiction
Request any band member from any band!
band smut by PrincessSatan420
Right where I want you ♡ by morganacte
One Shots by vinylkiller
One Shots by I just really like atl Fanfiction
mostly band members but maybe a few youtubers and tv show characters
I need you to take care of this ♡ by morganacte
Band Imagines by olivers_syko
Band Imagines by Band trash Fanfiction
as you can tell from the title this is a book of imagines about bands I like. I do cute,funny,smut ect so some may be mature so can't say I didn't warn you. I don't do...
Frank Iero Smut c; by _____yousuck_____