مانجا fushidara na hanatshumi otoko by Ro3323
مانجا fushidara na hanatshumi otokoby Ro's yaoi
اسم المانجا : الرجل ،زير النساء وجامع الأزهار التحديث: بطئ. الحاله:غير مكتمله. كوتارو،طالب لديه ثلاث اخوه. يعمل كمدبر منزل لدي هونما أيومي الرسام والكاتب.. وبشكلٍ ما فه...
  • ايومي
  • kotaro
  • هونما
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The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfiction) by EbbZilla
The Secret Love (Natsu x Oc fanfic...by EbbZilla
Natsu has been best friends with Ayumi Smith ever sense Igneel left him. The feelings soon transformed to something more and they've been keeping their relationship a se...
  • lucy
  • smart
  • tail
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A Power To Control {Sequel to A Power Inside}(Naruto Fanfiction) by YellowWithATwist
A Power To Control {Sequel to A Po...by Yellow-chan ❤️
*Le gasp* It's so fun to have book 2!! Uhh *ahem* *ahem* look who's back!! *wave* *wave* the cute me is back to continue on this sequel!!! Ayumi's back guys!!! PARTY P...
  • narutofanfic
  • narutofanfiction
  • ayumi
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[Diabolik Lovers] Yêu Em Không Cần Lý Do! by Capri_Aki_Luna
[Diabolik Lovers] Yêu Em Không Cần...by #Triplet_sinh_ra_là_để_yêu_th...
Komori Yui, Takamura Ayumi và Hitoko Aki là ba chị em họ không cùng huyết thống. Yui bị thất lạc cha mẹ, Ayumi bị gia đình chối bỏ, còn Aki thì đã trở thành trẻ mồ côi...
  • tsukinami
  • sakamaki
  • ayumi
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Yoshiki x Ayumi(Corpse Party Fanfic) by AKR-Tohko
Yoshiki x Ayumi(Corpse Party Fanfi...by Tohko Kirisaki
Disclaimer: I do not own Corpse Party or it's characters. This is just a fanfic. After all the incidents in heavenly host, everything turns back to normal, but the loss...
  • ayushiki
  • yoshikixayumi
  • mayuxmorishige
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The Current Me [Detective Conan] by InfaroyyaAlKarimah
The Current Me [Detective Conan]by ~Royal-Chan~
He might be as smart as him He might looked exactly like him He might be as 'Holmes' maniac as him But there is a major difference between him and Shinichi... And now Co...
  • friendship
  • dc
  • răn
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Unrequited Love? ABANDONED by 1DSheerioJB16
Unrequited Love? ABANDONEDby CoAi
Ai Habara and Conan Edogawa are both shrunken teens. Cause? APTX 4869. A drug designed to kill people without leaving a trace. Shiho Miyano, tired of being used by the O...
  • mitsuhiko
  • shinshiho
  • romance
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Getting To Know a Delinquent's Heart by tachibana_chiyo
Getting To Know a Delinquent's Hea...by Chiyo
Kishinuma Yoshiki a bad boy, has been expelled from his school and is now attending Kisaragi Academy. He has already caused trouble on his first day by getting into a fi...
  • party
  • kishinuma
  • corpseparty
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Who Would've Thought {Ayumi x Yoshiki} by maxvaughn
Who Would've Thought {Ayumi x Yosh...by Max Alexander
Not everyone made it out of Heavenly Host alive. However, Yoshiki Kishinuma, Satoshi Mochida, Yuka Mochida, Naomi Nakashima, and Ayumi Shinozaki did. Everyone, of course...
  • ayumishinozaki
  • despair
  • yoshikikishinuma
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Adventure At The Campgrounds (A Detective Conan Fanfic) by Jins_Tales
Adventure At The Campgrounds (A De...by Jin Mu Kang
Conan is once again dragged into a camping trip with the Detective Boys. Little did he know, a certain thief named Kaito and his friends were at the same camping grounds...
  • detectiveconan
  • genta
  • ayumi
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[H] Detective Conan : Last Curtain by DaffaMage
[H] Detective Conan : Last Curtainby Daffa
The violent explosion took their lives away. Now, the hero has fallen, the scientist has been burnt. Without them, who could retain order in Japan's darkest hour against...
  • conan
  • detectiveconan
  • coai
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Tớ sẽ chờ cậu (DC longfanfic) by sallymic
Tớ sẽ chờ cậu (DC longfanfic)by sallymic
Đây là fic đầu tiên của mình nên có sai sót thì no ném đá nhé!! 😭... có j mong mọi người góp ý bên dưới ! Đây là truyện Shinran nha mọi người!!! Mình cũng sẽ làm một fi...
  • ayumi
  • truyệnshinran
  • dramatic
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My Destiny (Rokuro Enmado x Reader) by myloveundertale
My Destiny (Rokuro Enmado x Reader)by myloveundertale
So this is the very first Twin Star Exorcsist book about Enmado Rokuro and reader Chan 😁 and trust me it is not crap I put all my effort to actually study the charact...
  • shimon
  • random
  • anime
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She's mine (Kaze no Stigma) Kazuma X Ayano fanfic by Hassanfayyaz827
She's mine (Kaze no Stigma) Kazuma...by Hassanfayyaz827
Content : I have no right on it. All the contents belong to its original owner. Description : This is a simple every day story hope you like it.
  • mystrey
  • romance
  • ayano
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Ghost ( Yoshiki Kishinuma ) {COMPLETED} by Gumonyourshoe
Ghost ( Yoshiki Kishinuma ) {COMPL...by Feisty Nugget
A boy. A ghost. Both are trapped, but there is one difference; she has no hope. She watches him in the shadows. He is everything her life wished for. Her sensitivity...
  • blood
  • seiko
  • yokishi
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[ Shinran ] Nữ chính , hãy để tôi đánh bại cô ! by Minako_Sakura
[ Shinran ] Nữ chính , hãy để tôi...by Minako Sakura
Truyện kể về couple Shinran... Nội dung thì bí mật ! Đọc thì biết ! Muốn biết thì đọc :)
  • vermouth
  • akai
  • mitsuhiko
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Unlikely Match (Ayushiki AU) by shinozaki_
Unlikely Match (Ayushiki AU)by Mylene ღ
Ayumi x Yoshiki AU fanfic! (i'm not great at blurbs so bear with me) Ayumi Shinozaki: Straight A student, class rep, could do no wrong. Yoshiki Kishinuma: Failing studen...
  • yoshiki
  • yoshikikishinuma
  • ayushiki
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Corpse party truth or dare by MrsMeowalot
Corpse party truth or dareby Mariah
Have any cool dares that you want to ask you're favorite people from corpse party? I think you do! Then go ahead and add this weekly updates thing into you're very fille...
  • yui
  • party
  • satoshi
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Save me from you (Yandere Makoto Hanamiya x OC x Yukio Kasamatsu) by HyeMiJeonChoi
Save me from you (Yandere Makoto H...by Jessica Choi Im
Ayumi thought everything was going her way when her current ex boyfriend cheated on her and she is afraid to break up with him or bad things will happen to her and her c...
  • hanamiya
  • hara
  • makoto
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