✔️Daddy Is Always Right (A Darkiplier x Male Reader Story) by ParadoxShadow
✔️Daddy Is Always Right (A ~Kitty’s Bitch~
"Daddy is always right, you remember that now little one..."
  • daddy
  • darkiplier
  • ddlb
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Childish | Jikook |  by goldenlittle
Childish | Jikook | by goldenlittle
Jeon Jungkook has learned the hard way, that being a daddy isn't easy. Especially when his boyfriend doesn't even know what ddlb is.
  • fluff
  • babyboy
  • domdaddy
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Mommy's Baby Boy (A MDlb Story) by quickpen
Mommy's Baby Boy (A MDlb Story)by Kristine Kitty
Andrew's old mommy kicked him out of the house, and his parents - not wanting him to be sad - set him up with a new Mommy. Melissa is kind, but she's new to the whole md...
  • littleboy
  • babyboy
  • little
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Just A Toy (Septiplier) by laurenlunatic
Just A Toy (Septiplier)by Lauren gundrum
Sean was a young boy who lived in Ireland when he was taken in by the SIOP. (Slave Institution of Pets) He was then bought by Mark Fischbach and was taken back to his ma...
  • master
  • ddlg
  • submissive
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❝DADDY KINK❞ - taekook by jeonjuancock
❝DADDY KINK❞ - taekookby skinny penis
in which jungkook gets dared to phone a popular boy at school and tell him his kinks. top!tae bottom!kook ©️ jeonjuancock
  • taekook
  • bts
  • daddy
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The CEO Is My Daddy ~ Jastin by MendessXBieber
The CEO Is My Daddy ~ Jastinby Lexy Bellona
Don't we all hate computer glitches? Well, this computer glitch was the best thing that ever happened to Jason McCann and Justin Bieber.
  • love
  • company
  • childsplay
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Daddy's Boy by Nikkiethebookworm101
Daddy's Boyby Nikki
  • ageplay
  • baby
  • wattys2016
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Our Adorable Baby Boy | JiminXBTS by beutaeful
Our Adorable Baby Boy | JiminXBTSby namjoon
Jimin finds a job at the house of six spoiled rich guys. They all stare hungrily at Jimin's body from head to toe with smirk in their faces. P.S Slow Updates :''(
  • jimin
  • jungkook
  • yoongi
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Little by boylovertoo
Littleby boylovertoo
"No! Stop! Please I'll be good! I promise." "It's a little late for that baby." XXXXX Contains Gay Mature Content XXXXX But who am I to limit what y...
  • babyboy
  • bxb
  • ddlb
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Papa's Bambino by not_your_buisness
Papa's Bambinoby not_your_buisness
" this is wrong your my boss." i said backing away from him. my back hit the wall and mr Lawrence took no time in cornering and blocking my exits by sating flu...
  • daddy
  • boyxboy
  • gay
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Troye baby by depressedprinc3ss
Troye babyby depressedprinc3ss
Troye Sivan is just a broke boy, trying to survive in the world and make money any way he can. One day his friend tell him about sugar daddies. Maybe this will be the en...
  • boyxboy
  • gay
  • agegap
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Mommy...? by lttlbunbun
Mommy...?by Bun
Greyson was shocked to find out the new girl in his class not only could tell he was a little, but wanted to be his mommy too...
  • petplay
  • submissive
  • mdlb
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~Pleasure~ Bts X Male!Reader by Pastel_Whore
~Pleasure~ Bts X Male!Readerby Jonghyun 🥀
(y/n) is too innocent for his own good and a certain group of boys take advantage of that. "doesn't it feel good baby boy?" "y-yes daddy." ⒧⒪⒲⒠⒭⒞⒜⒮⒠...
  • rapmonster
  • yoongi
  • crossdressing
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their secret- taekook  by kookbabyboy
their secret- taekook by 🌞
rewriting. 16 year old jungkook gets a new neighbor, 22 year old taehyung.
  • minyoongi
  • taehyung
  • bottomkook
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baby boy | |k.nj by __yoongay__
baby boy | |k.njby yoongay
Namjoon is Korea's top mafia gang leader. He was tough cold and rough (😏). That's until he meets a cute innocent boy that was lost and found his way into his arms. The...
  • 김남준
  • jimin
  • army
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The Dominants Baby Boy (ManxMan|BDSM) Short story by YasmineFernandez9984
The Dominants Baby Boy (ManxMan| YasmineFernandez9984
Elliott Jones is known for his shy inoccent ways, cherished and protected by his twin sisters he's isolated from the outside world. With the help of his bestfriend, Elli...
  • romance
  • babyboy
  • shy
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BABY BOY → Y.MIN by cuddlychim
• domestic little jimin and daddy yoongi oneshots • • littlespace book • • requests open • • no smut • ©cuddlychim
  • jungkook
  • bxb
  • littlespace
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LOOK AT ME! FUCK ON ME! by heljia
LOOK AT ME! FUCK ON ME!by matka taekooka
Jungkook błądzi po chatach dla zboczeńców, ukrywając się pod nickiem "FuckOnMe". Taehyung szuka przygody, podrywając mężczyzn jako "LookAtMe".
  • daddykinkmoze
  • vkook
  • chat
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little buttercup ❀ Joshler by trashydun
little buttercup ❀ Joshlerby ˗ˏˋ 제이미
🔸UNEDITED Tyler is a sweet nerd who loves nature and girly things, while Josh loves drums, black, and is his art Teacher. ©trashydun 2016
  • agegap
  • angst
  • tøp
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littlies 》bangtan sonyeondan by staetus-
littlies 》bangtan sonyeondanby babybear™
bangtan feat. little space (+ kiddies) ☆ requests; closed
  • bts
  • minyoongi
  • junghoseok
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