Mo Yuan, Bai Qian, Ye Hua by moosesforgooses
Mo Yuan, Bai Qian, Ye Huaby moosesforgooses
Susu doesnt exist in this story, Bai Qian has yet to meet Ye Hua. Mo Yuan has just returned from his deep slumber Contains explicit sexual content. If you are easily o...
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Kunlun Mountain Part 2 - The Masters Disciple. by moosesforgooses
Kunlun Mountain Part 2 - The moosesforgooses
A fan fiction based on the Tv Drama series Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms I'm not sure how far into the story I will go with this one yet, but it will lightly follow the st...
  • yuan
  • qian
  • bai
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Immortal Mortals by moosesforgooses
Immortal Mortalsby moosesforgooses
Strictly a Mo Yuan/Bai Qian story. A simple love story between two people and two worlds. Bai Qian had never been a Kunlun Mountain Disciple. Both Mo Yuan and Bai Qia...
  • 3310
  • mortal
  • magic
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Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms by Reian_Dunning
Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Bai Qian
----Translator of drama TV show 'eternal love'---- After a devastating war, the immortal tribe paid a heavy price to seal the demon lord. 70,000 years later, in an attem...
  • three
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Challenge Book (Including Some Taggies) by Donuts4evry2
Challenge Book (Including Some Donuts4evry1
A challenge book! I'll do some Art Challenges (But you'll have to endure 31 Chapters of my old cringe first) So yeah. Here's the current challenge: [[ INKTOBER ]] \(^∆^)/
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Yes daddy by _delete-
Yes daddyby dead
This story is literally the cringe of cringe just letting you know that (Cashby) Alan a 18 year old Twink Bought from an auction for sex ~ Warning; Sex Vulgar language...
  • love
  • austincarlile
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Playing With Fire Tomsworld x reader  by JennyMintJenny
Playing With Fire Tomsworld x Ameera Zahirasari
Having them with you is just like playing with fire. Sometimes They're tamed, And sometimes, they can loose control and turn wild So Don't play with me boy Playing with...
  • edd
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spoilers, Updates And tags by YvonnePokemon
spoilers, Updates And tagsby ItzLucy ヽ(*゚ー゚*)ノ
title says it all
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Welcome To The Dark Forest by CloudtailGrandmas
Welcome To The Dark Forestby The Most Awesome People You W...
Our favourite villain, Pebblescar, has been sent to the Dark Forest, as we all know. Everycat thinks the Dark Forest is just terribly bad... But what is it really lik...
  • pebblescarsreality
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Jealous by BorderJ95
Jealousby BorderJ95
You Qi get's jealous and makes it well known to Yang Meng.
  • chinese
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The Legend of Marblea by opposqueak
The Legend of Marbleaby opposqueak
Years and years ago, a girl called Prizua transformed. She is still in this form, just trapped under a solid wall of unbreakable glass. However, the glass has cracked...
  • marblea
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_~My Savior~_(a HTF flipdid story)  by DONUTZZZZBOIIII
_~My Savior~_(a HTF flipdid story) by DONUTZZZZBOIIII
(Suicide au, its mine) When flippy get dumped by flaky, due to his flip outs, he's miserable. Months later he doesn't get any better, his flip outs are out of control...
  • peeps
  • flippy
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It isn't fair  (Solangelo)  by coruscent
It isn't fair (Solangelo) by mister fahrenheit
I wrote this while listening to Friend, Please, on a school night, sick, bored, and brain ded. so read if you like, i cant guarantee any updates cause im not very reliab...
  • oof
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Music Is Love {An Aaron x Reader Story!} by Winged_Alpha_Riley
Music Is Love {An Aaron x Reader Winged Werewolf
Y/N is a 14 year old girl going through some troubles...will she make it through them or will she give up? Will she keep moving or will she commit suicide? Will she ever...
  • depression
  • bai
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#Truña (Trump Y Peñanieto ) by AdamariPBb
#Truña (Trump Y Peñanieto )by Adamari PBb
Aquí demostramos lo real que es truña
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Nombres y apellidos para tus historias. by -rageandlove
Nombres y apellidos para tus Connor.
¿Haz buscado alguna vez una historia en internet? ¿Has notado que todos los nombres son de famosos? Este libro te ayuda a comparar los nombres de más de 7,000 libros, en...
  • tengohambre
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OC Tags  by Humble_Hufflepuff
OC Tags by hitlersbreastmilk
Sometimes I like to RP and I end up tagging for the appearance of my OC. So here's the book about it!
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(TomTord Fanfic) True Love by Eddsword_Ships
(TomTord Fanfic) True Loveby Bleach
Tord is coming back but with feelings for tom. He knew Edd and Matt will forgive him but would Tom? He wants to be friends with tom.maybe even more? Read the story to fi...
  • gay
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My Eddsworld Art!by R e D
just some of my many drawings of Eddsworld characters. Yay
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Feelings dump by luvhless
Feelings dumpby Not Laura
Whenever I'm shook by something or wanna say something I just write it in here lmao why
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