Possessive Much? (Completed But Editing) by dark_atheart
Possessive Much? (Completed But Ed... by Dark Angel Teen Fiction
[Highest Rank: #1 in Teen Fiction] :|: CLICHE ALERT! You have been warned :|: He stood up with his hands in his pockets, "I'll delete the video." My head snapp...
Always  by SleepMindWriter
Always by g e o r g i a Teen Fiction
BOOK 3 OF TEEN PREGNANCY BOOKS [Highest Rank #51 in Teen Fiction 18.04.17] ++++ "It was always you."
Tales of a bad boy by Liv3004
Tales of a bad boy by Łïv Teen Fiction
"I admit it. I was afraid to love him. He was an amazing mystery and he carried things deep inside him that no one has yet to understand and I, I was afraid to fai...
Forever  by SleepMindWriter
Forever by g e o r g i a Teen Fiction
SEQUEL TO MOMENTS [Highest Rank #20 Teen Fiction 22/03/17 ] ++++ "Forever?" "Forever."
Blue by _mysteryreader_
Blue by _mysteryreader_ Romance
Olympia Snow, aka Ollie, is a blue-haired 17 year old girl. She is home schooled and kept away from the world by her own choice. After her mother left her, her brother A...
2017 Comebacks (UNUSED)  by aesthetikally
2017 Comebacks (UNUSED) by ˗ˏˋ h a i l e s ˎˊ˗ Random
We all love to laugh. And what better way to do that then to insult people for fun? Yes, I know. I'm not very nice. ... But who ever said that I was? ;)
Chaos by _weight_of_living_
Chaos by T H E N I G H T Romance
The front door unlocks, groaning in protest as it swings open. Keys land on wood. Firm, calculated footsteps come down the hallway. Angela's heart nearly escapes it's ca...
The Bad Boy (Incomplete) by ItssssHope
The Bad Boy (Incomplete) by Hope Child Romance
17 year old Elizabeth Davison is an okay student, not straight As or anything. 18 year old Liam Asher is the new "bad boy" of the school. At first, Elizabeth d...
The Bad Boy Likes... Anime!? by Blueskky
The Bad Boy Likes... Anime!? by Jazz Romance
Charlie Sharp is the school's good girl, she believes cliché is only a thing because everyone does it. Hence, her weird lunch spot at the back of the school. By hersel...
You're Not Invisible by fangirlingaddiction
You're Not Invisible by thebigbadbitch Teen Fiction
Athena Whitfield has always been a pariah. She focuses all of her time and energy on school, and she has no friends. Not that she wants any, anyway; besides, it's kind o...
2017 Pick-up Lines (UNUSED)  by aesthetikally
2017 Pick-up Lines (UNUSED) by ˗ˏˋ h a i l e s ˎˊ˗ Random
Because not everyone is cute when they fumble for lines to ask out their crushes.
In Love With The Bad Boy [UNDER MAJOR EDITING] by dashingbieber
In Love With The Bad Boy [UNDER MA... by ↪via ↩ Teen Fiction
"Every girl wants a badboy who will be good for only her, and every boy wants a good girl who is bad for only him." P.S. I STRONGLY advise holding off on readi...
The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔ by Queen_Essie966
The Bad Boy Is My Stepbrother ✔ by E$$ie Romance
He's broken. He needs someones help. Inside he is screaming colors because something is keep exploding inside of him. They tell me to give up on him and not to let him b...
My Bad Boy (Rewriting)  by LunaOfWolves
My Bad Boy (Rewriting) by D.O'briens wife Romance
Book One Not Edited Two teens, One world, Many feelings, And A LOT Of Drama. WARNING : SOME PARTS MAY BE CONFUSING IT IS BEING BE EDITED. Started : 2015 Published :...
Sleepyhead Heartbreaker (Completed) || Wattys2017 by feliciaharianto
Sleepyhead Heartbreaker (Completed... by feliciaharianto Random
Smart, kind and caring. Three words that can describe who Ms. Valerie Blue Olsen is. She's too focus preparing her future career until she forgets about her own love lif...
Living With The Bad Boy by MagicHeartxz
Living With The Bad Boy by SH🌚🌚K Teen Fiction
~~~~ Let me just say before you start in the beginning of the book i was such a terrible writer and i didn't know what i was doing honestly so once im finished with the...
I'm His by iiperfections
I'm His by ♡ ρєяfєςтισиѕ ♡ Humor
Elena Balentine is just your nerdy-average freshman girl. Her plan to get through the year is to stay quite and to be unnoticed. Unfortunately, plan goes to fail when sh...
The Real Me by Slayyy_Queen014
The Real Me by ∞🖤Åℕℊ℮⅃🖤∞ Romance
So her name is Serenity Brooke's and she is pretty much the fat, geeky nerd at her school. She wears over-sized sweaters and big glasses while her hair styles are either...
Dear Elliot by silkypea
Dear Elliot by silkypea Teen Fiction
Dear Elliot, I realize that it's been over a year, but I still don't understand. What type of closure is that? I've messaged you, oh my god. I've messaged you for so lon...
She Is Mine. by Lil_miss_kmabish
She Is Mine. by Alana L. Mystery / Thriller
Twin brothers know their humanity has been swept away and their hearts hardened.... So why can they feel it after they look into her eyes... They can't give her up, no m...