GOT7 IMAGINES by akamarks
GOT7 IMAGINES by Ashley Lim Fanfiction
-A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living💕 -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [D...
Nerdy (BTS FF) by Bexella
Nerdy (BTS FF) by Bexella Teen Fiction
Y/N is a typical girl, she has bright blonde hair and pastel blue eyes. She is quiet and gets good grades. She is what people would describe as a nerd. But this nerd has...
Got7 Texts ♫ by -exomious-
Got7 Texts ♫ by 『Love Yourself♡』 Fanfiction
A book filled with a bunch of Got7 nonsense ♡ ~Rankings:~ #763 in fanfiction ✧ 09/15/17 #756 in fanfiction ✧ 09/16/17
Skateboard (A YugBam Fanfic) by OtakuSaphy
Skateboard (A YugBam Fanfic) by saphy Fanfiction
"C'mon I bet his dick is longer than his skateboard!" "Well, Bambam, if you're so eager to find out, go and ask him yourself," Shit.
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by MissJennica
Remade (BTS × Reader × GOT7 × EXO) by ~||⊙👄⊙||~ Fanfiction
(NEW STORY): There's girl named Lee (Y/N). Everytime she go to school...The most popular boys & girls seemed to bully her alot..Bangtan & Kyla's group. Depression alway...
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys2017》 by kangchulbitch2016
Social Media (Markson) 《#wattys201... by Yoona Fanfiction
Mark is a big fan of Jackson Wang, he has fan account on instagram where he just fanboy over Jackson with his 10k followers. Jackson is an idol, he's a model, singer and...
got7 preferences/imagines by savagely_yoongi
GOT7 Scenarios by DEFAIOA
GOT7 Scenarios by Jaebums_s Fanfiction
Just some fantasies dreamed of. We can say sometimes it'll head to maturity but... eh.... Check out my other NEW book>>>> GOT7 Lyric Scenarios ...
Bad Boy In Luv [COMPLETED] by Suga_Kim
Bad Boy In Luv [COMPLETED] by Kim 🐢 Fanfiction
Kim Taehyung, the school's heart throb. A bad boy who girls drool over for. He thought girls were easy until he met the new school transfer....... turn out to be a nerd...
little boy // got7 by youngbinsgf
little boy // got7 by f Fanfiction
yugyeom didn't realise that when he joined got7 he'd get six loving boyfriends as well (the title makes it sound kinky but I promise it's not, yet) cover by lovelyjunhoe...
Kpop's Princess (GOT7, BTS, 2PM, AND ETC) by helenlovesbunnies
Kpop's Princess (GOT7, BTS, 2PM, A... by helenlovesbunnies Fanfiction
Sora Kang is a ex trainee from JYP ENT. She was a month from debuting when her younger brother got into a life threatening accident. So she quit her dreams of becoming...
TOO IN LOVE - YUGBAM❞ by nsfw' kid.s Fanfiction
❝ fuck love. ❞ [YugBam].
Right Next To You (Markson) (Got7) by got7btsqueen
Right Next To You (Markson) (Got7) by Whitegoth Fanfiction
Boy X Boy Got7 MarkXJackson Read to find out!✌
wrong chat (2jae) by alexandravalenzaz123
wrong chat (2jae) by 2jae.trash.lmao Fanfiction
"YooOo did u see youngjae wearing those shorts last night? bOi I can't get my eyes off his butt lmao" ".... i'm youngjae" in which jaebum send a mess...
I Like You / 난 니가 좋아 { 2jae ff } / Translated by 97ForeverAhgase97
I Like You / 난 니가 좋아 { 2jae ff }... by 난2j@e스탠 Fanfiction
Choi Youngjae is a plain student. Silent but plain. He lives an ordinary life with his little dog Coco. He doesn't really have any friends but copes well with it. But wh...
arranged marriage ➬ kth  by choyerin
arranged marriage ➬ kth by th Fanfiction
is it possible to love someone you hate? started: 9/29/16 ended: 6/19/17 © choyerin
Got7 Preferences  by mkr0723
Got7 Preferences by mkr0723 Fanfiction
i hope you like these got7 preferences Open for requests I will also write imagines if you request them
Got7 ♡ Imagines by I_Heart_Senpai_
Got7 ♡ Imagines by IHeartSenpai Fanfiction
Just a bunch of fluffy Got7 X Reader stories~!! Check out my other stories as well, I would appreciate it~!!
GOT7 THE TYPE。 by ㅤ Random
book one of the type series got7 © JINYOUNGER + highest ranking: #30 in random (270817) - status: ongoing
Text From My Science Teacher (Jackbam) by got7btsqueen
Text From My Science Teacher (Jack... by Whitegoth Fanfiction
Mr Wang: hey baby. Bambam: Uh, this must be a wrong text. Mr Wang: If this is Bambam, then no its not;)