The Devil's Untainted Possession (English Version) [Bachelor in Love #2] by _thewhitebunny_
The Devil's Untainted Possession (... by Jennifer Lee Romance
Highest Rank #129 in Romance Category Evangeline Ramsey (18), a young girl who just begin her college life in New York. She was pure and innocent, a type of girl whom gu...
Wattpad's Greatest Stories of ALL Time by TryingToForceASmile
Wattpad's Greatest Stories of ALL... by Aalyce Random
Wattpad's Greatest Stories of ALL Time (:
The Billionaire Bachelors Series: Claiming  Sebastian Pierre by TheShyOptimistWriter
The Billionaire Bachelors Series:... by E Romance
I am halfway there when all of a sudden the door opened and there came in the guy that I can't imagine seeing again even in my wildest dreams. I stilled when he immediat...
Temporarily His by lalamusicisme
Temporarily His by lalamusicisme Romance
He needed a wife for his company, she needed money for her family. "Blaze the last thing I want you to do before I die is marry." Is what Blaze's Grandmother t...
The Scent and The Consort by bellethewinebae
The Scent and The Consort by NEHA Romance
Cupcakes • Disney Movies • Guitar • Love • Slumber Parties = Teenage Romance 🍩 Few Years Later Car Sex • Blindfolded Sex • Body Shots • Lust • Pass...
Never Been by FernRisher
Never Been by Fern Risher General Fiction
Never Been *the Watty's 2014 Winner for Best of In-Progress* UNDER REVISIONS Angele Hendricks,at the age of 26, is still wearing her chastity belt for the title of &qu...
Crave The Bet by hiddenite1
Crave The Bet by hiddenite1 Fanfiction
"Not even a bet can keep you from getting what you want" --- G!P
An Unlikely Attraction - Zouis (Boyxboy) by jeswi1s
An Unlikely Attraction - Zouis (Bo... by Jesika Fanfiction
A Zouis Story. (AU) (Age Play) A story about two people from two very different worlds brought together by the one thing that is missing in both of their lives. Zayn tho...
S.E.X. by 1999beauty
S.E.X. by Lily Romance
Olivia Julian Homes, otherwise known as the daughter of famous swimsuit supermodel, Indiana Kilt, is a genius and well known computer geek. Olivia's mother dies in a tra...
L O L A (COMPLETED ✔️) by adulate_
L O L A (COMPLETED ✔️) by Rutti Short Story
Lola - noun ❝ Strong woman❞ This is the type of girl that once she's in your heart she'll stay there for ever Short Story #63 - 31/03/15 #51 - 03...
Making You Mine by Dredge116
Making You Mine by Dredge General Fiction
Callum Murphy is the new Bachelor for the TV show The Bachelor. He won't be alone on the show. His best friend Cassie Tyler will be there with him every step of the way.
My So Strict Boss (Bachelor Series) by Aljane_Rose
My So Strict Boss (Bachelor Series) by Aljane_Rose Romance
"When you signed that contract, it meant that you are mine. So don't let others talk or even touch you because I don't want to share of what's mine." then he k...
the bachelor ▹ dan howell x reader by reinfalldeer
the bachelor ▹ dan howell x reader by ˗ˏˋ poppy ˊˎ˗ Fanfiction
thirty woman, ten weeks, one man. ❝welcome to this season of the bachelor❞ ❀❀❀ a raindrop collided with my cheek as i grazed his prominent collarbone tenderly with my r...
A Game Called Love by ZaynismRules
A Game Called Love by Elayn Z Teen Fiction
Ryker seems unfazed as he smirk over me. Jacket was out of sight but hell those arms are buff. His white shirt hugs all areas very well and I could imagine how chiseled...
The Submissive •YoonMin• by -mommyjin
The Submissive •YoonMin• by Princess Fanfiction
He was in his final year of college. Final year meant myriad of assignments. Myriad of assignments meant no time for part time jobs. No time for part time jobs meant no...
*** YOU GOT ME *** [COMPLETED] by unicahijah
*** YOU GOT ME *** [COMPLETED] by Sheena Rose Romance
Von Gerard Carson. One of the Hottest Bachelor in town, suddenly a certain girl catches his attention. He's been into her since then, he badly wants her and this feeling...
Destined Together by Enticing_Romantic
Destined Together by EnticingRomantic Romance
#386 (16/10/16) #459 (13/11/17) #525 (08/10/17) MEET LUKE. Luke is best friends with Leah and Lauren, the Parker twins. He has his life enjoying being a flirt an...
The Prestigious  by CuriousCow
So Wrongfully Perfect by Margaritasolis30
So Wrongfully Perfect by Margaritasolis30 Romance
"What have I done?" Nakita ko ang sarili ko sa isang hindi pamilyar na lugar and worst I'm on somebody's bed. Nasa gitna ako ng pag-iisip ng may gumalaw sa tab...
Billionaire Bachelors by _Weightliftingfairy_
Billionaire Bachelors by Innocence Romance
A woman named Hera Dominique Villas suddenly came in the life of those Billionaire Bachelors, the youngest businessmen in world. In unexpected time and opportunity, the...