Forever Falling | BWWM *UNDER CONSTRUCTION* by maizedup
Forever Falling | BWWM *UNDER CONS... by -Z2- Romance
Nadia Joseph, is a African American girl, who likes to spend her time in her books and out of the party world. She's quirky and likes to keep things to herself; while ot...
Sugar Daddy| H.S. by dedeluv
Sugar Daddy| H.S. by dedeluv Romance
He was a generous man, too generous in fact, maybe due to the fact that he was lonely. When he saw her, nose red, tightly wrapped in a winter jacket with the smallest of...
Bad Boy's Babygirl (EDITING) by AshLovesDinosaurs
Bad Boy's Babygirl (EDITING) by Megan Romance
"I won't ever let anyone hurt you." He whispered against my skin sending chills down my spine. I whimpered as I nodded. "Princess?" He mumbled into m...
His Angel by itsirrs
His Angel by itsirrs Romance
"Angel." Her name left his lips in a breathless whisper. His eyes dark and filled with regret, "Come here babygirl, please." She shook her head frant...
The Monster's Little Angel #Wattys2017 by Ashes4
The Monster's Little Angel #Wattys... by C.A.Ashes General Fiction
It's not easy being a single parent. Especially if said parent, is a young adult male, a mafia boss and how his wife was murdered while still carrying his child. And i...
Anna & her Alphas by HarperBug15
Anna & her Alphas by HarperBug15 Teen Fiction
Anna Hill is a gorgeous, clever, funny, sporty, thirteen year old girl, who all guys goggle at. But there is one problem - the eighteen year old Hill Twins, her two olde...
My Destiny & The Billionaire King's Baby💖 by RoyalRena2651
My Destiny & The Billionaire King'... by Luna Renna Romance
23 year old Rena Aurora is a Nanny who just lost her Job because the kids that she was taking care of is moving to France,Paris. With her bills piling up she had to work...
My Babygirl by ESMIECutiE
My Babygirl by Jennifer Fanfiction
30 year old Jason Mours has everything he needs, a big mansion, fame and fortune. He even owns a bunch of buldings across the state, and there all his. But he always fe...
The Mafia Leader And The Beautiful Mute | ✔ by grethan_productions
The Mafia Leader And The Beautiful... by Ashanti Hoeg Romance
"You can trust me Aurora. Just to me"
Tips for DDLG & MDLG by just_some_nerdgirl
Tips for DDLG & MDLG by A Nobody Random
Just a chat and other things for DDLG, MDLG! And you can text me any questions that you have & I will answer them as best as I can! I am a very open person with these k...
baby girl h.s. ON HOLD by loitered
baby girl h.s. ON HOLD by loitered Fanfiction
in which a senior in high school becomes infatuated with an innocent freshman
CGLRE GUIDE: Littles Edition (Complete) by chubbyxkittyn
CGLRE GUIDE: Littles Edition (Comp... by Zanny 💓 Random
Things to do in little space, what to do when sicky, where to get little stuff and etc. I hope you find some useful information. Enjoy! 💘 100% sfw Key: LS = Little sp...
Brighton Eliori; NJH by privcy
Brighton Eliori; NJH by privcy Fanfiction
"What would a 21 year old man want with an 18 year old school girl" WARNING// daddy kink|| age gap|| Sexual content Only read if you're 16+ if not whatever do...
stalked | l.t by -bruised
stalked | l.t by louis' babygirl Fanfiction
[ c o m p l e t e d ✔ ] unknown number: you can't escape me. i'm everywhere, baby girl.
↝ sexts ↜ by saintlystyles
↝ sexts ↜ by 他媽的 Random
.sexual texts.
Hidden Secrets by kindlove706
Hidden Secrets by kindlove706 Teen Fiction
(Sequel to My Brother's Best Friend) DISCLAIMER: YOU MUST READ THE FIRST BOOK FIRST Three years ago Bethany Carrington got pregnant at the age of 16 by Blake Matthews, h...
Wildfire: Can't Resist (Ageplay Lesbian Stories)  by FireStarterXx
Wildfire: Can't Resist (Ageplay Le... by FireStarterXx Teen Fiction
This is the sequel to Wildfire. The secret Khloe has been keeping from the beginning is finally out. After all the love and trust she's been given comes into question...
Babygirl (h.s) by KingRubberDucky_
Babygirl (h.s) by Jae Fanfiction
In which a 25 year old man is infatuated with a young neighbor named Delilah "What grade are you?" "Sophmore, sir." "So, what does that make you...
Ignorance [h.s. au] by multitasskernjh
Ignorance [h.s. au] by lo-lee-tuh ★ chantal Fanfiction
"Do you want that?" Harry asked, smirking at her innocence afterwards. "Me, returning the favor?" "H-how will you do that?" She stuttered. ...