First Love | Kim Taehyung  by Butterflygirlexo
First Love | Kim Taehyung by Cutiechicks Fanfiction
"What if in the end lie is the only way you can get your love back?" It's when the first pain come and you start to feel everything and learn to let go someone...
Love Sick (Baekyeon Fanfic) by taeyeondiary
Love Sick (Baekyeon Fanfic) by Bree Fanfiction
What happens when two people who are complete opposites meet for the first time? She's innocent He's selfish She's calm He's cold But it turns out that they will soon...
Solemn Pledge | BaekYeon by bunbaekyeon
Solemn Pledge | BaekYeon by —dork Romance
"Nothing happens is ever forgotten. Even if you can't remember it."
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMPLETED by taeyeondiary
Let it Rain (Baekyeon fanfic) COMP... by Bree Fanfiction
Byun Baekhyun is a typical playboy who plays with girls' feelings. He thought that the rain only brings bad luck, until he met her. Kim Taeyeon, who dreams of being a...
| Longfic/ BaekYeon | Hôn Ước  by kyungyi410
| Longfic/ BaekYeon | Hôn Ước by By.Cerichip Fanfiction
Hai dòng họ Kim gia và Byun gia có mối quan hệ thân thiết với nhau, từ khi kết hôn và gây dựng nên cơ ngơi đồ sộ này, đã lập nên hôn ước cho con cháu sau này. Nhưng mãi...
The Heirs In Love by CikPika
The Heirs In Love by BaevyeoN Romance
How to describe the meaning of LOVE? For me, LOVE, it's a pure feelings that God give his humans. LOVE, is not a sins. LOVE, have many types. LOVE my family.. LOVE my...
『my daughter » baekyeon』 by godanieI
『my daughter » baekyeon』 by ǝoɹouɐ💸 Short Story
Merhaba bebeğim ! Nasıl başlamalıyım bilmiyorum.Bugün hem sen 2 yaşına girdin hemde babanla tanışmamızın 7.senesi ! Büyüyünce bunları sana okutacağım! Benim yaptığım hat...
Valentine's Day [BaekYeon Fanfic] by xoxoexolove
Valentine's Day [BaekYeon Fanfic] by BaekYeon Fanfiction
Baekhyun and Taeyeon finally get a peaceful Valentine's Day together. How will they spend this special day? ♡ BAEKYEON
paperweight • bbh ° kty by exordinaire
paperweight • bbh ° kty by b a e k h y u n Fanfiction
starring: exo's baekhyun and snsd's kim taeyeon ˗ˏˋwe are fate's latest casualtyˎˊ˗‏ cover by: @kokodaes
Goodbye Summer (Completed) by taeyeondiary
Goodbye Summer (Completed) by Bree Fanfiction
"I hate growing up. But I guess I have to deal with it." ~ Kim Taeyeon and her brother, Kyungsoo always go to the Byun's beach house every summer due to their...
Only You | BaekYeon by bunbaekyeon
Only You | BaekYeon by —dork Romance
"Happiness is facing life's problems and surprises with the person you love."
papercut • bbh ° kty by exordinaire
papercut • bbh ° kty by b a e k h y u n Fanfiction
❝wherein kim taeyeon and byun baekhyun go on a journey to the past. to where it all began.❞ cover by: @kokodaes
♢ Last Destiny | Soon  by Blackperiewinkle
♢ Last Destiny | Soon by Y u z u k i 🌹 Short Story
❝So when tomorrow starts without me, don't think we're far apart, For every time you think of me, I'm right here in your heart.❞ - Kim Taeyeon ☁︎Blackperiewinkle's Angs...
[BAEKYEON] Spring: Dream by FFortasiano
[BAEKYEON] Spring: Dream by PiperGrace08 Fanfiction
In which 26 year old Kim Taeyeon had sworn she would never date a younger man. Which made her friends a little troubled to find a perfect date for her. Until Byun Baekhy...
One Step Closer To You by ophelianoona
One Step Closer To You by ophelia_noona Fanfiction
As CLICHE as possible, Taeyeon's boring life as a student meets transfer student Baekhyun. Will their lives be connected or will they just be regular strangers? Watch/re...
[Edit] [chuyển ver] [BaekYeon] Thiên thần bóng tối (P1 + P2) by KitsTun2
[Edit] [chuyển ver] [BaekYeon] Thi... by Đàm Lê Tuấn Kiệt Fanfiction
Tác giả (gốc): Chi Chan Tình trạng: Đã xuất bản, tái bản lần 1. Editor: Đàm Lê Tuấn Kiệt (EXO-L, BaekTae shipper) Giới thiệu truyện: Kim TaeYeon - một cô gái băng lãnh...