An Austin Carlile Fan Fiction by Musical_Giraffe_
An Austin Carlile Fan Fictionby Musical_Giraffe_
Jade and her band secure a small slot in Warped Tour's busy schedule. But what happens when the young bassist captures the attention of 'Of Mice & Men"'s lead screa...
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Oh my Band Smut/Fluffs!! by ashxisxbandxtrash
Oh my Band Smut/Fluffs!!by Ash
Now, listen here small ones. THis is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART... OR OVARIES. OR PROSTATES i dont know how those things work, sorry guys. I"LL FIGURE THIS OUT.
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Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH) by handmedowntown
Band Smut. (PTV, OM&M, BMTH)by theodore
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|•Josh Dun smuts•| by yousayimasinner
|•Josh Dun smuts•|by s i n n e r
This book is filled with Josh Dun smut. It's not gonna be a continuous book, just different scenarios. Hope you enjoy this book ya kinky fucks:)
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Frank Iero Smut c; by _____yousuck_____
Frank Iero Smut c;by •《@?*.-!~zOe~!-.*?@》•
Shorts about you and Frank <3
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Band Imagines! by jacklyn_leigh
Band Imagines!by Jacklynleigh
Hi my name is jacklyn and im 16 and I want to start writing band imagines, I've read many and I have enjoyed every single one I've read so I decided to try and write som...
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CrankThatFrank Emo Band Smut by SpaceOddityPhan
CrankThatFrank Emo Band Smutby Mad-Eyed Ferret
feat. Shrek and Donald Trump. This was an idea I had after watching some of CrankThatFrank's reading of fan fiction, so I'm sorry to everyone that will read this. Warni...
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My Drug (Ronnie Radke Smut) by Rockbandsmut
My Drug (Ronnie Radke Smut)by Rockbandsmut
Going to see Ronnie Radke couldn't get any better. Or could it? "The kiss was rough, my face is killing me, but I couldnt care less. Im kissing Ronnie Radke and th...
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Gay Band One Shots by wayward_gays
Gay Band One Shotsby wayward_gays
"I didn't choose to be gay I just got lucky." Read away you gay emo fucks
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The Boy Next Door  by meh_baby_ddd
The Boy Next Door by Alex Forve
Frank is new to Bellview, but Gerard definitely doesn't have a problem showing him around. Gerard tries to get information on Frank, and is more surprised than he expect...
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Frerard Smutx by BandAndPhanSmutx
Frerard Smutxby Smutt
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My New Romance by meh_baby_ddd
My New Romanceby Alex Forve
Frank has been questioning the idea of "Ferard" ever since he met his new best friend, Gerard. Little does he know, his best friend feels the same way... They'...
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The  Adventures of a Closeted Boy by jamienextdoor
The Adventures of a Closeted Boyby j a m i e🌹
Stay Tuned for more
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Fix Me - Derek Discanio by magdalenaschulz
Fix Me - Derek Discanioby Magda Schulz
State Champs is ending their European tour in France but Derek's been feeling off from the beggining of it. What it is to be normal and not touring around the world? He...
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Ryden {One Shots} by 1x_YoungBlood_x1
Ryden {One Shots}by Skitty Says Rawr
Bc why not? Some will be smutty, some won't. Just read the descriptions. Thanks you guyzzzz. ~~~~ I'll take requests if anyone has any. Also, pleaseee remember to click...
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My Lovely Hell by meh_baby_ddd
My Lovely Hellby Alex Forve
Frank is in love with his best friend, but hasn't told him that he's gay. They act as if they were a couple, but never admit that they need one another. If it goes all t...
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Always -JOSHLER SMUT by WildIllusions
Always -JOSHLER SMUTby WildIllusions
My first one shot and legit my first fanfiction. Basically, Josh is fucking in love with Tyler's voice after the shows, and desperately wants to hear that voice. Especia...
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Band Smuts by ourdirtysecret
Band Smutsby Band Slut
Hello there you dirty little fangirls. These, as titled, are band smuts. Not just members...but BANDS. Yes this means threesomes, foursomes, how many somes...and maybe p...
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Spunk by squid_vicious
Spunkby Sidney Vicious
Basically a collection of Sid Vicious smut for my dear weird friend.
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Band one shots by Moon1616
Band one shotsby Skully Rose
I do bands and some artists like Blackbear and some YouTubers.
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